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C18 Talking about Cooperation

Xi Lin felt that her lips were swollen and slightly aching. She tried to talk to Fann Shaopeng to wake him up. However, it was all useless work.

Xi Lin slightly closed her eyes, allowing herself to remain calm as she laid there motionlessly like a wooden puppet …

One second, ten seconds, one minute, Fann Shaopeng gradually calmed down...

He took her face in his hands and stared at Xi Lin.

Their breathing gradually calmed down, and both of them seemed to have woken up.

Fann Shaopeng swallowed his saliva and said hoarsely, "Marry me!"


Xi Lin's eyes widened in the darkness. She wanted to explain that what she just said was not true. However, Fann Shaopeng's firm tone made her feel that if she refused, she might not even be able to keep her innocence tonight …

Thinking up to here, Xi Lin really regretted what she said earlier about liking this fellow. Yet, he actually allowed her to marry him …

He dug a hole and jumped in...

Xi Lin couldn't help but viciously pinch her thigh, but it was so painful that she couldn't help but cry out …

Unexpectedly, he only said the word "En".

However, this word made Fann Shaopeng think that she agreed … It was just that her shy voice was so soft …

"Good girl, as long as you are obedient, I will agree to anything! As long as you don't leave me! "

Xi Lin was surprised that Fann Shaopeng's voice became so gentle and gentle...

In the darkness, the two of them were alone in the room. Xi Lin prayed that the call would come as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't be afraid to run outside.

But there was no way to stay here. Xi Lin had to think of a way to make Fann Shaopeng give up his scary thought.

Marriage was a matter of life and death. Xi Lin had always hoped that she could marry into love. Therefore, she would rather die than give away her life's happiness like this …

Her slender hand gently lifted her chin as she revealed a smile.

"I will tell grandpa tomorrow that the wedding will be held in a month!"

"Fann Shaopeng, don't …"

Xi Lin screamed. Fann Shaopeng was stunned. She took the opportunity to slip away from Fann Shaopeng's body, then leaned against the bed and sat down.

Seeing this, Fann Shaopeng did not go to catch her again. Instead, he rolled over and laid on the side.

"Fann Shaopeng, why me? You know that marriage is a big deal in life, you can't make up your mind so easily! "

"Hmph …"

Fann Shaopeng's heart turned cold. He had guessed that this woman would say that. Because what she said just now was just a perfunctory reply. How could a woman who could easily be bought with money allow herself to marry a cripple? How could she earn money that way?

Seeing that Fann Shaopeng did not say anything, Xi Lin did not see the expression on his face. This rainy night was a good time for a long chat.

"Fann Shaopeng, I have a lot of questions, I can't live with you for the rest of my life..."

"Don't say anymore, I just wanted to talk about cooperation with you!"


Xi Lin was surprised to hear Fann Shaopeng suddenly change his mind.

At this moment, Fann Shaopeng slightly turned his head and looked at the big eyes shining in the darkness. His heart was filled with disappointment and disappointment.

"Don't you like money? I want to give you another chance to marry me, to make my grandfather happy. "The time limit is one year, the reward …"

"Pay me as much as you want!"

Fann Shaopeng's words hit Xi Lin's face like a bat.

"Heh …"

Xi Lin snickered. It turned out that she was the one being tricked. Not only was her body humiliated, but her dignity had been trampled on.

"I don't agree!"

"You will agree! "The time is no longer than tomorrow night, you will come find me!"

The resolution in Fann Shaopeng's words made Xi Lin unable to continue.

"Young Master Fann, you're tired, it's time to rest!"

Xi Lin changed the topic. After that, she got off the bed and left Fann Shaopeng's room in the dark...

Returning to her room, Xi Lin's heart was filled with uneasiness. Fann Shaopeng's words gave her a premonition as to what was going to happen to her again …

The room was dark. Xi Lin curled up on the bed, afraid to sleep …

Outside, the wind and rain were blowing, lightning was crackling, and Xi Lin was looking forward to calling. However, after waiting for an entire night, there was still no sign of electricity.

The next morning, Xi Lin opened her hazy eyes and found that the sky was already bright.

It turned out that he had really been too sleepy, and had fallen asleep at some point in time.

Gently, she picked up her cell phone, looked at the time, and suddenly jumped out of bed, completely out of sleep. Because it was already 9 in the morning, she still had to send Fann Shaopeng to the company!

Since she was already late, Xi Lin did not have much time to think about it. She simply packed her things and quickly ran next door.

However, when she arrived at the door, she found that Fann Shaopeng was not in the room.

"A-Lian, where's the young master?"

Xi Lin asked in surprise. A-Lian looked up at Xi Lin and replied, "Young Master has already left for the company!"

"He can't drive. How did he get there?"

"It's Miss Ren Yingying who accompanied the young master!"

"Oh, I know!"

Xi Lin backed out of the room, feeling uneasy.

Would Fann Shaopeng dismiss him?

Xi Lin went back to her room and was about to call Soong Ziming to ask. At this moment, her phone rang. She opened it and saw that it was Jin Huizhen.

Xi Lin hesitated for a moment before answering. Jin Huizhen's voice came from inside, "Xi Lin, let me inform you that I lost some money from investing in stocks and need to repay my loan. Therefore, your maintenance fee of 1.8 million cannot be paid in instalments. You must find a way to borrow it and call my account tomorrow! "

"No, President Jin. Didn't you say to pay in instalments? And it was written in the contract as well! But you've changed your mind. It's against the rules. And I, I don't have that much money either! "

Xi Lin was a little nervous as she realized that the bad premonition from yesterday was most likely because Jin Huizhen wanted the money today.

"Xi Lin, you're still a top student. You didn't take a careful look at the contract, but there are notes on the last page. Do you want to take another look?"

Xi Lin remembered the contract and ran to the cabinet, taking out the payment contract from her bag.

"The last page, the last page..."

She turned to the last page of the contract and was stunned when she saw the line of notes.

What Jin Huizhen said was true. It was clearly written there:

If Party A encounters special circumstances, it has the right to demand Party B to pay its arrears in one time!

"Heh …"

Xi Lin sneered coldly as she sat paralyzed on the bed. At this time, Jin Huizhen impatiently said, "I don't have time to tell you too much. Xi Lin, think of a way to get enough money as soon as possible. Call my account tomorrow!" Otherwise, if we were to delay my usage, we can only tear apart our faces and face to face with the court! "

Then, she hung up the phone.

At this moment, Xi Lin was sitting on the bed, stupefied. She didn't know what to do next.

One million eight hundred thousand, repaid in one go.

Where was she supposed to get so much money?

At this moment, Xi Lin remembered Fann Shaopeng's words: "You will definitely come for me!"

"This won't do. If I were to speak to him, it would mean that I am a person who loves money! I can't do that! "

Xi Lin sat in her room in a daze the whole morning, but she couldn't think of a solution.

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