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C14 Nurse Status

"Open the door!" Quick, open the door! " Xi Lin tapped on the fence outside the door.

In Fann Shaopeng's room, he just silently looked at Xi Lin's shadow on the screen.

"Master, should I open the door for her?"

"No need. Ah Fu, go help me with something." Then he turned off the display. Fann Shaopeng didn't want to see her, not now.

Xi Lin stayed at Fann family entrance for a few days before she left to come to the hospital. She sat beside Fann Jianguo's bed.

"Grandpa, I want to meet Fann Shaopeng. But he's been running away from me. What do you think I should do? "

Fann Jianguo, who was sleeping soundly opened his eyes. He quietly looked around his surroundings. Then he whispered, "Little girl, why did you disappear for so long?"

When Xi Lin heard the voice, she was slightly surprised. She winked at Fann Jianguo to see if she was hallucinating. Unexpectedly, Fann Jianguo got up right away: "Oh wow, I'm getting old so I want to exercise." How long has it been lying there? My bones are hurting.

"Grandpa, are you alright?"

"Shh..." Fann Jianguo immediately covered Xi Lin's mouth and whispered, "Be quiet, don't let anyone find out."

Xi Lin nodded obediently.

"Isn't it easy to meet him? I just need to make you suffer a bit."

"Grandfather, what method do you have?"

Fann Jianguo whispered into Xi Lin's ear. Xi Lin was suddenly enlightened.

A few days later, Zhan Peng Manor's medical staff entered.

"Young master, this is the bodyguard that the Old Master personally selected for you."

"Yes." Fann Shaopeng became more and more indifferent. Other than working, he looked out of the window and saw the free birds outside. He thought that he could only rely on the wheelchair to walk. Fate really was a joke.

"Young Master, it's time for you to take your medicine." Xi Lin poured the medicine and served it. Unexpectedly, with a wave of her hand, the water under the blanket splashed onto Xi Lin's hand. The pills scattered on the floor made the clean room a mess.

"Get out!" Fann Shaopeng said coldly.

Xi Lin shook her hand. Looking at Fann Shaopeng in such a depressed manner, she blamed herself in her heart. She gritted her teeth, mixed the medicine, and walked over to him.

"Take the medicine!"

Fann Shaopeng didn't expect the new nurse to dare to talk to him like that. He looked up and was stunned for a split-second.

"It's you!"

"Hello! I'm the new nurse Xi Lin. "

After a moment of surprise, Fann Shaopeng returned to his usual apathy and coldly told Xi Lin to scram out of his room. He didn't expect Xi Lin to be so stubborn that she wouldn't leave even if she were to throw a tantrum.

In the end, it was Fann Jianguo who called. Only then did Fann Shaopeng give in and acquiesce in having Xi Lin stay by his side as a nurse.

Xi Lin would accompany Fann Shaopeng to and from work every day. She would watch him eat the medicine before leaving.

Today, Fann Shaopeng caught her: "You've been here as a nurse for so long, why haven't I seen you serve me besides delivering medicine?"

Xi Lin was stunned. This was a company. Did he really want to humiliate her in front of so many people? Xi Lin pursed her lips and said, "I'll massage you when we get home. It's inconvenient even if this is the company."

"What is it? Don't you want to be a nurse anymore? "

Fann Shaopeng replied coldly.

Xi Lin didn't say anything else. She walked over, squatted down, and put Fann Shaopeng's leg on her knee. Then, she started beating Fann Shaopeng's leg with her little fist.

However, today, his strength seemed to be a bit too much. Several times, his fist would hit Fann Shaopeng's tendons. Fann Shaopeng frowned and felt a pain that was hard to say.

Xi Lin was the one who dug the pit, but she was the one who fell into the pit.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Fann Shaopeng said coldly: "Come in!"

Hearing that someone had entered, Xi Lin subconsciously stopped. Unexpectedly, Fann Shaopeng saw that she stopped and shouted: "Did I tell you to stop? "Keep pressing!"

Xi Lin was so angry that her face turned red, as if a ball of cotton had been stuffed inside her heart. However, she still forced herself to lower her head and continue massaging him …

Jin Nana, who had just knocked on the door, saw this scene. At first, Jin Nana did not recognize Xi Lin because she was wearing a nurse's uniform and had her back to her.

However, when she came closer with the financial statement, she finally recognized that the person squatting on the ground and massaging Fann Shaopeng's legs like a maid was actually Xi Lin.

Jin Nana stood there with her mouth wide open. She must have been shocked. She did hear that Xi Lin was working as a nurse, but she didn't know that Xi Lin was working as a nurse for Fann Shaopeng.

"Are you here to watch the show? "What's that in your hand?"

Fann Shaopeng roared at the stunned Jin Nana.

Jin Nana was shocked. She hurriedly handed the documents over and said, "Fan, Director Fann, this is the Pengzhan department store's profit report for the first half of the year. Please take a look!"

Hearing a familiar voice, Xi Lin suddenly raised her head and saw Jin Nana.


Xi Lin was a little surprised. Although she knew that Jin Nana worked at Pengzhan Group, she did not see her in the business department that morning.

Xi Lin didn't expect to see her ex-best friend in Fann Shaopeng's office. There was no joy on her face, only awkwardness.

"Lin, didn't you say that you were a part-time nurse in the hospital? Haven't you found a proper job yet? "

Jin Nana's words were untimely. Xi Lin felt that she was losing face. His hand movements slowed down, but when Fann Shaopeng saw this scene, he became even more serious.

"Push your feet!"

"Nana, I'll explain it to you when I have time in the future!"

Xi Lin lowered her head and said softly.

"Oh, yes. You're good sisters, right? Then, Assistant Jin, can you stay here and admire it for a while and see how your sister's massage technique is? "

Fann Shaopeng was obviously trying to make things difficult for Xi Lin and embarrass her.

Xi Lin raised her head and glared fiercely at him, her eyes filled with murderous intent.

"Fann Shaopeng, just you wait!" If I don't avenge this enmity, I am not a woman … "

Fann Shaopeng didn't know why, but he found that the more he tortured this woman in front of him, the more agitated he felt when he saw her fuming.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and press! "One minute, deduct today's salary!"

Xi Lin gritted her teeth when she heard that the salary would be deducted and decided to work first.

Therefore, she lifted Fann Shaopeng's foot, took off his shoes, and gently took off his socks. Then, she held the cold-blooded man's foot and started to squeeze it little by little.

Standing at the side, Jin Nana didn't even dare to breathe loudly. Embarrassed, she looked down to see Xi Lin giving Fann Shaopeng a foot massage.

Xi Lin held her breath and let it all out into her hands. She thought to herself that since this cold-blooded man in front of her couldn't feel anything, she should make him feel comfortable.

Thus, Xi Lin gave Fann Shaopeng a big thumbs up and pushed down on his foot with all her might …

Every time he pressed something, he would raise his head and ask with a feigned smile, "Young Master, do you feel it?"

Fann Shaopeng's heart tightened and he felt a numbing pain under his feet.

Afraid that Xi Lin would see through his weakness and realize that he had already felt it, Fann Shaopeng could only suppress his temper as sweat began to form on his forehead.

He leaned back in his wheelchair and squeezed the words out between his teeth, "No!"

But Xi Lin seemed to be addicted to it. She bit her lips harder and harder each time. Fann Shaopeng was so angry that he just wanted to kick her out, but there was no other way. What he could do now was either to not bear it or to tell her to stop.

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