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C1 Change in Fate

At the quiet intersection of the street, there was only the hissing sound of an electric current coming from a street lamp with a slightly yellow glow. A gust of wind blew, causing Xi Lin to wrap her clothes tighter.

He was so hungry in the middle of the night and there was nothing to eat in the rented apartment. He really didn't know how that girl, Jin Nana, could eat so much. Thinking of this, Xi Lin took out her phone to check if her part-time job had been paid in, otherwise, it would be too embarrassing if she did not have enough money on her account later.

In the dark, a black shadow was running with great difficulty under the dim moonlight. Fann Shaopeng occasionally looked back at the people chasing behind him.

There were a total of five of them, and judging from their movements, they weren't sent here by him. Fann Shaopeng thought in his heart as he raised his hand to cover the wound on his other hand. With his handsome face and tight brows, he looked so heartbreaking under the moonlight. The light in front of him became more and more dazzling. Fann Shaopeng glanced at it from the corner of his eyes. Not good! He was about to catch up. We have to get out of here as soon as possible. " With the speed of one car crossing the road, Fann Shaopeng quickly escaped to the nearest place with a relatively large flow of people.

"Ding Ling ~" The crisp sound of the wind chime reminded the store owner that another customer had arrived. He looked up and saw five men in black walking in. When he saw that the color was not right, he wanted to grab the gun under the counter to defend himself, but he stopped himself with both hands.

"We won't harm you, as long as you hand over the person we're looking for!" The man with the scar on his face spoke first.

The owner was a foreigner. Naturally, he could not understand Chinese. Scarface did not get angry and only sneered. Reaching out, he removed his gun and held the shopkeeper's hand up.


The convenience store was suddenly in a state of chaos. The people at the front desk started to flee in panic, while Xi Lin, who had her headphones on, didn't notice anything happening around her. She moved over to the food and carefully chose its taste. The moment she squatted down, it was as if she saw a black shadow. She carefully moved forward, but before she could even get close, she was frightened by the scene in front of her.

The man's slightly closed eyes leaned against the edge of the shelf. The white shirt he wore was soaked with red blood, and the air was filled with the thick smell of blood.

Xi Lin couldn't care so much. She, who was a doctor, immediately rushed forward to check Fann Shaopeng's injuries as if saving a life was better than building a seven-level pagoda.

"Hey, wake up! "Can you still hear me?" Xi Lin examined his injuries. There were knife wounds on his chest and arms. She looked around and found the gauze. At the same time, she also noticed something strange in the shop.

"Hey!" Wake up. You're so heavy, I can't carry you! " she whispered as she dressed.

Seeing that a man in black was about to walk over, she shook Fann Shaopeng anxiously, but the man remained unmoved and was still unconscious.

Xi Lin had no other choice but to crouch at the other end of the aisle and use her strength to push the things on the shelves to attract the attention of the man in black.

"Over there! "Faster!" Upon hearing the commotion, the man in black immediately gathered up. Xi Lin carefully pushed backward step by step, secretly delighted that she didn't notice the figure's appearance behind her.

Xi Lin backed away until she hit a wall of flesh. Xi Lin stopped as she recalled the supermarket structure behind her. At the same time, she was also staring at the number of men in black in front of her.

Damn it, there were only four of them!

Sweat beaded on Xi Lin's forehead due to her nervousness. Before she could turn around to look, she was supported by the man behind her.

"AHH!" Xi Lin screamed uncontrollably.

"Shut up, stupid woman!" The voice came from behind him. It was obvious that the man had already used a lot of strength in his voice.

"You … You, you, you're awake? " Xi Lin was about to turn around, but Fann Shaopeng pulled her back and ran away.

"Boss, over there!" "Quickly chase!" Behind him came a burst of curses.

Fann Shaopeng held Xi Lin's hand tightly and ran with big steps. Xi Lin was already out of energy behind him.

"Hu hu, take a break." I, I really can't run anymore. " Xi Lin hit Fann Shaopeng's hand away. Fann Shaopeng looked at the person behind him and said, "Follow me and keep running!"

Xi Lin bent down, panting as she waved her hand. "It's out of the question. I can't run anymore."

Fann Shaopeng looked Xi Lin up and down with a frown when he heard this. It seemed like she really didn't have any strength left. Fann Shaopeng saw that the people behind him were about to catch up with them. He wanted to escape, but he was worried that those killers from before might have seen Xi Lin. But to stay here and wait for the black shadow to catch up, tomorrow the domestic headlines would most likely say the sole heir to the Zhan Peng Group had been killed. For a moment, they were stuck in a dilemma.

