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"I ?" Shen Xiangman didn't waver in the slightest. Even if she could tell that he was pretending, he was still the only person she had ever loved in all these years.

"I know it used to be my fault. I'm sorry, but in the future, I will definitely treat you and your mother well and make up for my mistakes."

She looked at him hesitantly, at a loss of what to do. She looked at Feng Qing at her side. She would listen to her daughter. Right now, her daughter was her everything.

"As long as father can handle the matters of second sister, mother will definitely stay. Also!" Since mother is father's principal wife, then the authority of the clan will naturally belong to mother. "

"Qing Er!" "You?" Shen Xiangman was confused.

Feng Qing smiled and gave her a reassured gaze.

Initially, she wanted to bring Shen Xiangman away, but seeing how hypocritical Feng Shaoheng was, she felt that she should stay and play with him. Furthermore, Shen Xiangman thought that her reputation would be affected no matter what.

"As long as you and Sherman stay, I will agree."

When Feng Ruo, who was walking in, heard this, she couldn't help but sneer. This father of hers must be making use of that disease!

Actually, whether it was Feng Qing or Feng Ruo, both hated Feng Shaoheng. In the original owner's memories, other than Feng Shaoheng being a little nicer to them when he was using them, he would treat them coldly at other times.

Therefore, it was natural for Feng Ruo or Feng Qing to hate him.

It was no wonder that even his own children hated him. Just by looking at his powerful face, one could tell that he was no good bird.

Feng Ruo walked in and glanced at the Fourth Marquis before turning to look at Feng Shaoheng.

"Father!" Looking at her filial daughter, those who didn't know how filial she was would think she was.

"Do you still have a father in your eyes? Look at what you've done? "

Feng Shaoheng glared at her in anger, the difference between the two of them was as different as heaven and earth.

Feng Ruo looked at him innocently: "Father, may I ask what daughter has done?"

"What did you do!?" You still have the nerve to ask, you actually harmed Qing Er! How could I have a daughter like you? She is your sister, the direct descendant of the Prime Minister. " Feng Shaoheng acted like a good father, causing Feng Qing to sigh in amazement.

Tsk tsk tsk, this acting, even he wouldn't be able to show off such good acting skills.

"Father, I didn't. Big Sister fell into the water when she was tearing up with those men. It's none of my business. Besides, how could a weak girl like me defeat those men?"

Didn't this mean that she, Feng Qing, had fallen into the water while pulling and pulling on a few men?

This plan was not bad. Not only did it remove the suspicion of Feng Ruoruo conspiring to murder her daughter, it even directly charged Feng Qing with the crime of disrespecting his own dignity.

"The second sister said that I fell into the water after being pulled by a few men. Wasn't it the second sister who asked me out? Why is it that when I arrived at the place, my second sister did not see me but a few men appeared instead. "Feng Qing smiled meaningfully and slowly spoke," Could it be because I am so beautiful that I am unrivalled?

Feng Ruo looked at Feng Qing, not expecting her to be so witty.

Feng Qing would never be like this: "You are not big sister, big sister would never be this eloquent!"

"Oh!" If I am not Feng Qing, then who am I! Could it be that if his second sister couldn't explain it clearly, she was going to say that I wasn't Feng Qing? If you just stand there and say that I'm not, then you can imagine how vicious her heart is. "

"Big sister, there is no enmity between you and I. Why did you frame me like this?"

"I have no enmity with my second sister. Why would my second sister want to kill me? Is it just because I'm a direct descendant?" Feng Qing feebly said with a look that said he would fall at any moment. His face was a little pale, and he attracted the sympathy of the masses.

"Cough cough ?" Cough cough! " Feng Qing even coughed a few times.

"Eldest Miss is so ill that she can't even get out of bed. If it wasn't for Second Miss inviting her out that day, she wouldn't have slipped into the water!"

A lady dressed in green said.

Hearing these words, Feng Shaoheng's face turned even darker as he became more displeased. It wasn't because Feng Ruo had committed a grave mistake, but because Feng Ruo couldn't even handle such a minor matter.

When that servant girl said this, the matter was unclear. No matter how stupid one was, it was obvious that Feng Ruo had ill intentions when she asked her to go out. Now that she had returned, she had spilled all her dirty water on her.

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