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C5 A Clue Was Found

"Stand in front of your mother's ranking today and talk properly! What exactly is going on? "

Xi Lin hesitated, but she didn't say anything. Grandma's broom then fell down, hitting Xi Lin's body and hurting Grandma's heart.

"I taught you how to read and write, but I never made you a good person! Now that I've grown up, I've learnt how to lie to my mother-in-law! "

The broom landed on Xi Lin's back again and again. Xi Lin gritted her teeth but didn't utter a sound.

"You really disappoint your mother-in-law!" The granny's heart turned cold as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes.

"Do you think you're wrong?!"

Xi Lin was worried about her mother-in-law's health, so she nodded her head and said, "Grandma, I know I was wrong. Don't be angry, I'll get the bracelet back. I will never lie to you again. "

The mother-in-law didn't pay any attention to Xi Lin's apology as she whipped her broom. He thought about how his daughter had made the same mistake all those years ago.

Xi Lin gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, feeling the pain from the Ninja's body. She thought that as long as her mother-in-law let out her anger, she would never have thought that her mother-in-law would loosen her grip on the broom, and the sound of the broom falling to the ground with the others.


Xi Lin quickly got up. She took out her cell phone and dialed 120. At the same time, she used what she had learned to carry out emergency treatment for her mother-in-law.

Outside the hospital ward, Xi Lin was watching her mother-in-law closely. All that came to mind was what the attending doctor had just said: "Your mother-in-law was in a state of great distress. However, the old man's condition is now more or less stable. However, subsequent treatment may cost a lot and the patient may not be able to wake up. You'd better be prepared. "

Xi Lin covered her head and curled up on the chair. It was all his fault. If he had confessed to his mother-in-law from the beginning, she wouldn't have been so angry. All of this was his fault. He had always been self-righteous and messed up a lot of things.

"Xi Lin." Soong Ziming walked forward and comforted the girl in front of him. He had intended to talk to her in a few days, but he didn't expect to see her in the hospital.

"Dr. Soong, it's all my fault." Xi Lin sobbed sorrowfully.

Soong Ziming felt his heart ache, he patted his shoulder, "I can lend you this place for a bit. If you feel bad, just cry. "

Xi Lin didn't move closer to him, instead, she continued crying on her own. Soong Ziming could only gently place her head on his shoulder.

"Look at you crying, you've even become a big flowery cat."

"You're the big flowery one!" Xi Lin was already wronged and was even described as a big cat by Dr. Soong. He naturally went back on his words unhappily.

Soong Ziming took the opportunity to ask, "Xi Lin, what's going on with Grandma?" Once this sensitive question was raised, Xi Lin no longer spoke.

After a long while, Xi Lin opened her mouth, "Dr. Soong, do you think Grandma will wake up?"

"Yes!" It will definitely be possible. " When Soong Ziming walked over, he had already gone to check out the symptoms written by the attending doctor. Although the probability of the patient waking up was small, he believed that Xi Lin would use what she had learnt throughout her life to wake her mother-in-law up.

Xi Lin's heart became a lot calmer when she heard Dr. Soong's words.

"Granny is always angered by me." Xi Lin's voice was very soft, indicating her guilt and sadness.

Seeing that, Soong Ziming lightly patted Xi Lin's back. He didn't expect that Xi Lin would actually grit her teeth.

"What's the matter with you?"

"My back hurts!" Xi Lin pursed her lips.

Soong Ziming brought Xi Lin to the clinic, "Zhao, help Xi Lin look at her back."

Zhao closed the door, lifted Xi Lin's clothes, and saw the red marks on her back.

"Oh my god! What a huge grudge! " Zhao had no idea what was going on, so she asked casually, "Your boyfriend can play?"

Xi Lin didn't say anything. Zhao didn't care about Xi Lin's current situation and continued, "Your boyfriend actually dared to do this. Did you break up? "If you still haven't broken up, you'd better hurry."

"Ya!" Xi Lin couldn't help but cry out.

"Endure it, this medicine has a miraculous effect." It just hurts when you put it on. "

Xi Lin nodded. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she waited for the medicine to be applied before leaving the clinic.

"Xi Lin, where are you going?"

She looked up and wiped away her tears. Unexpectedly, Soong Ziming waited at the door and didn't leave. "Dr. Soong, can you help me take care of my mother-in-law?"

Soong Ziming nodded and asked, "Where are you going now?"

"I think I'm going to do something serious."

Fann Shaopeng sat in his room in Zhan Peng's manor. He held Xi Lin's information in his hand, and his eyes seemed to be filled with different thoughts.

"Xi Lin, who exactly are you?!" "Why is there this bracelet?"

There were too many mysteries that had not been solved by Fann Shaopeng. Now, he had seen the appearance of this bracelet once again. He couldn't help but recall that incident from back then.

A black shadow barged in.

"Have you investigated that bracelet?" Fann Shaopeng asked coldly.

"Not yet, but we've found a clue."

"Alright, continue checking!"


A light flashed across Fann Shaopeng's eyes when he heard the reply.

Fann Shaopeng was still quiet in his own layout when his phone rang.

There was a string of unfamiliar numbers, but Fann Shaopeng suddenly laughed: "..."

"It's me, Xi Lin."

Fann Shaopeng didn't say anything as he waited for Xi Lin to continue.

"I'll give you the USB, and you can give me back my bracelet."

"Very well, I'll see you sometime." Fann Shaopeng walked in front of the window and looked down at the traffic outside.

"There's no need to look for it. It's just for tonight. You send me the address. " Xi Lin's attitude was very firm. No matter what tricks Fann Shaopeng played, she decided to follow him to the end.

Time passed quickly. Xi Lin kept all her USB drive in one bag. He took a taxi to Zhan Peng Manor.

"Hello, miss. We've arrived at Zhan Peng Manor and the fare is 280 yuan. "

"What!?" Driver, did you take a detour? " Xi Lin didn't believe it. This car was a bit of a pain to her, and all the money she had on her was now in the hospital.

"Miss, I'm afraid that you will only arrive tomorrow for me to take a detour around such a long distance!" The driver explained as he looked at the people behind him who were all busy collecting money. " Miss, could it be that you have no money? "

Xi Lin was embarrassed by the question. At this moment, a security guard got out of the van. "Do you have an appointment?"

Xi Lin seemed to have found her lifeline, "Yes yes yes, I'm looking for Fann Shaopeng. Hurry up and inform him! "

The security guard looked Xi Lin up and down. Who knew how many women he sent out every day. All of them were either beautiful like flowers, or were rich and wealthy young mistresses. However, the young master hadn't even seen a single one of them. Yet, such a country girl came to join in on the fun?

"Where did you get this wild girl? Young master is very busy." I don't have time to chat with you. " After sizing Xi Lin up, the security guard took the initiative to make the decision.

Xi Lin knew this security guard was a snob the moment she heard this. She stopped arguing and took out her cell phone to make a call.

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