Controlling CEO's Bad Wife/C10 I Gave You a Chance
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Controlling CEO's Bad Wife/C10 I Gave You a Chance
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C10 I Gave You a Chance

"Go after him, I'll be at the apartment later."

After saying that, the person on the other end of the phone hung up.

Zhang Yun helplessly held his forehead in pain. It was not easy for him to make a promise to let his mistress go back to the main residence to settle things peacefully. This woman came to seek death again. Now it was good. What a troublesome woman!

Zhang Yun put down his phone and ran with the crowd.

Xia Zhinan did not care about anything else. Now she only wanted to escape. She ran very fast. When she was halfway down the stairs, she accidentally stepped on the air and fell. She did not care about the pain in her arm and got up to continue running.

This apartment was very big. Xia Zhinan had been familiar with all the terrain of it since a long time ago. She remembered to run to the right all the way through a big garden. There would be a narrow dog hole there, and there was no one guarding there. So she kept running to the right.

Just as she thought that she had reached the end, she realized that the dog hole had already been sealed, and the wall had been raised by quite a bit.


She roared in a low voice, but did not dare to delay any longer. She quickly found another way out and ran into the garden. She saw a swarm of people blocking the other side of the fountain. She wanted to run back. However, she saw a man who shouldn't have appeared in front of her.

Lu Lijue's deep eyes didn't have any warmth. He looked at her as if she was an inanimate object.

She trembled violently and felt a huge pressure once again.

That man was like a king of hell, trapping her in this apartment. He knew that she wanted to take revenge on the Xia's. He knew that she wanted to take back her mother's efforts. He knew everything, but he was still guarding her. He treated her like a pet and tried to make her obedient and obedient...

Why did he have to listen to him?

"Miss Zhinan, don't run away. Be obedient and go back to your room."

"Miss Zhinan, if you don't apply the medicine on time for the burns on your hand, there will be a scar."

"Miss Zhinan..."

Listening to the surrounding people's cries of persuasion, Xia Zhinan's eyes suddenly became sharp and cold. She suddenly jumped down into the three meter deep fountain pool.

She did not know how to swim and the moment she jumped into the fountain, she actually felt the pleasure of being released. She liked that feeling very much and automatically ignored the discomfort of choking on water.

The moment she jumped into the water, she remembered her mother's face. She smiled gently at her and stood in front of her. She opened her hands and half-knelt on the ground. She was waiting for her to run up and hug her fiercely.


Another splash of water quietly came. A pair of hands tightly hugged her waist and fiercely pulled her upstream. Xia Zhinan could not open her eyes and only felt that someone kissed her lips to give her air.

She heard the surrounding noise and hustle and suddenly coughed out a large mouthful of water. She opened her eyes and found herself leaning into Lu Lijue's embrace. Her mind was still muddled. However... Perhaps due to her instincts, she forcefully pushed the man's chest away. Caught off guard, the man fell to the ground in a sorry state.

She did not stop for a moment. As soon as she stood up, she continued to use her thin and weak body to push through the crowd. She wanted to continue running, but as she moved, she coughed. Her throat was stuck to the point that she could not speak. However, the person in front of her did not make a move. Instead, he quietly used his own body to block her path. She was suddenly pulled out of the crowd. She turned around. She met Lu Lijue's eyes that were as cold as ice.

His entire body emitted a terrifying aura that wanted to destroy everything. He was like a beast from hell. His invisible claws tightly grabbed her throat.

"Xia Zhinan, I warned you in advance. I gave you a chance..."

The man's voice was very low and no emotions could be heard. But she knew that he was extremely angry. Everything was the calm before the storm.

Her wrist was in pain from being pulled by the man in front of her. She stared blankly at his bloodthirsty eyes. Suddenly, her vision went black and she fell into his embrace and fainted.

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