Corporate Heat/C3 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Three
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Corporate Heat/C3 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Three
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C3 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Three

Taylor let the warmth of the big body next to hers soothe her as her pulse rate slowed and regained a sense of normality. She lifted a hand to his chest and ran her fingers through the thick pelt of fur covering the hard muscle. When she grazed his flat nipples, they hardened and she looked up at him, startled.

“You are a novice, aren’t you?” He shook his head. “Yes, men’s nipples are just as sensitive as a woman’s. Get just as aroused. And stimulate other areas of the body, too.”

His fully aroused cock pressed against her and without thinking she clasped her fingers around it. The shaft was rock hard, a center of steel with soft skin cradling it. She felt the veins and ridges, brushing her thumb over the wide head to capture the moisture sitting there. Should she tell him she’d never done this before, either? Except for one idiot who’d forced her to jack him off and wouldn’t release his grip on her until she did.

This is so different that there’s no comparison.

She pushed away from him, sat up and took the heated shaft in both hands. Cradling it, she stared at it in curiosity. His body next to hers was rigid, waiting. She still thought his erection enormous and doubted his ability to get it all into her body, but she reveled in the thought. Heavy veins ran along the sides and the head was wide, a dark purple. A tiny bead of liquid dotted the slit. She swiped a fingertip across it and licked it slowly. It tasted salty with a hint of sweet.

Responding to some primal urge, she bent forward and ran her tongue across the head, touching the tip to the tiny opening.

“Jesus, Taylor.” He grabbed her head and pulled her back. “I’d love to come in your mouth but not before I fuck your cunt.”

His use of words that had tiptoed around the periphery of her vocabulary until now made the beast within her body stir to life again. He pulled her up to lie on top of him and cradled her face in his hands.

“Long before we get to that, I’m going to fuck you with my mouth and have my fill of tasting the delicious treat you are. I’m going to slide my cock into your very tight cunt and make you come your brains out.” He touched one cheek of her buttocks, sliding his fingertips into the cleft and tracing the line. When he touched the tightness of her anus, she jumped. He laughed, a guttural sound. “I’ll bet nobody’s ever touched you here, have they? You don’t know how I’d love to fuck that virgin ass.”

Every muscle in her body clenched as a dark thrill ran through her.

Suddenly he rolled so she was on her back, looking up at him.

“You have no idea the things I want to do to you.” He paused. “Taylor.” He stressed her name. “Too bad we only have tonight.”

Yes. Too bad.

He played her body like a violin, doing things she’d never dreamed of . Now, he had her legs up over his shoulders, their width spreading her thighs apart, and his mouth was driving her crazy. He held her open with his thumbs while he used his tongue to taste her in strokes so light she wanted to scream. She tried to thrust her hips at him, but he held her firmly in his grasp.

“I told you.” He looked up at her, the moisture from her cunt gleaming on his lips. “I’m not rushing anything.”

He bent his head again and resumed licking just the outer lips, holding her wide open to his exploration.

“Please,” she begged, her body in a suspended state of arousal that screamed for release.

He laughed, a low rough sound. “Pick up that mirror.”

“What? Mirror?” Her brain was starting to short out on her again.

“The mirror. It’s right by your hand. Pick it up. I want you to watch this again. I want you to see what I see when I open you up like a flower.”

Feeling powerless to deny him anything, she lifted the mirror and held it out away from her body. He maneuvered her hand under one thigh so she saw every inch of her pussy. She was fascinated, unable to stop looking. He had her totally exposed, her lips drawn wide, the darkened pink tissues pulsing lightly from his stimulation.

“See how responsive you are?” He moved one hand to pinch the tip of her clit and drag it forward.

At once, she saw more fluid wetting her tissue and her throbbing vaginal walls. With her juices coating one finger, he flicked it back and forth across the tip of her swollen nub. A coil of desperate need tightened inside her with every movement of his hand. Watching him do this to her only increased her arousal.

