Contract Wife: CEO, Please Be Gentle/C1 I Broke up and Got into a Car Accident
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Contract Wife: CEO, Please Be Gentle/C1 I Broke up and Got into a Car Accident
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C1 I Broke up and Got into a Car Accident

Under the warm light, the robust looking man leaned on the woman. This posture caused Ling Xiaosu to blush and his heart to beat faster, he couldn't help but use the milk tea to cover his eyes.

"Good girl, this time, I'm above ~"

Such a delicate voice made Ling Xiaosu, who was standing in front of the screen, tremble. He believed that the man below him had long had his blood boiling.

"Naughty." A man's soft, pant voice was like a aphrodisiac. As a voice user, he definitely wouldn't be able to take it …

White skin, an amazing cup, a perfect figure, and a diligent performance. Her sweet voice was getting more and more seductive … The camera slowly turned, and Yan Xuyan's face appeared on the screen.

The milk tea in Ling Xiaosu's hand directly fell to the ground.

It was an assistant who answered the phone. Although it was noisy, one could still hear the faint sounds of an interview going on over there.

"Mr. Yan. I heard that since you finished filming "Sweet Stimulation", you've been stalling Miss Qi, the popular actress. Is this true? "

The man replied politely, "I can only say that I'm still pursuing her. After all, Miss Qi isn't someone who can easily agree to be pursued by others."


The audience burst into cheers.

There was no lack of exclamations from the crowd on the street, "See, I said only a gentle and refined man like Mr. Yan is worthy of Qi Bingyue."

"Yes. Yeah. "The movie they starred in, 'Sweet Stimulation', was so sweet in the movie, could it be that it's the same passion in reality …"

When he heard these words in Ling Xiaosu's ears, he only felt that it was a deep ridicule!

His boyfriend had taken on a drama that had a big scale with other women behind his back, but he was unwilling to tell her. He didn't know about it until the broadcast began! Now, after an interview, he even admitted that he was courting that woman.

Yan Xuyan, you are precious, but I, Ling Xiaosu, am not inferior in any way!

She could not bear it any longer. She watched him and other women rolling around in bed in front of the entire nation on television. She was not even this angry! If there was no respect or equality between the two, then what was there to talk about?

Hanging up the phone, editing the text message, pressing the send button, in one go.

"Let's break up!"

Three seconds later, a familiar ringtone sounded on the phone.

Without even thinking, Ling Xiaosu immediately died and walked forward with big strides.

But the person continued to fight.

Only when she was annoyed did she pick up the phone and shouted: "Yan Xuyan, are you interested? Can't we just get together and leave? "From now on, you are free to gossip with any female celebrity you like, and I won't interfere with you anymore …"

"Xiaoxiao, don't get agitated. Where are you?"

The other party's voice was clean and clear, just like Yan Xuyan, who gave off a warm jade-like feeling.

However, this was the first time Ling Xiaosu felt disgusted by this voice.

Once, he fell in love with Yan Xuyan because of his voice and his image that was as warm as jade. But now that he thought about it, Ling Xiaosu felt that he had been blinded.

"Xiaoxiao, this was all arranged by the company. There's no need to get angry over it …"

"Yan Xuyan, I will say it again, I am not only angry at this, you lied to me too, we are not suitable, let's part ways …"

Ling Xiaosu was crossing the road, and shouted angrily into the phone. The green light in front flickered and changed color, but she had not seen it yet …

A "peng" sound was heard!

The newly bought mobile phone flew out of her hand and fell onto the ground. As for her, she flipped over and her consciousness blurred!

"Miss, Miss, how are you? I'll take you to the hospital. " A luxurious car came to an emergency stop. A driver in a suit anxiously got down from the car to take a look.

"Hello …" "Hey …" Yan Xuyan heard the noise coming from that side, and continued to explain without knowing where she was going: "Xiaoxiao, I'm really not lying to you."

But at this time, Ling Xiaosu had already been carried onto a limited-edition luxury car.

The broken phone was still lying on the ground, letting out a lonely beep beep beep beep beep sound …

Golden sunlight shone through the window.

"It hurts."

Ling Xiaosu rubbed his head and sat up from the bed.

He subconsciously looked around and found himself in a hospital.

Thinking back to what happened when he called Yan Xuyan, only then did he realize that he was unlucky enough to get hit by a car!

He had just encountered a boyfriend who was unfaithful, and before he could react, he was hit by a car and sent to the hospital.

"Miss, are you awake?"

The nurse pushed the medical cart over and saw her sitting up. She smiled as she handed a slip of paper to her. "This was left behind by the gentleman who sent you to the hospital."

Ling Xiaosu thanked the nurse and took the note.

At this moment, a piece of news suddenly appeared on TV on the hospital wall.

Familiar houses, familiar streets, and familiar tulip blossoms on both sides of the houses …

The moment he saw this piece of news, Ling Xiaosu's mind went blank.

A familiar voice came out from the television: "I am Yan Xuyan, sorry to have hidden it from everyone for so long, the owner of this teahouse that I'm in is Ling Xiaosu, which is also my girlfriend …"

Yan Xuyan! You bastard!

She never thought that Yan Xuyan would actually expose their relationship in the media, even luring the reporter into her home.

My mother must not have known what was going on at that moment.

What should he do? What should he do?

Don't ever get a picture of your mother. It would be terrible if that person saw it!

Fortunately, the camera flashed by, and only patted the shop's door, and then, Yan Xuyan left.

Ling Xiaosu exhaled a long breath, then tensed up. At this moment, one could imagine the comments on the internet, she would definitely be stripped naked!

She subconsciously lowered her head and was surprised to find that she had not read the paper in her hands. A piece of free and unrestrained writing appeared on top of it: "Miss, I apologize for knocking you unconscious by my driver. After the doctor's inspection, you are fine, I have already paid the hospital admission fee, so I have to leave temporarily due to some matters. Signature: This Subordinate. "

Ling Xiaosu sat up from the bed and checked his body. After making sure that there were no major problems, he prepared to leave the hospital.

The bag was still beside the bed, but the phone was gone. It must have been lost in a car accident. Her heart was burning with anxiety. After such a big incident had occurred, she still could not contact her mother in time. She had to go back home and discuss a solution with her mother.

"Hello missy, here's the hospital payment for you, there's still 300,000 yuan …" The sister nurse at the refund window handed her a black card with a sweet smile.

Ling Xiaosu was completely dumbstruck. Are you kidding?

She took the card in shock and looked at the noble gold lining of the black card. After thinking for a moment, she asked the nurse, "Do you have any way to contact the person who sent me to hospital?"

"Please wait a moment …" The sister turned to look at the computer.

By the side of the road, Ling Xiaosu bought a new phone and dialed the nurse's phone number: "Hello …"

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