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Feng Qing Leng looked over. In her impression, this person was not here, and she did not seem to be a good person either. For such a person, the best way was to choose to ignore him, so she asked a question that would cause people to spurt blood: "Who are you?"

"You ? What did you say? " The lady stared at her with wide eyes, unable to react for a while.

"I'm asking you who you are, not the back of your ears, don't you understand?" I'll say it again without any regard for my face.

"Puchi!" A laugh broke the awkwardness.

Feng Qing looked in the direction of the laughter. The man immediately shut his mouth. If she guessed correctly, he was the Fourth Marquis ?

The man smiled awkwardly. "A mistake!" A mistake! "Hahaha!" He turned his head to the side, no longer looking at the cold stare.

"Qing Er!" Is this how you should speak to your elders? " Feng Shaoheng scolded, as he was extremely dissatisfied with Feng Qing's attitude.

"Then what should my attitude be? "Humble and humble, or respectful and respectful?" Feng Qing retorted.

"No matter what, she is still your aunt, your elder!" Feng Shaoheng was displeased. He felt that his daughter had changed, becoming arrogant and arrogant.

"Father also said that she is only an aunt, and I am the direct descendant, so should she speak to me in the same manner as she does?" Feng Qing was disdainful.

The people who came here all hoped that she would die, but they didn't expect that she, this trash of a father, would die as well. She originally thought that no matter how unhappy she was, she would at most ignore her.

"Feng Qing! How dare you! "I'm your father!" Feng Shaoheng roared. He raised his hand to greet Feng Qing's face, but before he even got close to him, his entire body was lying flat on the ground with his face contorted in pain.

"For those who want to die, she is not my father. At most, she is just a scum."

Feng Qing snorted coldly and looked arrogantly at Prime Minister Feng lying on the ground as if he were a clown. This kick of hers used up all of her strength; it was enough for him to endure.

"Master! Are you okay? " Aunt Li quickly helped Feng Shaoheng up. Those who didn't know better would think she cared too much. At this moment, her actions were unable to conceal the anger and hatred in her eyes.

"Eldest Miss, how can you be like this? He's your father, he can't be like this no matter what."

The Fourth Prince's eyes widened once again as he looked at Feng Qing in disbelief. Did he come to the Prime Minister's Estate today? He actually saw such a wonderful scene.

The young lady of the Prime Minister's Estate actually dared to hit Feng Shaoheng. This was her father!

What the Imperial Uncle said was right. He came to the Prime Minister's Estate to watch a good show, and this show was even so exciting.

The Third Marquis Ye Yiyu looked at the farce without saying a word. He looked much more calm than the Fourth Marquis, but he would look at Feng Qing from time to time with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Perhaps he should investigate what had happened to Feng Qing in the past two days. The former Feng Qing definitely wasn't like this. Not only was he an invalid, but he was also a weak man. He didn't dare to kick her father like he was now.

"Shut up! "Hurry up and call out Feng Ruo," Feng Qing impatiently shouted.

"Wretched girl, you actually ? Cough cough! " Feng Shaoheng began to cough from his excitement. At this time, his eyes were only filled with disgust and killing intent. He never thought that after living for so long, he would actually suffer such humiliation.

"I'll say it again. If Feng Ruo comes out, I won't do anything to her since she hasn't done anything before."

"There is one more thing that I forgot to tell father, this is mother's letter of rest, in the future, she will have nothing to do with you," Saying this, he took out the letter of rest that he had prepared. In any case, the original owner's mother, Shen Xiangman, was a coward, but she was also sincerely very nice to him, because sooner or later, she would be framed and die miserably in the Prime Minister's Estate. So, the only way out is to leave the Prime Minister's Estate.

According to her understanding, Shen Xiangman's father was the number one protector of Wu Guo, and he doted on his daughter and his granddaughter, but Shen Xiangman did not want to cause any trouble, and until now, Shen Sihai still did not know what life for his daughter and granddaughter was like.

"What did you say?" What kind of person would have a daughter writing a letter of rest for her mother? How could your mother raise her head in front of the entire world? "

"You don't have to worry about that, I'm just telling you!" It meant that he had not been asked for his consent, so she would take it with her whether he agreed or not.

"Your mother will not agree!" Feng Shaoheng calmly said, as if he were sure of something.

However, he was not so sure. Shen Xiangman did not know how many troubles she had gotten herself into in order to marry Feng Shaoheng. In addition, the Feng family and the Shen family were both powerful and influential people.

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