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C8 Grandpa's Naming

Xi Lin was stunned. "If I don't want to go, can you help me push it off?"

"Grandpa asked you to go with him." Fann Shaopeng looked helpless, but Xi Lin didn't think that he was helpless. The trip to Wutai Mountain was most likely his fault.

Xi Lin sighed softly. Her grandfather had treated her so well. She really couldn't bear to make her grandpa sad, so she could only accept Fann Shaopeng's words.

A month later, Fann Shaopeng parked the car in front of Xi Lin's house.

The neighborhood was attracted by the sudden appearance of luxury cars in the slums.

"Lin, your boyfriend?"

"He looks really handsome, and he even drives a luxury car!" You must be very rich! "

"That's right, Lin is so beautiful, it's right to look for rich people."


"Aunt! I'll be out for a few days. There's no one at home. Help me take a look when the time comes, help my mother-in-law water the flowers. "Otherwise, if she comes back and sees me, she'll have to look for me all over the alley." Xi Lin told Aunt Li some things while carrying her luggage.

"Alright, where is Lin going?" I came back to bring some specialties for my aunts. "

When he walked to the entrance of the alley, he saw Fann Shaopeng leaning on the car door. There was a circle of young girls excitedly jumping up to get his number.

Fann Shaopeng raised his wrist and thought, "Women are really troublesome." Isn't it just accompanying grandpa to stay at Wutai Mountain for a few days?

When he turned around, he saw Xi Lin carrying a big and small bag.

He strode over to Xi Lin's side. Take her luggage.

The crowd of young girls behind him burst into an excited clamor.

"Ah!" Look, he's so handsome!

"It's especially warm!"

"AHH!" This is so fascinating!

Fann Shaopeng was wearing sunglasses, so Xi Lin couldn't see through his expression. However, she could feel Fann Shaopeng's desire to escape.

After the car drove onto the highway, Fann Shaopeng finally couldn't help but complain: "Who are the people staying near your home? "Why are you so infatuated with her?"

"They are all little girls that have never seen the world." Xi Lin rubbed her forehead in embarrassment.

"Oh? "Then, when you were young, have you ever been infatuated with others like this?!" Fann Shaopeng asked with ill intentions.

Xi Lin nodded awkwardly, then shook her head crazily like a rattle.

"Hahahahaha …"

A hearty laugh came from the driver's seat.

Xi Lin was teased by Fann Shaopeng, but there was nothing to be unhappy about. The two of them drove the long road to Wutai Mountain without saying a word.

Fann Shaopeng parked the car and looked at the sleeping Xi Lin beside him. Ripples appeared in his heart. He felt that Xi Lin was very real. She was really different from other girls. She was neither pretentious nor delicate, and she didn't have any annoying ailments. Other than loving money, there was nothing else. But money, there was plenty of it!

Xi Lin turned around, feeling a little uncomfortable in her sleep. She tried to turn around, but her seat belt restrained her and she woke up. She opened her eyes and wore Fann Shaopeng's suit jacket. He opened the car door, got out and found Fann Shaopeng, who was on the phone, with a faint sound.

"You guys have already investigated a single background for so long!" What use do I have of you all! "

Xi Lin hid to the side as she listened to Fann Shaopeng's conversation.

"I didn't want to believe it, so it ended here. I won't be willing if I don't investigate what happened back then. "

"I must get a clear understanding of Xi Lin's background! Currently, Grandfather is very satisfied with her attitude. She might have to marry into Fann family in the future. "

Xi Lin covered her mouth in surprise. She didn't expect Fann Shaopeng to be so meticulous, even she had to investigate him thoroughly.

The sound of footsteps.

Xi Lin immediately ran back to the car. She looked around in fear for Fann Shaopeng, but didn't expect him to pat her on the shoulder.

"Ah!" Look, he's so handsome!

"Xi Lin, what's wrong with you!" Fann Shaopeng asked in concern.

Xi Lin calmed herself down and said, "I'm afraid alone in the underground parking lot." Then, she pretended to be timid and pulled Fann Shaopeng's hand.

Fann Shaopeng did not expect Xi Lin to be afraid of ghosts.

"Just hold my arm, are you so sure that I'm Fann Shaopeng?"

When Xi Lin heard this, she immediately let go and jumped far away.

"You, you, you …"

When Fann Shaopeng saw Xi Lin's reaction, he suddenly couldn't hold it in any longer and let out a "pu ci" sound. "He stepped forward and held Xi Lin's hand." Seeing your usual carefree look, I didn't expect you to be completely afraid of ghosts. "

"What's wrong with being afraid of ghosts! Aren't you afraid? " Xi Lin was not convinced. She slapped Fann Shaopeng's hand and ran to the front wittily.

Fann Shaopeng suddenly had a thought: "Don't run, just let me catch me …"

The two of them joked around as they ran to the entrance of the hotel.

Fann Jianguo had been waiting for them since a long time ago.

Little Aunt Ren Qinglan, who was standing at the side, couldn't stand to watch any longer. At least, the old man had never treated her with such an attitude before.

She put on the airs of an elder, "Can the two of you be a little more mature? It's not shameful to be fighting on the way!"

"Hey, don't say that. Young people have their own nature. Do not bind them. " Fann Jianguo pampered her and then called Xi Lin over. "Lin, come over to grandpa."

Xi Lin was not only delayed, but also rushed forward. Someone stretched out a foot. Xi Lin didn't pay attention to the road beneath her feet.

"Ah!" He fell to the ground.

Ye Zichen thought that he would fall down like a dog eating shit, he didn't expect Fann Shaopeng to be under her.

Xi Lin quickly got up and asked with concern, "Are you alright?"

"What about you?" Fann Shaopeng didn't reply. Instead, he pulled her to make sure that Xi Lin was alright before letting go.

"What's going on!?" Was it your foot! " Fann Jianguo looked at the two children in pain. He pointed in the direction of Ren Qinglan in anger.

"Grandfather, it's fine. I accidentally fell down just now. Not caring about anything else. " Xi Lin felt that it would be better to have less trouble than less. Moreover, she didn't want to have anything to do with Little Aunt and the others. After all, they didn't know how much longer they would have to stay in the Fann family.

Fann Jianguo felt a twinge of heartache when he saw that Xi Lin was someone who took the big picture into consideration. He squeezed Xi Lin's hand to make it clear to them. Xi Lin was the daughter-in-law that he recognized, and the mistress of Fann family in the future. He would not allow her position to be questioned even a little.

During dinner, Fann Jianguo suddenly asked Fann Shaopeng, "When will you get engaged to Lin?"

As soon as she said that, Ren Qinglan started to make plans in her mind.

Fann Shaopeng, on the other hand, was frightened by Fann Jianguo's sudden question and didn't know how to reply.

Seeing that, Xi Lin immediately explained, "Grandfather, there's no hurry. We've discussed this before, and we're still young. We don't want to be tied down by marriage. "

"Lin, do you really think so?"

Xi Lin was a little excited as she did not want to put on a show for real. After all, the reason why she was sitting here was because of her mother-in-law's medical fees.

"No, grandfather. We really feel young. "

Fann Jianguo saw that all the girls had already expressed their attitudes and thought to himself that it must be because Shaopeng was not good enough. It looked like they would need a little more time. After they were engaged, he could hand over the beam of his Zhanpeng Group to Shaopeng to take care of.

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