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"Greetings, young mistress!" Meng Xia struggled to get up to greet Feng Qing.

"Take care of it!" Feng Qing smiled and looked at Meng Xia on the bed. He couldn't help but be surprised. Because his hair was in a mess, he couldn't see her very clearly.

If one looked carefully, she would see that her appearance was exactly the same as Meng Bai's. It was just that Meng Bai was very carefree and casual, and she was so quiet that no one would be able to notice her existence.

"Eldest Miss Xie!" Meng Xia said weakly.

Feng Qing smiled as the doubt in his eyes became deeper.

There was definitely something wrong with this Meng Xia. It wasn't that she was suspicious, but that everything was so natural that she couldn't find any reason to explain it.

"Meng Xia ?" While Feng Qing was lost in thought, he looked at her calm face with a deep gaze.

On the bed, Meng Xia listened to Feng Qing mumbling her name. Her face was calm, but the hand under the blanket was tightly clenched.

"Eldest Miss!" What's wrong with this servant? " Meng Xia asked, feeling more and more flustered.

"I'm fine!" He looked towards Meng Bai and said, "Let Meng Xia have a good rest. Meng Bai has some things that I need you to do!"

Meng Bai nodded. He looked at Meng Xia lovingly and said, "Meng Xia, rest well!"

Meng Xia nodded and smiled at her. "Don't worry about my sister!"

When he returned to Feng Qing's room, Feng Qing held onto Meng Bai tightly. "Meng Xia is your sister and brother. Did anything happen in the past?"

Meng Xia thought for a moment. "No! What's the matter, miss? "

"Really? Could you have forgotten?" Feng Qing frowned.

Meng Bai thought for a moment and said in surprise, "I think so?"

"What is it?"

"It seems that three years ago, Mengxia went missing once and then somehow came back?" It had taken a long time to find her, and after that time she had been afraid that Mengxia would be hurt.

"Is she still the same when she comes back?" Feng Qing roughly understood.

The problem was the disappearance.

"There are some differences, but it doesn't change much. It's just that people have become a little quiet!" "Miss, what are you asking Mengxia for?" Meng Bai asked, puzzled.

"It's nothing!" As Feng Qing spoke, his eyes flashed with a trace of coldness.

Hopefully it wasn't as she had expected, or else she would be worried about Meng Bai.

Early in the morning, Feng Qing, who was playing chess with Duke Zhou in his dreams, was pressed down by Meng Bai in front of the mirror to get dressed.

She was speechless. Wasn't it just a banquet to admire the flowers? With such grandeur, the emperor's selection wouldn't necessarily be so grand. Furthermore, she really wasn't interested in Prince Ling's selection at all!

Meng Bai said as he fiddled with the clothes, "Young miss is very pretty, no matter how you dress it, it's still very pretty!"

"Just do it for me!"

She didn't like things that were too complicated, and it was troublesome to restrict her movements. Most importantly, it was also very heavy.

"No!" "Miss is going to the palace, this servant will dress you up to the point where you can suppress the rest. She can even be compared to that young miss."

"Meng Bai, you go out first. I'll do it myself!"

If it was up to her, who knows how long it would take.

Meng Bai was unwilling, but he still walked out. Miss had her own thoughts, so she was willing to believe in her.

Not long later, Feng Qing opened the door and walked out. There was a trace of a smile on his face and he wore a light blue outfit. This set off her arrogance like a quiet flower that could not help but attract people's attention.

Meng Bai looked at Feng Qing with his eyes wide open. She knew that this young lady was very beautiful, but she didn't expect this young lady to be so beautiful.

Feng Qing looked at the astonishment in her eyes and smiled faintly without revealing anything. Sometimes, it was better to be simple. For example, Feng Qing, his face was beautiful without any adornment.

"Let's go!"

The palace banquet in the imperial palace was indeed extraordinary. Even though the main character had not arrived yet, there were still many people who were quietly waiting to see Prince Ling.

Feng Qing got a little impatient from waiting and thought to himself: "Who in the world is this Ling Wang to make so many people wait for him with such great face?"

So when no one noticed, she quietly left the scene and walked in the opposite direction.

Walking alone in an unknown place, looking around her surroundings, she suddenly saw something falling rapidly from a tree above her, accompanied by a scream.

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