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C3 She Woke up

When Xia Zhinan woke up, she saw a red surveillance camera in the corner of the ceiling facing her bed.

She was stunned for a while before moving her stiff body slightly. She looked around and recalled what happened to her not long ago. Her heart was filled with hatred.


Her face turned red and she wanted to curse. However, her throat was extremely dry and her voice was stuck in her throat.

At the same time, the people in the control room saw that the girl lying on the bed had woken up. They hurriedly ran to the study room to look for Lu Lijue. At that time, Lu Lijue was rubbing his temple with his eyes closed. His fingers lightly knocked on the table where the photo was placed. In the photo was a four year old little girl wearing a pink princess dress. She wore a birthday hat on her head and smiled very brightly.

"Young Master Jue, Miss Zhinan is awake."

Lu Lijue opened his eyes when he heard that and looked up. His dark and deep eyes showed a trace of emotion.

She had been asleep for three days and three nights.

"Inform Lo Chen to go to her room."

After saying that, Lu Lijue went ahead and went straight to Xia Zhinan's room.

Xia Zhinan was struggling with all her strength to turn her head. Although her body was weak, her eyes were almost burning with anger.

When she heard that the door was being twisted with a key, she quickly turned her head and stared at the man who entered the room with her big eyes.

"Lu Lijue, you bastard pervert, what right do you have to treat me like this!"

She was like a raging little beast, her hair standing on the edge of madness. If she didn't have the strength right now, she would have rushed in front of the man and bitten him.

Lu Lijue did not refute when he heard that. He just calmed himself down and walked steadily to the sofa at the foot of the bed and sat down.

"Lu Lijue, why haven't you sent me out yet? You are shameless enough to install a surveillance camera in a girl's bedroom? You pervert! Lu Lijue, hurry up and let me go! "

The man did not respond to the girl's blunt words at all. He only looked up indifferently and glanced at the girl. Then he sat on the back of the sofa and pretended to take a nap.

Over the past year, he had long gotten used to the girl's scolding and mocking howls.

At this time, Lo Chen rushed over. He was still holding the emergency care box. His entire body was covered in sweat, and he was still gasping for breath.

He was a specialized medical practitioner in Yishui Garden. There were always many troublesome things to deal with in wealthy families. Occasionally, those who suffered from minor illnesses were not used to running to the hospital. At this time, he appeared especially important.

When he first came to this apartment, Lu Lijue did not come back very often. Although he had a cold personality, his health was still very healthy. Therefore, Lo Chen was still very idle at that time. He ate and drank for free every day. He could also get his salary monthly and occasionally take a vacation with his salary.

However, good days did not last long. His leisure time was completely over when Xia Zhinan checked in.

Xia Zhinan, that woman, was a huge problem because of her. Not only could he not go anywhere, he also had to pay attention to her movements regardless of day or night. Every now and then, he would give her a check-up, but she was not cooperative at all. He had wanted to inject her with sedatives several times, but he had no choice. It seemed that Lu Lijue, this mistress, took her very seriously. For his high-salary iron rice bowl, he could not lose it so early. He would rather endure it.

"Do an inspection for her."

Lu Lijue seemed to be very tired. After he finished speaking, he leaned on the back of the sofa and rubbed his temples with his eyes closed.

"I'm not going to do any check-up. I'm going to take a shower! Damn bastard, let go of me quickly!! "

Xia Zhinan kicked the blanket off the bed. She was still not satisfied. She stretched out her left hand, picked up the pillow, and threw it at Lu Lijue.

Lu Lijue frowned for a while. The violent aura around him became stronger and stronger. He suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were full of exhaustion and anger.

He stood up and picked up the pillow from the ground. Then he walked to Xia Zhinan's side with his long legs.

Xia Zhinan looked up at him as if she was looking at an enemy. She wanted to stand up and kill him immediately.

She saw Lu Lijue bend down. She gritted her teeth as she extended her left hand to grab the man's collar.

"Bastard! Let me go! You pervert! Pervert! "

The nail on her left hand scratched a mark on the man's neck. The man's eyes dimmed. He reached out his hand to hold her shoulder and pressed her onto the bed.

After a while, Xia Zhinan only felt the smell of blood coming from her mouth.

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