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"I'll listen to Qing Er!" A voice came from the door.

Following the direction of the voice, a middle-aged woman slowly walked in.

"What did you say?" Feng Shaoheng looked at her in disbelief.

Shen Xiangman no longer had her usual cowardice as she stared straight at Feng Shaoheng.

"I'll listen to Qing Er!"

Previously, she had endured it all for the sake of Qing'er. She had always told Qing'er that no matter what, she had to endure it, which was why she suffered so much.

After this incident, she realized that it was not something that could be solved just by swallowing, and her feelings for him had already faded over time.

"Xiangman!" "You ?" Feng Shaoheng was a bit hesitant.

He had never imagined that the woman who had loved him would leave her.

"Big sister!" You must think it through! " Aunt Li looked at Shen Xiangman and purposely asked.

With Shen Xiangman gone, how could she not gain control of the country with her skills? Ruo Ruo is the direct daughter, not a concubine.

"I'm afraid the happiest person after mother left is your Aunt Li! After all, who is willing to be a concubine? " Feng Qing directly exposed her.

"Feng Qing, your mother left by herself. What does it have to do with me? Don't spout nonsense." When Madame Li heard this, her anger flared and her tone rose.

"Tsk tsk!" Are you sure! " Feng Qing said disdainfully.

"You ?" Hearing Feng Shaoheng's words, Li Jun couldn't help but look at Feng Shaoheng for help. She would never have thought that the big sister who could endure all this humiliation would speak so well today.

"I what!" Am I wrong? "

"Master! "You know I didn't mean it that way, but Eldest Miss is so overbearing and aggressive. Eldest Sister wants to leave, that's her intention. No one can make it difficult for her, and you can't blame me for this!" Li Tingxiao said with a pitiful expression.

She spoke as if she had suffered a great grievance!

Feng Qing frowned, "Enough! "If you say another word, I'll pull out your tongue!"

Seeing that Feng Shaoheng didn't have any reaction, Li Tingxiao felt a burst of happiness. If it wasn't for Shen Xiangman's mother's family, Master wouldn't have even looked at her.

"What!?" You still want to pull out my tongue? No matter what, I'm still your aunt, how could you be so vicious! I am only speaking the truth! " Li Tingxiao said excitedly.

"I believe that Miss Feng is right. If she says anything, you will say ten sentences. Moreover, if Second Miss Feng has not done it before, then let her say it clearly in front of her face to avoid wrongly accusing her!"

As Ye Yi Cheng spoke, his eyes glanced at Feng Qing. A hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes, as if he was saying, "I helped you. How are you going to thank me?"

Feng Qing smiled and ignored everyone's gaze.

"Fourth Marquis!" "What do you mean?" Li Tingxiao asked in confusion.

She had seen the scene where Ye Yi City was looking at Feng Qing. Feng Qing didn't have any connections with the Fourth Marquis, so why did the Fourth Prince still speak up for her?

"This King is only speaking the truth. Why, are you doubting This King's words?"

"This subject does not dare!"

Li Tingqin attributed all of this to Feng Qing.

It must be because that slut Feng Qing seduced the Fourth Prince, that was why the Fourth Prince helped her speak up. It was not enough to steal her position and status, and he even wanted to snatch her daughter's beloved one.

"Ha!" Ye Yi City coldly laughed. There were a few hints of meaning that only he himself knew.

"What are you doing? Sherman will always be my wife, what kind of mind do you have that I don't know! Butler, call Ruo Ruo over. " Feng Shaoheng berated.

"Old master, you..." Li Tingxiao's face turned deathly pale as he stared blankly at her.

She was his wife forever!

In the capital, who didn't know that the Prime Minister's wife was a lower class woman who lived a worse life than a lower class servant?

She originally thought that since Shen Xiangman was leaving, Feng Shaoheng would not stop her. But after just a while, Feng Shaoheng already said that Shen Xiangman would forever be his wife.

Although she didn't have any love for him, no matter who heard her husband's words, they wouldn't treat them with a normal attitude.

Feng Shaoheng walked in front of Shen Xiangman and looked at her affectionately. There was even a hint of remorse in her eyes that had never appeared before.

"Xiangman!" It was all my fault in the past. I apologize to you, but don't go, okay? "

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