He took the mirror from her and tossed it to the side. “When you go home, wherever home is, I want you to lie in bed at night and remember this. Take this mirror, prop it between your legs and finger yourself. Pretend it’s my hand. If we ever meet again, I want you to have that image in your mind.”

He bent to his task again, licking her open tissues before sliding his tongue into her sheath and moving it in and out in a steady motion. He lapped at her entire length then took her clit between his teeth and bit down gently.

The intensity built inside her, low in her stomach, deep inside her cunt. But the moment she moved, he drew back, pausing until she wanted to scream. He watched her as if waiting for some sign then he’d begin again.

She tried to hold his head to her, threading her fingers through the black silk that was his hair, but he was too strong for her—too determined. When she thought she’d surely lose her mind, he slipped two fingers inside her, soaking them in her copious liquids.

“Do you want to come, little girl?” His voice was thick with lust, his eyes burning into her like twin lasers. “Do you want me to take you over that edge?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted, trying to urge him with her hips.

She felt his tongue inside her again, and one hand pinching and tugging on her clit. Without warning, he pushed one of his fluid-covered fingers deep into her ass. She screamed and bucked and came with such intensity she thought her bones would break. As he fucked her with his tongue, he moved his finger in and out of her ass in the same rhythm. The dual assault drove her higher and higher until she was sure she couldn’t stand it anymore.

He gave her no relief, holding her with her legs hiked high on his shoulders, his tongue and fingers relentless. At last, at long last, as the quivers slowly subsided, he reached for something on the nightstand and she saw him roll a condom onto his huge erection.

God, is he going to do it now ?

She was so exhausted she didn’t know how she’d handle it.

But then he was there, the head of his cock right at her entrance, right at the tight little opening. He still held her legs over his shoulders, giving him greater access. She curled her hands into fists as he pushed into her slowly, withdrawing then pushing again. In. Out. In. Out. Her body couldn’t stretch, she wanted to tell him. And she could hardly breathe, she felt so full.

When she opened her eyes, he was watching her, that same hot glitter burning in the black irises.

“I can’t,” she tried to say.

“Yes, you can. Take a deep breath, then let it out.”

She did as he said and, on the exhalation, he pushed hard once more and he was in her to the hilt. God! The feel of him was unbelievable.

“Okay?” he asked, watching her closely.

She nodded, unable to properly form words.

“You have no idea how I’d love to see my cock in your mouth, feel your tongue on it, your lips around me. But I’m too far gone, so I guess this will have to be one of my fantasies. But ramming your cunt will be the sweetest ecstasy, little girl.” He shook his head as she opened her mouth. “Taylor. I’m going to fuck you beyond anything you thought possible.”

His pinned her with his gaze as he began the slow dance, the steady rhythm in and out, back and forth, the scrape of his cock against the walls of her cunt so erotic she thought she’d come just from that sensation alone. She locked her ankles behind his neck to balance herself then she couldn’t think at all. Her world consisted of his shaft as he stroked her in and out, the soft slap of his balls against her ass a counterpoint.

On and on he went, never varying the rhythm. In and out. Back and forth. The sweat on his body was wet beneath the skin of her calves, the muscles in his arms taut as he held himself in place.

“Take your nipples,” he gasped. “Pinch them for me.”

Desperately wanting him to take her over the edge, she rubbed and pinched them. The sensation was so intense she rubbed and pinched harder, silently urging him to go faster.

“Tell me, Taylor. Let me hear you say it.”

Say what? What does he want ?

His voice was barely audible to her. She couldn’t hear, couldn’t think, could just feel that huge cock driving into her, pushing her higher and higher, until she could only concentrate on the need deep in her cunt.

“Tell me to fuck you,” he ground out between clenched teeth.

Yes. Anything. Just do it.

“Fuck me,” she yelled.

“Now, Taylor. Come now.” He pushed hard one last time and, as he began his release, it triggered her own. The orgasm took her with such force she didn’t think she’d survive. She throbbed and convulsed and impaled herself on him, using her body to demand he stay in place, deep inside her.

As the last shudder died away and he gently lowered her legs to the bed, she sank into a sleep deeper than anything she’d ever known.

