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C10 Manoeuvre

Fann Jianguo looked at Xi Lin. The kind smile on his face always made Xi Lin feel guilty. Other than her mother-in-law, only her grandfather doted on her like this, but now she had joined hands with Fann Shaopeng to deceive her grandfather.

"Lin, come to grandpa."

Xi Lin came back to her senses. She looked at Fann Jianguo with her confused eyes, but she stopped walking.

Fann Jianguo knew that Xi Lin was currently feeling a bit awkward. After all, it was the fault of Fann family that an unmarried girl had caused such a huge misperception because of his sister-in-law's misunderstanding. Fann Jianguo sighed, "Lin, we were in the wrong this morning. It was a shadow cast over your head...

"Grandfather, this matter isn't your fault." Xi Lin interrupted Fann Jianguo. In fact, she didn't really care about what happened that morning. What she cared about was who had brought him back to his room last night! Everything was just right, but it was a bit heavy.

"Child, in two days you will be engaged to Fann Shaopeng. From now on, you are Fann family's granddaughter-in-law, I will only recognize you as my daughter-in-law! "If that kid Fann Shaopeng ever lets you down, I'll break his legs." The more Fann Jianguo said, the more his heart ached.

When Xi Lin heard this, how could this be possible!? They were only men and women under a contract, and now they were going to play it for real? Xi Lin was already complaining incessantly in her heart.

At this time, Fann Jianguo took out a cheque worth 200 thousand yuan from the drawer: "Lin, this is grandpa gave you a greeting gift. "Don't refuse."

"No, no, no, I can't take this money from grandpa!" Xi Lin didn't take the cheque, even though she was desperately short of money.

Fann Jianguo was depressed. No matter what he asked, Xi Lin would always refuse her. Even if it was to give the engagement a reassurance, Xi Lin wouldn't accept it. Was it because Fann Shaopeng was not good to Xi Lin?

"Lin, tell grandpa honestly. Did that Bad Boy make you angry? "

Xi Lin immediately understood what Fann Jianguo meant and quickly explained, "No, I don't care about your grandpa. It's all because of me.

"Oh?" Fann Jianguo wanted to hear the thoughts of this little girl who didn't want to marry into Fann family.

After being questioned by Fann Jianguo, Xi Lin felt even more troubled in her heart. Ye Zichen rubbed his index finger with his thumb, while the words were clearly in his mouth, but he didn't dare to say it out loud.

"Child, tell grandpa what you think."

"Grandfather, I … Young Master Fan and I are actually not a couple. " The more Xi Lin spoke, the more she whispered, the more she felt guilty.

Fann Jianguo was shocked. He thought it was at most because of Fann Shaopeng's sloppy personality or something. He had not expected Fann Shaopeng to deceive himself in this way. He got up and walked over to Xi Lin. "Lin, do you like Shaopeng?"

Xi Lin didn't answer. She lowered her head. She really wanted to know herself, did she like Fann Shaopeng? He said he liked her, but he wasn't nervous or excited at all. He said he didn't like her. Whenever something happened, he would think of her first.

Fann Jianguo saw Xi Lin remained silent and sighed. "Lin, no matter what you're hesitating about, I will respect your decision." He lightly patted Xi Lin's shoulder, "If it's because of that Bad Boy, you don't have to worry, no matter what decision you make. Grandfather is supporting you! "

"Grandfather … "I …" Xi Lin was very touched. She didn't think that Fann Jianguo would be so magnanimous to her.

"Lin, don't cry. Grandfather felt his heart ache. No matter what choice you make afterwards, in your grandfather's heart, he has already treated you as family. "

Tears rolled down Xi Lin's cheeks uncontrollably as her guilt was magnified. Xi Lin felt that it was no longer appropriate for her to stay here.

After thanking Fann Jianguo, Xi Lin walked back to her room with reddened eyes.

Fann Shaopeng was already sitting on the sofa, while waiting to be questioned.

"What did grandpa say to you?"

Xi Lin glanced at Fann Shaopeng, pursed her lips and turned around to pack her clothes.

Seeing Xi Lin treating him like that, Fann Shaopeng walked up to her angrily. Didn't you hear me talking to you? "

Xi Lin had already done her own thing and didn't even raise her head.

What audacity! He dared to throw his face away with the help of his grandfather! Fann Shaopeng's eyes revealed traces of anger. He reached out his hand to pinch Xi Lin's wrist, who was tidying up her clothes, and said, "Are you deaf!?"

Xi Lin raised her head and looked at Fann Shaopeng with her red eyes.

"You … What did grandpa tell you! " Fann Shaopeng was really shocked by Xi Lin's expression. This was the first time he saw such a strong woman cry.

"Nothing. Grandfather knows about us. " Xi Lin sobbed as she pulled her hand away to continue packing.

Fann Shaopeng held Xi Lin's hand once again, "I'll tell grandpa not to chase you away."

Xi Lin was pulled back a few steps by the sudden force, then angrily shook Fann Shaopeng's hand off!

Fann Shaopeng turned around and glared at Xi Lin. Xi Lin didn't even look at him as she continued packing her things.

"I forbid you to leave!" Fann Shaopeng squeezed out of his mouth.

Xi Lin put down the clothes in her hands. This was the first time Fann Shaopeng said this, so she was a little swayed. After some thought, Xi Lin said lightly, "Grandfather already knows the truth. I don't think there's a need for you to stay here anymore."

"Stay, I'll give you a reason to stay!"

Xi Lin looked at him in shock. She didn't expect Fann Shaopeng to urge her to stay. She blinked and finally shook her head. She couldn't stay. Not only did she let down her grandpa, she also let down the relationship she wanted, and she also let down Fann Shaopeng.

"I think it would be better if I left."

Fann Shaopeng didn't expect Xi Lin to reject him again and again. His angry eyes were now filled with hostility.

"Good!" Since you want to leave! Now scram! If you appear in front of me again in the future, I'll make you wish you were dead. "

Xi Lin packed her things and left the room without looking back. She walked alone on the road outside the hotel. The wind blew strongly at night, making Xi Lin, who was alone, feel even colder.

The sound of bottles of wine and the laughter of men came from the mouth of the alleyway. Xi Lin couldn't help but tightly wrap her arms around herself, slapping herself hard in the heart. It was already 11pm, so the car was long gone when he got back.

At some point, two men had appeared at the entrance of the alleyway. They looked at Xi Lin for a long time, and after realizing that she was alone, they started to discuss the good news.

Xi Lin didn't pay attention to the man in front of her. She thought she should find a hotel to stay the night before returning early in the morning. As Xi Lin got closer, the two men in front of her started to laugh lewdly. As she was about to reach him, Xi Lin felt someone grab her wrist from behind.

The smell of mint and the broad shoulders made Xi Lin know it was him. She didn't struggle, but quietly leaned close to Fann Shaopeng, greedily breathing in the unique scent on his body.

"Come back with me." Fann Shaopeng said in a domineering tone. He squinted his eyes and stared at the two men in front of him. When the men saw that Xi Lin had the God of Protection, they dispersed in disgust.

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