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C5 His Restraint

When he woke up the next day, a few rays of sunlight poured in through the poorly covered curtains.

Xia Zhinan stared blankly for a few seconds before she recovered her senses. Just as she moved her body, the breathing of the man who was sleeping close to her back suddenly became heavy.

Xia Zhinan's body trembled and did not move anymore.

A huge pressure spread throughout the entire large space following the man's awakening.

Lu Lijue knew that the person in his arms had woken up, so he stretched out his long arm. He used the person in his arms as a pillow and tightly wrapped it around her two slender and white arms, making Xia Zhinan unable to move at all.

He slightly lowered his head and buried his entire head into the girl's neck, carefully rubbing it with the tip of his nose.


Xia Zhinan frowned and struggled in the man's arms.

She hated men's approach and contact.

"Let me go!"

When the man heard her, he did not hurriedly raise his head. He only opened his eyes, which were originally closed. His deep eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

In the next moment, he fiercely bit down on the girl's neck.

"Pain!!! Son of a b * tch!!! "

The girl struggled even harder, but Lu Lijue suddenly let go of her. He quickly got off the bed and walked to the sofa, taking his suit and jacket. He ignored the angry girl on the bed and walked out of the room.

The door of the room was slammed shut. Xia Zhinan had no choice but to get up and tear off the blanket and pillow on the bed to make the whole room dirty.

When the people in the control room saw this scene, they were stunned and cold sweat dripped down from their hearts. They sighed about Miss Zhinan's temper.

Actually, Xia Zhinan's original personality was not like this. When her mother was still around, she was completely following the ways of a noble lady to discipline her. She was asked to learn piano, ballet, and so on and so forth. However, after her mother passed away, the Xia family could not tolerate her anymore. She did not have anyone to discipline her and gradually liked to play with some friends in society. Those friends knew that she was the daughter of the Xia family, and on the surface, they pretended to care about her and take care of her. In fact, they would borrow money from her every now and then, and bring her along to drink.

When she grew to seventeen years old, she had already become a real delinquent girl. She had colorful hair and alluring tattoos that could be seen everywhere on her body. She was dressed very well.

She liked freedom, and she liked racing with her friends.

But this apartment, the owner of this apartment, had completely restricted her love for freedom.

Ever since she was brought here, he didn't let her take half a step out of the apartment. At first, she didn't dare to resist. At most, she would obediently discuss with him. Later on, it wasn't like that. She began to resist hunger and destroy. She secretly planned her escape plan and secretly gave him a large amount of sleeping pills. She even started to set the apartment on fire.

She wanted to escape more and more crazily, but the man could only stop everything more and more crazily...

Xia Zhinan got up from the messy bed and went straight to the bathroom. She swung her hand and closed the door.

The bottles and jars that she had pushed down on the floor had already been cleaned and placed neatly. The entire bathroom had been cleaned once again, and now there was even a faint smell of disinfectant.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror. The purple and purple kiss marks seemed to have disappeared a lot overnight. Now, there was only the bruise on her neck that had just been bitten.

Just as she wanted to raise her hand to smooth her rooster-like hair, she suddenly realized that the wound on her right wrist had also disappeared quite a bit. At least it was no longer swollen and swollen.

She took off the clothes that she had changed into at some point in time and turned around to look at the mirror. She found that the half-permanent tattoo on her back had been removed, and the wound was no longer that painful.

This is, after applying medicine...

She frowned. Actually, after thinking about it carefully, in this apartment, other than having no freedom, Lu Lijue indulged her in whatever she did.

She could enter and exit every corner of the apartment, including his study, which was filled with documents and confidential information, as well as his own private room.

The food she did not like could not be eaten, and the food she liked could be cooked more. The flowers she did not like could be burned, and the ones she liked could be plucked.

Actually, he was not a person with a good temper, but in the past year, he had been angry with her because she was running away.

That night, he should have been extremely angry, which was why he had forcefully taken her away.

Xia Zhinan was in deep thought when suddenly someone knocked on the bathroom door.

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