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He stepped to the side and the object that was crying fell heavily onto the ground.


Feng Qing looked at the child in front of him with raised eyebrows.

He got up from the ground and rubbed his butt as he questioned Feng Qing, "Why didn't you catch me?" It hurt so much.

Humph! He was going to ask her father to punish her.

"Why should I catch you? "You don't even know where this little brat came from, but he's still so arrogant." Feng Qing laughed, teasing him.

"I am not a little brat? I am the 19th prince of the current era, Waking Night! Be careful that this prince may call upon your royal father to punish you for your crimes! " He arrogantly raised his chin. Hmph! Scared! Apologize to him and he'll let her go, Nightwalk thought, waiting for someone to apologize to him.

Feng Qing laughed: "If you're not a little kid, then how old is Prince Nineteen?"

"This prince is nine years old this year!"

"Nine years old! She said it wasn't a little kid, "Feng Qing said in a shocked tone. She really liked this kid. He had a short temper and obviously didn't know anything, but he was truly dependent on his father. It seemed like Sage Emperor had doted on him quite a bit.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be so arrogant at such a young age. Was it really okay to be like this?

Hearing Feng Qing's words, the little guy curled his lips in displeasure: "I am not a little brat. I want to tell royal father that I will punish you!"

Her eyes flickered as if she was about to cry, but she held back her tears.

Feng Qing was so amused by his expression that he burst out into laughter.

Originally, she didn't want to laugh, but this little expression was too funny.

"You ? Wow ~ ~ I... I want to tell royal father! " A thunderous cry resounded throughout the imperial garden.

"Yao'er, what happened to you?" A cold voice was heard.

Feng listened to the voice, frowning. Why did this sound sound so familiar? That night flashed in his mind. Right, that voice was that freakish voice. Why was he here? And from the looks of it, he had a pretty good relationship with that brat.

Sure enough, the moment she turned around, she saw that demonic face looking at her.

"Royal Uncle! You're going to kill this man! To punish her! " Wiping Night pulled at his sleeve as he spoke.

Royal Uncle!

Feng Qing cried, so there was actually such a relationship.

He glanced at her and asked, "Why did you want to punish her for her crimes?"

"Because she said Yao'er cried. She said Yao'er is a little kid! "Yao'er isn't a little kid, right?" The little guy was nestling in his uncle's embrace, complaining childishly, his eyes looking at the people scattered in the wind.

"So what if she said you're a little kid? What did I tell you, a man shouldn't cry!"

The little guy curled his lips and didn't say anything. He didn't want to cry, but he just couldn't help it!

"Yao`er, go look for royal father first. Royal Uncle will look for you later!" Put him on the ground.

"Oh!" "Then Royal Uncle must come and find Yao`er."

"Hm!" royal uncle will get someone to send you to royal father's place! "


The little guy ran away happily as if he had obtained candy, completely forgetting what had just happened.

When Nighteyes left, he looked directly at her, his mouth curling into a smile as if to say, We meet again!

"Woman!" Do you still remember This King!? "

Feng Qing rolled his eyes and turned his head to the side.

Only the devil would remember him!

"It won't be long before This King meets you again!"

Feng Qing didn't believe it. She turned around and left. She didn't believe that her luck was that bad that she would run into him every single time.

The smile in her eyes became deeper and deeper as she looked at her departing back. She believed that they would meet again soon.

Feng Qing returned to the banquet and sat on Feng Shaoheng's left side while Feng Ruo sat on his right.

Opposite them was Shen Xiangman's father, Shen Sihai.

There was a solemn look on his face, but not a single trace of emotion could be seen on his face.

Feng Qing realized that when Shen Sihai looked over, this so-called "father" of hers didn't even dare to look directly at him.

So it turned out that this "father" of hers actually also knew how to fear, heh! Very rarely.

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