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C9 Drug in Coffee

"Humph!" What a fox spirit! "

In the room, Ren Qinglan slammed the table angrily. Based on the current situation, it was very likely that her plan would be ruined. She couldn't just ignore it.

She looked at Ren Yingying, who was sitting beside her and drinking coffee leisurely, and suddenly came up with a plan.

"Ying Ying, you've already been back for so long. "Why didn't I see you greet Xi Lin?"

Ren Yingying heard her mother call out to her. "Weren't you busy a while ago?"

"Hurry, hurry! You're busy over there!" Dr. Soong, who had been surrounding the hospital all day, continuously walked around. Those who know it will know. Those who don't know it would think that my daughter is going to touch someone else! "

Ren Yingying didn't seem to mind. "Aiya, then when do you think I'll go?"

When Ren Qinglan heard Ying Ying's slippers, the plan in her heart slowly took shape.

Xi Lin looked up at the stars in the sky. All he could think about were the scenes of Fann Shaopeng and his mother-in-law.

Xi Lin suddenly shook her head. What was going on? Thinking of him again! Could it be that she was really tempted?

"What are you thinking about, standing here alone?" Fann Shaopeng's voice came from the back. Xi Lin felt a heavy weight on her shoulders as a heavy coat covered her body.

"I didn't give it to you on purpose. I wanted to prevent you from catching a cold and causing trouble for me." Fann Shaopeng explained.

Xi Lin listened silently. She seemed to be able to feel the subtle relationship between them, but she was not sure if it was real or not.

Seeing that Xi Lin didn't say anything, Fann Shaopeng continued, "The hospital called two days ago saying that your mother-in-law's condition is on the mend."

"Really!" Xi Lin's eyes lit up as she stared at Fann Shaopeng. However, his expression suddenly declined.

She turned and walked back to the kitchen. "I'm a little thirsty. Would you like some water? "

Xi Lin had already gone downstairs without hearing Fann Shaopeng's voice.


Xi Lin looked at the young girl in front of her and said, "Hi!"

"Would you like a drink?" Ren Yingying handed him an extra cup of coffee.

Xi Lin didn't think much about it. She took the coffee and savored the fragrance and the bitterness.

Ren Yingying spoke up, "I heard that you and my cousin met abroad?"

"Yes." Xi Lin nodded. Her brain flashed back to the situation then, and now that she thought about it, it was extremely funny.

Ren Yingying continued, "You know, you're very similar to my brother's former girlfriend."

Xi Lin's heart thumped a few times as she heard the dejected voice. That was probably the reason why Fann Shaopeng treated her so well these days.

Xi Lin smiled so as not to embarrass the atmosphere. He finished the rest of his coffee in one gulp and left.

Ren Yingying watched her back as she left and sighed softly. He wondered what kind of mess the Fann family would be in the next morning.

Clutching her head, Xi Lin felt that she was losing her balance as she walked. Just as she was about to fall, a hand suddenly appeared beside her and supported her.

The man's vulgar voice was sharp as he said, "Come this way! This way! "

Xi Lin's last remaining consciousness struggled desperately, but her body lacked any strength. It was like fish being butchered on a chopping board.

Xi Lin was pushed into an unfamiliar room. She used her last bit of willpower to pull out her phone. Ye Zichen called the number he got recently.

The moment the phone was connected, the strange man snatched it away and threw it away!

Fann Shaopeng, who was on the balcony, realized that Xi Lin went down for a drink of water. Why didn't she come back for so long? Just as he was about to go out and look for Xi Lin, he received a call from Xi Lin. Before he could say anything, a voice that made Fann Shaopeng angry came out.

"No!" Let me go! "

"Right, right!" The more you call me that, the more excited I get! "

Fann Shaopeng walked downstairs. He did not see anyone around, but looked for them at a secluded area nearby. At this moment, Ye Zichen received a call from his phone.

Fann Shaopeng couldn't wait that long. He ran upstairs on foot and knocked the door open.

The vulgar man was startled by the sudden appearance of a man, but before he could clearly see who it was, he was pummeled.

"Xi Lin!" Xi Lin, wake up! " Fann Shaopeng shook Xi Lin, but found that the woman's blushing cheeks were pink. She even took the initiative to hug Fann Shaopeng.

Fann Shaopeng couldn't help but clench his fists and hit the vulgar man hard once again. When Ah Fu arrived, Fann Shaopeng said, "Take him away."

Xi Lin's body couldn't bear the heat anymore. She reached out her hands to hug Fann Shaopeng's neck, and her soft and fragrant lips touched Fann Shaopeng's lips. Fann Shaopeng was unable to control himself. He kissed crazily and was not satisfied with all of this …

Fann Shaopeng buried his head in the woman's neck. He carefully left his mark on her body.

Xi Lin was irritated by the light bite on her neck. "No!" No! "No way!" She hugged the man and pushed him away.

Fann Shaopeng saw Xi Lin lying on the bed in distress, since she didn't want to have an affair with her. Fann Shaopeng didn't force her and carried her to the bathroom. Cold water was poured all over Xi Lin's body. The way Xi Lin trembled made Fann Shaopeng's heart ache. He held her close and soaked in cold water for half the night.

Xi Lin was frightened by the sound of knocking on the door and slowly opened her eyes. Ren Qinglan and her grandfather, who had just barged in, were taken aback before they could clearly see what was in front of them. She grabbed it and jumped up, screaming at the top of her lungs.


She saw that she was wearing a large man's shirt, and on top of that, a man was lying on the bed.

"Xi Lin, even if you don't like our Shaopeng, you can't steal a man like that!" Ren Qinglan covered her eyes, too ashamed to look.

Xi Lin was momentarily speechless. Her mind was filled with thoughts about what had happened last night! Why was she here?

"Grandfather!" So early! " The man on the bed had expected so many people to come back. He stretched his back casually.

"Young … Shaopeng? Why is it you! " Ren Qinglan hadn't expected it to be Fann Shaopeng.

Fann Jianguo immediately said, "I was wondering why you woke me up so early in the morning. Isn't that the way for young people nowadays!? "

Fann Jianguo called the others away, and then said to Fann Shaopeng: "Grandson, work harder. Carry my grandson as soon as possible. "

When the door closed, Xi Lin spoke up with a pale face. "You … "We …"

Fann Shaopeng raised his eyebrows and yawned. What do you want us to do last night? "

When Xi Lin saw Fann Shaopeng's nonchalant look, she lifted the quilt to examine every inch of the bed.

Finally, he felt relieved.

"Knock knock knock!"

"Who is it!" Xi Lin looked at the bracelet in her hand with satisfaction. However, he was interrupted by a knocking sound.

"Miss, I am Alain, the servant. The Old Master invites you over. " After changing her clothes, Xi Lin looked at Fann Shaopeng and only stood up when Fann Shaopeng nodded his head.

"Grandfather!" After Xi Lin entered, Fann Jianguo's servant quietly walked out of the room. The last one even closed the door softly.

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