Controlling CEO's Bad Wife/C6 Seeking an Alliance
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Controlling CEO's Bad Wife/C6 Seeking an Alliance
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C6 Seeking an Alliance

The person who came was the female servant of the apartment. She was ordered to deliver breakfast to Xia Zhinan.

Xia Zhinan changed her clothes and washed up before going out of the bathroom. She found that the little female servant had already spread the breakfast on the table and she stood respectfully at the side.

The kitchen had already instructed that after she put the breakfast away, she could not go out so quickly. She had to first see if the young lady had any other requests and she had to take responsibility for the dishes that needed to be recooked and withdrawn.

Xia Zhinan combed her wet hair and sat at the dining table. She stretched her neck to look at the food on the exquisite plates.

Prawn dumplings, steamed buns, quicksand buns, milk yellow buns, fried dough sticks, white porridge, skin-egg porridge, pork ribs porridge, and so on and so forth.

The kitchen had always prepared two or three sets of breakfast for her so that she could choose what she liked to eat.

This was ordered by Lu Lijue. The kitchen had also been practicing for a year.

Xia Zhinan picked up the chopsticks and gently picked them up. She moved them a few times but did not have any intention of eating. So she put down the chopsticks in a disinterested manner. She raised her head and slanted her eyes to see the quiet female servant standing by the side.

"You look unfamiliar. Are you new?"

"Yes... Yes, yes."

The young maid's age should be about the same as Xia Zhinan's. Maybe it was because she was new here. It could also be because she had heard too much about Miss Xia from the other maids. It was not easy to greet this Miss Xia in front of her. She was timid. Her face would turn red if she said a word.

Xia Zhinan, on the other hand, was very playful. She stood up in surprise and pulled the little maid's hand.

"Little Missy, you seem to be about the same age as me. Look, there are so many breakfast here. I can't finish it. You can eat with me, okay?"

After saying that, Xia Zhinan even smiled and blinked a few times.

At this moment, she was completely different from the girl who had gone berserk in the morning.

The little maid was in fear and trepidation. She stuttered for a long time and did not dare to speak.

Xia Zhinan, however, did not pay that much attention to her. She pushed her to the chair and sat down. Then, she smiled and pushed a bowl of skin-egg and lean meat porridge in front of her. She also picked up a shrimp dumpling and placed it in her bowl.

"Little Missy, don't be polite. It has been a long time since I have spoken to a girl as old as me in this apartment.

This apartment looks very big, but I don't have freedom. I have been tied up and can't breathe. Look, I don't even have a person to talk to.

I just want to go to school freely like my peers. Occasionally, I'll ask some friends to go shopping with me, watch a movie, and buy clothes with me. I'm not allowed to do so.

The owner of this apartment is gloomy and violent. If I don't listen to him, he will teach me a lesson. Look at the wound on my neck..."

Xia Zhinan reached out and pulled her high collar shirt. The little maid really leaned over and looked at her neck," This... The wound on your neck..."

"It was bitten by him, damn pervert!"

The little maid widened her eyes in disbelief and reached out her hand to cover her mouth that was wide open due to shock.

"I'm very unhappy here, but I can't escape. He has power and power, trapped me here and cut off all contact with the outside world. I'm just an ordinary girl who has just become an adult, what can I use to exchange for my freedom... "

As she spoke, Xia Zhinan actually started to sob softly.

"Miss Zhinan... Zhinan, don't cry."

The little maid's heart was complicated. She knew that there were many miscellaneous matters in the Wealthy Class. Before entering, she had already warned herself not to cause trouble. But she did not think that this Miss Xia in front of her was just a little girl like her. Why...

She would meet such a beast.

The sympathy and anger in her heart made her voice tremble as she comforted Xia Zhinan. Her rationality was collapsing bit by bit. It made her completely not notice that Xia Zhinan had already stopped sobbing.

Xia Zhinan lowered her head and smiled lightly. She knew that the little maid trusted her.

In this apartment, if one did not give up on seeking freedom, they had to think of ways to form an alliance.

And without rational trust and sympathy, it was a common disease for an 18-year-old girl.

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