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C2 That Man

When Xia Zhinan felt sore all over her body, she felt that she had a very long dream.

She wanted to open her eyes, but her eyelids were very heavy and she could not open them.

But her consciousness was clear. She knew that she was dreaming. There was fog in the dream. The fog was very thick and she got lost in the fog. No matter how she ran, she could not find the exit.

"Nan Nan, don't run, you'll fall."

Xia Zhinan was surprised and turned around to look for the source of the sound. Not far away, there was a cloud of fog spreading out. She saw the figure that she had always wanted to touch.

It was her mother - Ning Ning.

Ning Ning was wearing a white long dress that reached the ground and her appearance was exactly the same as Xia Zhinan's impression.

She was exactly the same young and was exactly the same beautiful.

She always liked to call her Nan Nan.

Unfortunately, after Xia Zhinan became seven years old, she could no longer hear her mother call her Nan Nan.

That pleasant voice froze in time and froze in her memory.


Xia Zhinan shouted these two unfamiliar words and raised her sparkling eyes to look at the woman walking towards her.

"Nan Nan, be good. Mom loves you and has always loved you. You have to be strong."

"Mommy, I also..."

Before Xia Zhinan could express her longing, Ning Ning's figure had already disappeared.

She put down her arm that was about to embrace and lowered her head. After so many years, this kind of scene that had been lingering in her dreams should have long gotten used to it, right?

She turned around and wanted to continue running but a voice attracted her and forced her to stop.

"You b * tch! Not learning well at such a young age? Learn to smoke, learn to drink! Learn to smoke, learn to hide drugs! You have shamed our Xia family!"

" Tianyao, if you have something to say, say it properly. Don't make a move. Zhinan... isn't she still young? "

"Young? Drugs found on her body. Still small?"

"Dad, I believe sister is not that kind of person..."

"Tong Tong, come over here. Don't lean over. This kind of person isn't worthy of staying in the Xia family, and isn't worthy of being your elder sister. Someone, hit him and kick this little bastard out of the Xia family's gate. "

The pain of being hit seemed to have gone through it once again. At that time, Xia Zhinan was seventeen years old. This was the first time she knew that she was alone in this world. No one would help her and no one would sympathize with her.

After her mother left, not long after her father brought a woman in. That woman gave birth to a daughter in less than a year. Since then, she had no home. But she didn't want to believe this fact. Her mother used to live here... She just stayed here, even if those three people treated her as trouble. She would shamelessly stay in the Xia family.

But now... she was going to be beaten to death. Where else could she go?


In her confusion, she heard a stern and indifferent voice. Xia Zhinan looked up from the ground and saw a tall and straight figure standing at the door. He looked young and she did not know if it was the effect of the long black coat on his body. He looked very mature.

As the man at the door spoke, Xia Zhinan realized that the person who hit her had really stopped. At that moment, she did not care about anything. That man's identity and that man's purpose did not matter.

She only knew that he could save her!

She knew how pathetic she was right now. She was covered in dirt, and the thick makeup from the bar at night was on her face. Her messy hair slightly blocked her view.

However, he was willing to save her!

She struggled to sit up and reached out her hand to crawl towards the man. Before she could take three steps, she felt pain all over her body. She gritted her teeth but could only barely support her upper body.

She could no longer climb forward. She looked up at the man with all her might, but her consciousness was fading bit by bit. It was not easy for her to see the light. It was so close, but she could not touch it. She could not accept it!

"Please... Please, save me..."

As soon as she finished speaking, she closed her eyes. However, she felt a pair of strong arms holding her horizontally. They brought her out of the prison of Xia family step by step.

Her heart calmed down. Her small hand grabbed the collar of the man's coat. As if she was afraid that the man would regret it, she threw her back.

The Lu Lijue at that time was a life-saving straw in the eyes of the girl.

However, Xia Zhinan at that time did not know that the life-saving straw that she thought she was tightly holding onto was actually a bigger constraint to her.

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