Contract Lovers And Healing Love/C2 He Had Been Called to the Door
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Contract Lovers And Healing Love/C2 He Had Been Called to the Door
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C2 He Had Been Called to the Door

"Ring, ring, ring …"

Xi Lin turned around impatiently and pressed down the alarm clock on her phone. She covered her head with the blanket and wanted to sleep a little longer. He had only closed his eyes for a short while before he recalled the important exam today.


Xi Lin's wails sounded out in the room. She did not have the time to think about it, so she just casually ruffled her hair, changed her clothes and ran towards the school.

"It's over, it's over. We're going to be late!" What's wrong with Jin Nana? Why didn't she remind herself! " Her mouth was muttering, but her actions were still very quick.

The bell rang as they entered the classroom.

Holding the paper, Xi Lin took a deep breath. This should be the last class here, and I will be returning home soon. He must give Dr. Soong a surprise!

A few months ago, Xi Lin was an intern in a hospital. Because of his excellent grades and outstanding ideas, he was recognized by the dean. On the recommendation of the dean, the school sent her abroad as an exchange student for a few months.

When she learned of this news, she was very happy. She had relied on her own ability to rise to prominence and did not let her mother-in-law down.

"Granny!" Grandma! I got the spot for the student exchange! " Back home, Xi Lin was as happy as a child.


Hearing this, a proud smile appeared on his wrinkled face. She got up and walked towards the portrait of her daughter, took out a few incense sticks, and lit them up. She muttered, "Ning Ning, your daughter has grown up. Being able to be independent, you have to bless her future career to become more and more smooth. "

Xi Lin stood at the side respectfully and offered incense. His mother had died of illness many years ago, and he had been raised by a friend of his mother-in-law and his mother, Jin Huizhen. She had never seen her father before. Ever since she was young, whenever she asked who her father was, she would always be flogged. Over time, she would no longer ask the adults who her father was. He only knew that his father had given his mother a bracelet as a souvenir, and that his mother had passed it on to her when she died.

After her mother-in-law had given her a good scent, she said to Xi Lin, "Lin, call President Jin in a bit and invite him over for a meal."

Xi Lin nodded obediently. The mother-in-law continued, "In the future, you must not forget about President Jin. She has always been giving you maintenance. "It's all thanks to such a good person. Otherwise, how many hardships would we have to suffer in order to survive?"

"Grandma, don't worry!" I'll arrange everything for President Jin. "

That night, Xi Lin called President Jin to her house. At the start of the meal, he was quite amiable. However, when Xi Lin mentioned that she needed living expenses abroad, President Jin's expression immediately changed. But she showed no real will in front of her mother-in-law. When Xi Lin sent President Jin out, he finally could not take it anymore.

"Lin, it's not that Auntie doesn't want to give it to you." Just like you, Nana also received a spot in the exchange students. As you know, aunty's salary is usually not that high.

Xi Lin knew what President Jin had said. She had known about it since a long time ago. Ever since she had entered university, President Jin had not paid her any tuition fees, which Xi Lin had earned by working part-time outside. Xi Lin did not complain. She had no reason to ask President Jin to raise her like a mother. But this was a rare opportunity, and she really didn't want to give it up. She had counted the money she had saved in the past few years, so she was short of 10,000 yuan.

Xi Lin was a little perturbed. "President Jin, I know that you also have some difficulties. It's just that this is a turning point in my life, and I don't want to give up this rare opportunity no matter what. Of course, I'm not asking you to give me a living allowance in full. I want to borrow it from you, I will definitely return it to you in the future. "

When President Jin heard this, he could not help but want to take back all the money he had previously paid. She coughed lightly. "Lin, it's not that aunty doesn't want to help you." It's really because Auntie didn't have enough mana. You've used up all the fees I gave you previously? "

Xi Lin lowered her head and poked her finger guiltily. Xi Lin's mother had left behind some money to treat her mother-in-law's illness two years ago, but now that her mother-in-law had suddenly fallen ill, she had no choice but to use that money to treat her mother-in-law's illness. She felt wronged and understood the meaning behind Jin Hui Zhen's words. Gritting her teeth, she raised her head and said, "President Jin, I would like to borrow ten thousand from you. "When I return to work, I will return all the maintenance money you gave me back to you."


"Un, I'm serious!"

"You can't frame me! I'm the one who recorded the sound! " Jin Huizhen proudly said that he could finally take back the money he had previously invested.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely do what I said."

When Jin Huzhen heard how straightforward this girl was, she had already come up with a plan. What if you don't? "

"You have the final say."

"Alright!" Jin Huizhen took out the itinerary from her shoulder bag. "How about this? You come to my company tomorrow afternoon. I'm more confident about signing a contract with you."

"No problem." Xi Lin replied coldly. In her heart, other than her mother-in-law who treated her well, she didn't care about the other people's care and concern for her.

When he returned to the classroom, the bell rang. All the examinees handed in their papers one by one. Xi Lin looked at the paper that was filled with answers and silently prayed that she would definitely be able to pass this time.

As he walked out of the classroom, the sunlight shined onto Xi Lin's body. Xi Lin couldn't help but stretch her back a little ~

"Xi Lin!"

Xi Lin looked back and saw Jin Nana running towards her. Xi Lin smiled and asked, "Nana, why did you come over from there?"

"I just had Bruce over there for a cup of coffee. How was your exam today? Did you perform excessively? " Jin Nana joked.

