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C3 Stay and Not Go

Hearing Jin Nana's words, Xi Lin hurriedly asked, "Where's the letter?" Jin Nana turned around and looked in the direction of the dormitory.

"You mean you put the letter in the dormitory?" Xi Lin couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. If he really believed the content of the letter, then what would he write it for? If that group of people were to see the contents of the letter … If they ever came to him. Xi Lin did not dare to think any further. She even had a hunch that the bracelet might very well be in his hand.

Xi Lin crouched down to pick up a few stones and told Jin Nana to call 911.

She walked forward and threw a stone at him.

When the people inside saw that someone dared to throw a stone at them, they were furious for a moment. They all rushed out in search of Xi Lin.

Xi Lin was not stupid and quickly turned around to lead them away. Fortunately, she was smart enough to lead the way during the day.

Along with the sound of the siren, the group of people were pulled into the car. Xi Lin hid in the crowd and watched them. Scarface saw the people in the crowd at a glance.

"Just you wait!" I'll definitely teach you a lesson when I get out! "

Xi Lin tried her best to hold in her fear, but her hands could not help but tremble. When she got home, she quickly packed up her things and bought the earliest ticket she could get online to return home.

Jin Nana found the crumpled letter among the other items and handed it to her.

Xi Lin did not take the letter with her and instead focused on packing her luggage. Nana, will you come back with me on the plane? "

"I can't go back yet."

Xi Lin looked at Jin Nana in shock. The day after tomorrow was the time for the exchange students to return home together with her. Did something happen to Jin Nana if she didn't go back?

"You …"

"I'm pregnant. I can't go back right away."

"What!" Xi Lin was shocked. In just a few short months, Jin Nana had become pregnant. If Jin Huizhen knew, he would beat her to death. Xi Lin felt a little helpless. "Child …"

"The child is Bruce's. I want to stay and marry him."

"But, Nana!" Xi Lin stopped, not knowing if she should say it out loud. Although the two of them had always been in love, killing each other, she still loved Nana more.

"I know, I know. But the doctor told me that this child can't be lost, and that if it is lost, I might not be able to get pregnant for the rest of my life! " Jin Nana was slightly excited.

"Xi Lin couldn't bear it. She went up to protect her." What do you plan on doing with President Jin? "

"Nothing." Jin Nana suddenly remembered, "Oh yeah, just go back and tell my mom. Tell her to give me money. "Also, said I was now appreciated by the professor and was preparing to study finance.

Xi Lin nodded. "Take good care of yourself."

Jin Nana suddenly held her hand and said, "Xi Lin, why don't you go back first? Stay here with me!"

Xi Lin had intended to stay, but she saw the mess. If she stayed here, it would only cause trouble for Jin Nana, so it would be better for her to return to the country and help Jin Nana avoid this potential danger, and peacefully nurture her pregnancy. She gently pushed Jin Nana's hand away. "Nana, you saw it, too. The situation at home is because of me. It would not be safe if I stayed by your side. "

Xi Lin bent down to pick up her things again. We can't bring any more here. She opened Fann Shaopeng's letter, which contained a cheque for $50 thousand.

"This is for you, and the baby in your belly." Xi Lin handed the cheque over. "It can be counted as compensation to you for the nutrition products and the clothes you need in the future."

Jin Nana took the money and saw that Xi Lin had said so. She did not continue to urge him to stay.

Xi Lin looked out the window at the thick clouds as the plane streaked across the blue sky. Right now, his complex mood was no longer as agitated as it was when he first arrived, but more of his fear and worry for the future.

The name on the cheque flashed through her mind. She lightly held her wrist without a bracelet and sighed: "Fann Shaopeng! I must find you! "

In the blink of an eye, Xi Lin had already left the plane.

The familiar smell and the familiar race gave her a sense of warmth. She pushed her luggage and was about to head home to see her mother-in-law when she heard a voice behind her.


At first, Xi Lin didn't think anyone was talking about her. She dragged her luggage along and continued walking.

"The man in the checked shirt! Stop right there! "

Xi Lin was stunned. A plaid shirt? She looked around, and when she turned around, she was startled by the scarred face behind her.

"You want to run?!" Scarface reached out and grabbed her suitcase.

Xi Lin saw that the luggage could no longer be pulled, so she decided to just leave the luggage. She let go and weaved through the waves of people pouring out of the airport.

"Move, move." Xi Lin looked behind her. She didn't want to be caught by them. Scarface and the others weren't fooling around for nothing either. Although there were a lot of people around, they could still maintain their distance from Xi Lin.

"Damn it!" If laozi catches you and doesn't teach you a lesson, laozi's name will be written upside down! "

"Then you can write in reverse!" Xi Lin had made it through the airport and out to the waiting area.

Scarface was furious. He didn't care if there was anyone by his side. He took out a small knife and stabbed it into Xi Lin's body.

Seeing that the scarred face man had such a skill, Xi Lin was so frightened that she didn't dare to neglect it. She ran past the janitor, who was mopping the floor, and an idea struck her.


After saying that, she kicked a bucket of water with detergent added in it.

Scarface didn't have enough time to stop the car as he watched two of them dancing on the tiles. Xi Lin couldn't stop laughing. As she looked at the waiting area, she spotted the driver at the very front of the car. Only the car over there can drive without being stuck in traffic.

"Stupid girl!" Stop right there! " The sound of the scarred man howling caused Xi Lin to run for her life.

"I'm sorry, I got a ride." Xi Lin said anxiously as she got on the car.

As the driver didn't move, Scarface and the others were already closing in. Xi Lin couldn't care less anymore.

"Driver!" Drive! "Faster!"

The driver saw from the rearview mirror that the young master nodded. He stepped on the accelerator and the car sped away.

Xi Lin stuck her head out the window and looked at Scarface and the others as they became smaller and smaller. He was in a good mood, "Thank you! A good person will live a peaceful life! "

"Hmm? I am not a good person! " Fann Shaopeng said from the back seat.

Xi Lin felt the familiar voice and turned her head.

"It's you!"


Xi Lin didn't give him a chance to speak and directly extended her hand. "Pay up!"

"Are you sure!" Fann Shaopeng originally thought that Xi Lin would thank him for saving her again. He didn't expect that this girl would ask him to compensate her!

"No offense!" It's you! " Xi Lin's hand was already reaching in front of Fann Shaopeng, "I did some liquidations. Because of you, my house abroad was messed up. It was also because you let me return from abroad early, or because you let me be targeted by those people."

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