"Damn it!" He angrily hammered the wall, turned around and told Xi Lin behind him, "No matter what happens later, don't come out."

Xi Lin shook her head. The injuries on his body were all near the fatal point, it was obvious that those people wanted him dead. As a doctor, she couldn't just stand by and watch him die. She looked around and saw the trash can in the corner that had been neglected.

Xi Lin pulled him and pointed at the trash can in front of them. Fann Shaopeng looked at Xi Lin with fear in his eyes and shook his head doubtfully. Xi Lin nodded resolutely. She pulled Fann Shaopeng up and headed to the trash can.

"Stupid woman!" Are you crazy? " Before Fann Shaopeng walked into the trash can, he smelt a terrible stench.

When Xi Lin heard the man's words, she turned around and glared at him. "Do you want to die?"

"I'd rather fight with them!" Fann Shaopeng was disdainful.

Xi Lin let go of her hands. "Sure, you go! Look at your injuries. Even if you had a huge power, you wouldn't be able to deal with so many people.

Fann Shaopeng was stunned. He looked down at the woman in front of him who said those words with confidence. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that. She was the first one!

Xi Lin saw that Fann Shaopeng did not make any moves, so she could only give him a push. Unexpectedly, Fann Shaopeng pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

"You …" Xi Lin was shocked by Fann Shaopeng's sudden action. She didn't expect that he would eat tofu instead of her saving him.

Before he could open his mouth to curse, Fann Shaopeng's magnetic male voice rang in his ears: "Remember to hide in the barrel, I'll come back to find you!" Under the moonlight, the man smirked as he secretly stuffed the USB in his hand into the inside of Xi Lin's pocket.

Xi Lin was captivated by Fann Shaopeng's sudden extremely gentle voice. When she finally reacted, Fann Shaopeng had already let go of her and brushed past her.

"Hey!" "You will die if you do that!" Fann Shaopeng didn't turn back, he just waved his hand and disappeared into the night.

Before Xi Lin could hide in the trash can, she was stopped by a rough voice calling out from behind her.

"Hey!" Little girl! Did you see a man in a suit run over? " The underling behind Scarface stood in front of her and asked. Xi Lin looked at the big and burly man in front of her and was at a loss as to what to do.

When the man in black saw that she did not respond, he assumed that the local Chinese did not understand what she said.

The lackey walked up and used his hand to gesture the body of a man. He dragged out his last words in Chinese, "You … See you … "Handsome suit..."


"Mhmm, one

"Man." The speaker gestured with his fingers in a running posture.

Xi Lin looked at the man's comical actions. She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't. She held it in until her face turned red. She pretended to be puzzled, tilting her head as if considering what they were talking about.



Can 't







The man in front of him was confused by his words. They looked at each other and scratched their hair. The last man mimicked Fann Shaopeng and ran past her. Scarface went forward and said anxiously, "I will repeat my words again, this person …" He glanced at the person who was imitating the action and continued, "You …"

see? "Run?"

Xi Lin noticed the dissatisfaction of the man and hesitated slightly. Should he say it now, or continue fishing for the person in front of him and give him more time?

After hesitating for a moment, Scarface reached out his hand and grabbed Xi Lin's neck. He shouted with a ferocious expression, "One, one!"

Man! "Run?" The other pointed at the two forks in the road.

Xi Lin struggled as she slapped the pig's hand that was around her neck. Scarface seemed to suddenly realize that she had squeezed too hard. She couldn't even speak.

Releasing her grip, Xi Lin breathed in the compressed oxygen.

"Speak!" The knife-scarred man saw that the woman had recovered some of her strength and increased the strength in his hands.

Xi Lin's delicate facial features were almost twisted by the pinch.


Can 't







The same words came out of Scarface's mouth as a murderous look appeared on his face. He raised his hand and called over a lackey behind him, "This woman has a tough tongue, she could very well be a gang. Go and pry open her mouth for me!

The lackey was very excited. He rubbed his fists together as he smiled obscenely. Xi Lin knew that they were trying to break the jar, so she suddenly looked up. "Oh!" A




"The." He pointed in the opposite direction.

The knife-scarred man saw the direction the woman was pointing and ran away with Xi Lin and her men. If the operation failed this time, they would not be able to survive. In the future, there would no longer be a place for them in the world of assassins.

Xi Lin immediately stood up and ran away as soon as the man in black left. She was pointing in the opposite direction. The end of the road led to a dead end. They would soon notice that she was lying at this speed, and she would run in panic. It was only when an expensive limousine drove by the roadside that he felt a headache and his vision gradually turned dark …

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