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Fann Shaopeng suddenly smiled when he heard her say so much in one breath.

"Isn't it because you just finished learning how to return home early before your old clothes are worth anything?"

Xi Lin didn't expect this man to be so familiar with her recent situation. It seemed that he must have investigated later on.

"Yeah, it's worthless in your opinion. "Then compensate me!" Xi Lin paused for a moment before she suddenly thought of something. "Right, and the luggage that I just left behind, you will also have to account for it as well."

"Then can you tell me if I saved you this time or the last time, how do you repay me?"

"Tsk." Last time you saved me and I saved you, so how can that be even? This time you saved me, it's completely a duty that you should pay. "

"Hmm?" Fann Shaopeng looked at the woman in front of him curiously to see what kind of tricks she was going to play.

"You see, I only provoked them because of what happened last time, so it's all because of you that I'm in danger right now. In that case, I shouldn't have allowed you to compensate me for my personal finances, and I should have asked you for some mental support fees."

Fann Shaopeng sneered, "What if I say no?"

"Then I'll pester you!" Xi Lin's words that didn't go through Fann Shaopeng's mind reminded him of something.

In order to prevent his grandfather from restraining him from spending his money, he once lied to his grandfather that he had already made a girlfriend. This time, my grandfather told me to bring my girlfriend back. The issue with his girlfriend is really troublesome. Fann Shaopeng suddenly looked at Xi Lin: "You want to pester me? Alright, then come straight to my house, I'll introduce you to my family. Then I married you, giving you limitless nobility and limitless wealth. What do you think? "

"Madman!" Xi Lin looked at Fann Shaopeng's bullying face. Fine! You don't have to lose money. You must return the bracelet to me! "

"What bracelet?" Fann Shaopeng looked at the woman who kept asking him for things in confusion.

"You're still pretending? That's the bracelet that I dropped on you after saving you."

"I didn't see it." Fann Shaopeng said coldly. Suddenly, the car heard something by the side of the road. You can get out of the car. "

"You!" Xi Lin stayed in the car and refused to get out, "I don't need the money. Give me the bracelet! I will get off! "

Fann Shaopeng was a bit impatient. His phone rang just as he was about to send the order to leave.

"Young master, you've got the wrong person!"

"Got it!" Fann Shaopeng turned off the phone. He said, "If you want the bracelet back, that's fine. You give me all your USB drive. "

"What!" Xi Lin had precious research results on her plate, and some of them even had a secret agreement.

The moment Xi Lin hesitated, Fann Shaopeng had already written down his contact information. "If you have decided, come find me."

Xi Lin disdainfully took the contact details and got out of the car. This was too much! Where did such a person come from, he looks like the person with the most clothes in the world.

When he returned home, it was already dark. The moment Xi Lin entered the room, she saw her mother-in-law busy cooking delicious dishes.

"Granny!" I'm back! "

When the mother-in-law heard Xi Lin's voice, she became excited. "My granddaughter is back! Come, come, come, sit down!" Waiting for Grandma to make you your favorite mushroom stewed chicken. "

Xi Lin walked over to her mother-in-law's side and gave her a hand. She had finally learned something. How could she let her mother-in-law toil on her work?

His mother had left early, leaving him and his mother-in-law to fend for themselves. He still remembered that once again, he was too fond of playing and didn't remember to look at the time. Her mother-in-law had put in a lot of effort to find her, and had also suffered from a serious illness.

"Well, let the mother-in-law do it. Don't worry about it. "In the future, you can ask your mother-in-law to stop being your mother-in-law." The mother-in-law said with a smile. If Xi Lin could achieve such a result today, even if she died, she would be able to give her mother an explanation.

Xi Lin rolled up her sleeves, picked up the vegetables and let the water trickle through each of the leaves.

The grandma took the vegetables that Xi Lin had washed and suddenly noticed that Xi Lin's wrist was missing a bracelet. She immediately asked, "Where is the thing that your mother left for you?"

"Okay, I will take it off and put it away." Xi Lin found an excuse and said.

"Nonsense!" How could he take the bracelet off so casually? That's what your mother gave you. " Grandma sighed and couldn't stop thinking about her daughter.

"Hurry up and put it on!" Old people tend to be nostalgic when they're older, and so is Grandma now. Most importantly, the bracelet not only represented her daughter, but also most likely the clue to Xi Lin's father. She was also puzzled by the matter from back then. Her daughter, Xi Ning, had returned with a big belly. Not mentioning that she was living in the neighborhood after the meal, she still tried her best to persuade him that even if she didn't tell him who his father was, she wouldn't give up even if he gave her an abortion. Nanny also doted on her daughter, after she had done everything she could. He could only let Xi Ning make her own choice.

Xi Lin saw tears in her mother-in-law's eyes and knew that she must be missing her mother. She hugged her mother-in-law and said, "Grandma, you still have me."

"Mm, mm, you are my good granddaughter. "Then why don't you put on the bracelet?"

Nanny's request made Xi Lin somewhat troubled. It wasn't that she didn't want to bring the bracelet with her. It was in Fann Shaopeng's hands. For a moment, she didn't know what to do.

Grandma saw the embarrassment on Xi Lin's face, "Child! What's the matter with you? Do you think the bracelet is missing? " The old man instantly cried.

Xi Lin panicked and immediately comforted her, "Grandma, she's not gone! It wasn't gone! It was Nana who had borrowed it to see. She said that the bracelet was exquisite and wanted to see it. That's how I showed it to her. "

When his mother-in-law heard it was Nana, she didn't think too much about it. "Then go and ask her if she wants to come back tomorrow. What your mother gave you, you might just give it to someone else! "

"Good, good, good. I'll ask for it tomorrow. " When Xi Lin saw that her mother-in-law was no longer angry, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The next day, Jin Huizhen came looking for him before he even had a chance to go out.

"Yo!" Our top students have returned? "

"Jin Huizhen is here?" Nanny was sitting at the entrance to the courtyard. When Xi Lin saw that it was Jin Huizhu who walked up to her, she was afraid that she might say something wrong.

However, she didn't expect that she would come too late. Her mother-in-law immediately scolded, "Lin, tell me, where is Nana now?"

Xi Lin glanced at Jin Huizhen and whispered, "Nana still hasn't returned home."

"Then tell me, why isn't Nana returning to the country?!" Jin Huizhen was excited.

"President Jin, Nana has obtained the appreciation of the old professor overseas and intends to pursue her second academic year." Xi Lin's voice was getting softer and softer. She felt a little guilty. Especially in front of his mother-in-law.

Nanny saw Xi Lin's unnatural behavior, she sent Jin Huizhen away and closed the door.

"Lin, go kneel in front of your mother's memorial tablet."

Xi Lin did not refute him. She just walked up to the portrait quietly.

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