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Even though there was such a thing, she still didn't believe her. How could a mere servant girl have the guts to do so?

"I don't care what your motive is. Since you've helped me, Feng Ruo definitely won't let you go. So, you can only choose to stand by my side, do you understand?" It's just that I have a very bad habit of betraying my people. I have ten thousand ways to make her live a life worse than death, and it's best if she doesn't betray me. "

"This servant understands!" Miss Xie! This servant will not betray the young miss. "

"Hm!" Let's go down! "

Meng Bai knelt there without moving. He looked at Feng Qing, wanting to say something, but then stopped. He didn't know whether he should say it or not.

"What is it? Is there something else?" Feng Qing frowned, seeming to be displeased.

"No, it's just that I have a request from Eldest Miss!"

"What is it?"

"This servant has a younger sister, Meng Xia, who works at the Second Miss's side. This servant will stand by the Eldest Miss's side. The Second Miss will definitely not let the younger sister off, right?"

"So, you want me to bring your sister over?"

"Hm!" And you even asked the young miss to help this servant! " She only had one younger sister, and Feng Ruo definitely wouldn't let her off. Now that Eldest Miss had changed, she couldn't possibly misjudge her. No matter what, as long as she could cover for her younger sister, Meng Xia, everything else wasn't important.

"You can go down first! I'll bring your sister back. "

It seemed like he was also someone who valued family and love. Meng Bai was a good person, he hoped that she wasn't mistaken.

"You're not Qing Er! "Who are you, and where is Qing'er?" She looked at Feng Qing with a puzzled expression. The person in front of her was definitely not her daughter. Her daughter was not that determined, nor this type of mind, nor would she resist Li Tingqin.

"Of course I'm not your daughter, but I'm also your daughter!" Feng Qing calmly said.

To be honest, not only did she hate her trashy father, she didn't even like her mother. If it wasn't for her, would Feng Qing have died? If it wasn't for her constantly telling her to be patient with everything, Feng Qing wouldn't have allowed Feng Ruo to drug him.

"What do you mean?" Shen Xiangman was puzzled.

What did he mean by 'not her daughter' and 'not her daughter'?

"Your daughter is already dead, and I am only a remnant soul of another world. I have been reborn in her body, or perhaps I am just borrowing her corpse to return her soul."


Qing'er died?

Shen Xiangman's face turned pale. She retreated a few steps back and her body trembled. How could her daughter die? How could that be?

He was clearly holding her hand and talking to her earlier, why did he suddenly die?

"Do you know how your daughter died?" Feng Qing looked at her and sneered.

Now, what use was there regretting it now? He was already dead.

"How did she ??" Shen Xiangman closed her eyes and then opened them again.

"Because you tolerated it for a while, that's why she was killed by Feng Ruo. To be honest, I don't want to see you at all, but because you are Feng Qing's mother, in order to repay her body, I will help you." Feng Qing said coldly. She did not believe in men and women.

If Li Tingqin and Feng Ruo wouldn't let her off, then naturally, they wouldn't let Shen Xiangman off either.

"Are you really not Qing Er?" Shen Xiangman held onto a glimmer of hope. She didn't believe that her daughter had died just like that. Her daughter was clearly so obedient.

"You don't believe me?" Feng Qing asked.

"It's not that I don't believe it, but ?" She remembered her daughter's suffering, and her tears fell like rain.

She knew that all the hardships Qing'er had suffered all these years were all because of her son.

"Since you feel that you owe her, you should let her live a better life. Don't let her worry, learn to protect yourself and not hurt others, but you can protect yourself! This body is hers, so you can still treat me as your daughter. "


"Do I sound like I'm lying?" Feng Qing raised his eyebrows as the corner of his mouth raised into a faint smile. It was fine as long as she was aware of her current situation.

She said this deliberately so that she would not be weak.

"Qing Er, I won't let you suffer anymore. All these years, it was Mother's fault!" Shen Xiangman hugged Feng Qing, joy and happiness evident on her face.

So letting it go was this easy!

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