"What extraordinary performance? If I could do it normally, I'd laugh." Xi Lin smiled. She looked into the distance and saw a man in a suit running past her. Suddenly, she seemed to recall something and opened her mouth to ask. However, she saw that the bracelet on her wrist had disappeared.

"Nana, have you seen my bracelet?" Xi Lin was slightly anxious.

Jin Nana held Xi Lin's hand and pulled up her sleeve. The bracelet really had disappeared! She knew what the bracelet meant to Xi Lin. To Xi Lin, that bracelet was her life.

She quickly comforted him, "Don't worry, I'll leave it by the sink when you take a bath."

Xi Lin shook her head. This kind of thing would never happen to her. The bracelet was the only memento her mother had left her, and even the mystery of her own life was hidden in the bracelet. How could she have made such a retarded mistake?

Xi Lin did not say much and she quickly ran back home. Just as he reached the door, he heard a few men swearing. Jin Nana followed closely behind, but couldn't bear to catch up. She was just about to ask why Xi Lin had not entered the room when she covered her mouth.


Jin Nana nodded. They quietly walked forward and saw a group of men surrounding their residence. Many things were thrown out of the door.

Jin Nana saw the evening dress that Blues had given her being ruthlessly thrown on the ground, trampled and pained by those ignorant fellows.

She stood up and shouted at the group, "Hey!" Before he could finish, he was pulled down by Xi Lin again.

"Wu, wu, wu." Jin Nana had an aggrieved expression on her face as she pleaded for Xi Lin to let go of her hand.

"Let go of you! You can't scream anymore!"

Jin Nana nodded. Only then did Xi Lin slowly let go.

"What's going on?" Jin Nana asked curiously. She could only watch helplessly as her precious clothes, skirt and shoes were scattered on the ground.

Before Xi Lin could reply, Jin Nana spoke up, "Xi Lin, I don't care. If these things break, you have to compensate me! "

Xi Lin replied helplessly, "My lady, do I look like the kind of person who can accompany you in expensive clothes?"

"I don't care, you have to compensate me! You have no money, but your boyfriend has? " Jin Nana said without a care.

Sofia was already used to Nana's temper, so she said, "Compensation." In any case, she couldn't afford the real one, so she could just go back to Taobao and get her a high imitation. In any case, it was still a compensation, so he didn't say that he would pay the real thing anyway. Wait, Jin Nana just said boyfriend? Xi Lin suddenly remembered what happened last night. Could it be …

"Nana, do you know about your boyfriend?" Xi Lin didn't directly ask. She was worried that someone with a big head would expose the truth.

"Yeah, if you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten to settle the score with you."

Xi Lin was confused by his words.

"Tell me, when did you get involved with such a handsome guy?" No matter what, we grew up together, and you don't even want to share the good stuff! "

Xi Lin was even more confused when she heard this. What did Nana mean by this? Had she seen him? Then how did she faint last night?

"Nana, I've only known her for a short while. I don't know much about other people." Xi Lin answered simply.

Jin Nana was completely unaware of the conspiracy behind Xi Lin's words. She snorted coldly, "You still say that you're not familiar with her? She was the one who carried you back last night."

Jin Nana recalled last night: "Last night Bruce asked her out for dinner. Last night was a romantic night. Bruce held a bouquet of flowers, affectionate as if she were expressing her love. I even bought a lot of expensive clothes and accessories for her … "

"Nana, does this have anything to do with the person who brought me back?" Xi Lin couldn't stop herself, so she interrupted Jin Nana's infatuation.

"Mm, then I'll just jump and say it." Jin Nana cleared her throat. "I just got home last night and a man knocked on the door. At that time, I was still quite vigilant as I asked about it. Unexpectedly, that person's tone was ice-cold as he directly said, "If you don't want to sleep at the entrance, then hurry up and open the door." It's simply overbearing. "

Listening to Jin Nana's tone, Xi Lin had already guessed who it was.

Jin Nana shook Xi Lin, "Did you know that when I opened the door, I was completely dumbfounded?" Jin Nana began to show a infatuated expression. She said that although the person who held her was injured, his face was ice-cold, as if he was filled with pride and disdain towards the entire world. Not only him, but also the man behind him …

Xi Lin held her head. She knew that if Jin Nana became infatuated, it would take her three days and three nights to finish. She could only interrupt her infatuation. "What happened after that? You let him in? "

"What do you mean by letting him in? With his posture, let alone letting him in, I wouldn't even say anything if he wanted to step over my body." After she finished speaking, Jin Nana suddenly wanted to punch Xi Lin, who had been lying in the arms of the male god before, and she looked at her with a face full of envy.

"Why did you let him in so casually?" Xi Lin sighed. She suddenly felt that when there was a handsome guy around in the future, Jin Nana was definitely not reliable.

Jin Nana looked at Xi Lin with disdain and said slowly, "He carried you to your room and left with the handsome guy behind him." I stopped him and asked him what was the matter. He just said you were drunk. "

With that, Jin Nana propped up her face with her hands and complained, "He is indeed handsome, but why is he so cold and aloof? "What a pity..."

When Xi Lin saw the regretful look on Jin Nana's face, she couldn't help but let out a "pu pu pu" sound. He laughed out loud.

Jin Nana looked at Xi Lin as if she remembered something. "Oh right, he left you a letter …"

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