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Contract Lovers And Healing Love/C17 Traditional Chinese Medicine Bubble
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C17 Traditional Chinese Medicine Bubble

Second Mrs.," she answered, "the young master has no one at his side but Miss Xi Lin, the nurse, and Ah Fu. Recently, Miss Xi Lin had been giving her young master a muscle massage, but the young master still kept throwing a tantrum. Also, Ah Fu asked the Young Master for a leave of absence yesterday and said that Grandma passed away. He went back to his hometown this morning to mourn.

Ren Qinglan was stunned for a moment before a flattering smile appeared on her face.

She remembered the last time she drugged Xi Lin's coffee. After that, she had asked Ren Yingying to check on it in the morning, but she didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Therefore, Ren Qinglan had always thought that it was A-Lian who had used too little of the aphrodisiac.

Ren Qinglan narrowed her eyes as she thought of this. Then, she called A-Lian over and whispered into her ear. After that, he threatened Ah Lian, "If you do this again, get out from here!"

"Second Madam, I, I will do my best!"

Ren Qinglan glared at her impatiently and said, "You can leave now!"

Ah Lian got up and left while trembling...

At the garden villa, it was raining right after Fann Shaopeng returned from the main building.

Fann Shaopeng fell into deep thought as he sat in his wheelchair and looked out the window at the rainy night.

"Young Master, it's time to take a bath!"

At this moment, Xi Lin walked in with a basin of traditional Chinese medicine in her hand.

Fann Shaopeng didn't turn around, he only replied coldly: "No need for that today! You will stay in your room and not come over to disturb me! "

Xi Lin stopped, hesitated for a moment, then placed the water in front of him.

"Dr. Soong said that you must use Chinese medicine to soak your feet and massage them every day. You can refuse to massage my feet, but you have to listen to Dr. Soong! "

With that, Xi Lin squatted down and took off his shoes, socks and feet without caring if Fann Shaopeng agreed or not. Then, she dipped his feet in hot water.

Fann Shaopeng did not resist and looked down at Xi Lin. After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked with a questioning tone, "You like him?"


Xi Lin was stunned. Ye Zichen looked up at Fann Shaopeng, while wondering who the 'he' was.

Fann Shaopeng repeated with a cold expression: "You like him, don't you?"

"Dr. Soong?"

Xi Lin had guessed it right. At this moment, Fann Shaopeng's expression was cold and threatening, as if he was waiting for Xi Lin's answer.

"Dr. Soong has a girlfriend!"

Xi Lin said in a very straightforward manner. Then, she lowered her head and continuously splashed water on Fann Shaopeng's feet.

Hearing that, Fann Shaopeng's heart was filled with jealousy, his dark eyes dimmed, and his stiff face and entire body emitted a cold aura …

After soaking her feet, Xi Lin used a towel to gently dry Fann Shaopeng. Then she brought a pair of house slippers and put them on.

"Young Master, we've finished soaking in it. "You rest early, I'll be going out first!"

After Xi Lin finished speaking, she picked up the wooden basin and was about to leave. Suddenly, Fann Shaopeng reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist.

Xi Lin did not react and lost her balance. The water basin in her hand instantly overturned, splashing all over the ground. However, she was lifted up by Fann Shaopeng and sat on his lap.

"Fann Shaopeng, what are you doing this time? Let me go! "

The more Xi Lin struggled, the tighter Fann Shaopeng's grip became. Xi Lin was held tightly in his embrace, unable to move.

"Tell me, how many faces do you have?"

Xi Lin was momentarily stunned. With a face full of anger, she twisted her body with all her might and shouted, "Are you crazy? How many faces do I have? I don't understand what you're saying! "

"Hmph …" What are you pretending to be pure for? "Women who like money have a few clean ones, not to mention that you've once again given me a good time."

The more Fann Shaopeng spoke, the angrier he got. This woman had told him that she had tied ties for countless men in the morning, and now she even called him Dr. Soong.

"Fann Shaopeng, you went too far …"

Xi Lin angrily glared at him while gritting her teeth.

"Too much? Don't you think you're a hundred times more outrageous than I am? I've forgotten all about what I did. "

Fann Shaopeng's words confused Xi Lin. She struggled to get rid of Fann Shaopeng's restraints.

"Fann Shaopeng, what are you talking about? I really don't understand!"

"Alright, since you're so forgetful, I don't mind helping you review it a few times..."

As Fann Shaopeng said this, he put his arm around Xi Lin's slender waist. Xi Lin was shocked. She closed her eyes and pleaded with a tearful tone, "Fann Shaopeng, don't be like this!"

Fann Shaopeng couldn't be bothered with her begging. He looked at Xi Lin with his dark eyes and smiled maliciously.

Xi Lin was immobilized and her entire body tensed up! Ye Zichen glared angrily at Fann Shaopeng, while tears of grievance flowed down from the corner of his eyes …

However, the man surrounding her had already lost his mind like an enraged beast. He knew that as long as this woman approached him, he wouldn't be able to stop himself.

He had been sitting in a wheelchair for the past few days, but this woman had always been so distant from him that he could not touch her heart. Thinking about that, his head hurt. He couldn't tolerate her having other men in her heart. She would always belong to him, Fann Shaopeng, alone …

The fierce struggle gradually exhausted Xi Lin's strength, especially when he stimulated her nerves like that. The familiar feeling in her subconscious caused her consciousness to gradually fade.

Seeing the woman in his arms acting like a frightened little bird, Fann Shaopeng laughed coldly. He squinted his eyes and said with a hoarse voice: "Say that you love me!"

Xi Lin bit her lips and refused to speak. The corner of Fann Shaopeng's mouth curled up. Before Xi Lin could react, his cold lips had already moved forward.

"Hiss …" Xi Lin felt a sharp pain on her lips as she bit down on the man's mouth.

Fann Shaopeng frowned slightly as a gush of blood flowed into his mouth. That woman dared to bite him again. The male hormone's aura expanded and a powerful palm directly grabbed the back of her head. He bent down and counterattacked again and again …

"Ugh …"

Xi Lin almost suffocated to death as she opened her eyes and shook her head vigorously …

"Fann Shaopeng, don't be like this!"

A tiny voice came out from the gaps between her teeth, but her body was slowly sinking. She felt like she was floating on clouds …

Fann Shaopeng let out a low growl and slid the wheelchair towards the bed. Xi Lin's skinny body was lifted up by his big palm and thrown onto the bed.

Xi Lin's arm, which had been bruised and bruised, hurt as she hit the headboard. Having woken up more than half of her consciousness, the shy girl reacted and immediately crawled to the side of the bed, trying to escape from the room.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of thunder coming from outside. The lights in the room flashed and then all of them were extinguished.

"Bastard, there's a blackout?"

Xi Lin's heart tightened as she once again heard the sound of thunder resounding through the sky and earth, mixed with lightning. Xi Lin remembered the night at Wutai Mountain Hotel when the electricity had also been cut and started to feel scared.

Just as she was hesitating about escaping the room, a big hand suddenly grabbed her legs in the darkness. Xi Lin didn't even have a chance to react before she was pulled back by Fann Shaopeng …

"Fann Shaopeng, I like you!"

Suddenly, Xi Lin shouted loudly. She thought Fann Shaopeng would stop, but he only froze for a second or two and had no intention of letting her go.

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