* * * *

He kept all the windows in the car open as he drove away from San Antonio. His intention had been to return to the ranch tonight, but he was sure the man waiting for him would be able to read his sins written across his face.


He’d made a fine mess of everything.

Following her cab to the hotel had been easy. When he’d seen her go into the bar, he’d sensed an ideal opportunity to check her out. Get a reading on her for the old man. Truth be told, he’d figured to find a tramp. Or a conniver looking to score big. Or just a plain, ordinary scam artist who’d staked out the biggest mark of all.

But Taylor Scott had been none of those things. What she’d turned out to be was someone he’d been completely unable to walk away from. It shocked him that he’d been so instantly hard just sitting next to her at the bar. Walking her to her room had been the biggest mistake, a chivalrous impulse that he’d regretted as soon as the words had left his mouth. The second she’d touched him, he’d been undone.

He’d certainly had plenty of women. Maybe more than his share. But they’d been nameless and faceless, a narcotic to blot out the pain that lived in his soul. They’d known the score with him and had willingly offered themselves up to the man whose sexual appetites were legendary.

Taylor was unlike any of them, with a quality to her that was both earthy and sweet, and the moment she’d pressed her lips to his in that bold kiss, something had slammed into him. A lightning strike would have had less effect on him. The sexual heat was only a part of it. He felt as if he’d been waiting forever for her and that was what scared him.

He hadn’t been able to get enough of touching her. Tasting her. Burying himself deep inside her. He couldn’t erase the memory of her soft lips on his mouth, on his hot erection, or the feel of her tight, wet sheath clenched around him. She was in his blood, infused in him like a drug. Even now his head was still back in that hotel room and his fully aroused cock wished that it was.

The touch of her hands on his skin had been as soft as kiss of a butterfly, the feel of her cunt around his cock a tight, wet fist drawing every drop from him. He could still feel the slap of his testicles against the firmness of her ass as he drove into her. Feel her satin-smooth skin and her plump nipples, just the right size for his mouth. Inhale the lingering scent of her essence, sweeter than the finest pastry. Her scent was embedded in his nostrils and the feeling of her hair and was skin branded into his hands. If he closed his eyes, the vision of her naked, hair tumbled around her like a hoyden, eyes blazing, made him instantly hard.

But it wasn’t just her body that had captured him. He’d looked into those vivid green eyes and felt himself drowning. Anguish had churned inside her and he had wanted to take away her pain. Yet he’d sensed that playing the role of protector with her would be the wrong thing to do. No, this was a woman filled with grit and determination. She might have held it back all her life, but the tiger hiding inside her was about to roar into existence.

There were so many reasons why this whole night had been a bad idea. Yet if he had the choice to make again, he knew he’d make the same one. He wanted to possess this woman almost more than anything in the world, and that was the worst idea of all. Women like her had relationships and men like him didn’t. Certainly not with anyone like Taylor Scott. Why couldn’t he walk away from her the way he’d turned from every other woman in the past ten years? He knew as certainly as he breathed air that if he saw her again he’d be stripping her naked and fucking her at the first opportunity.

He was ruthless about keeping a tight rein on his sexual impulses. The women who’d shared his bed had been awed at his ability to give them hours of pleasure before taking his own. He’d never told them that his mental detachment allowed him to control his body and therefore the pace and variety of the evening’s activity.

No one had reached deep inside him where he kept the panther caged, like Taylor had in one night. Not even his famously ruthless personal discipline could purge her from his system. How in hell had he let one tiny female blow it all apart in the blink of an eye?

He didn’t know if the anger festering inside him was at her or himself. He’d thought to drive her away, make her hate him with the rawness of the sex, his crude behavior. Anything to kill the feeling growing within him. All he’d done was drive both of them to a greater pitch of arousal. And why had he told her over and over to pleasure herself at home and think of him while she did it? Remember his touch and feel?


He was damn glad she was leaving town. If he saw her again, every good intention, every admonition to himself would shatter like thin glass. Tomorrow he’d make his report, reel in the well-defined structure of his life and pray to the heavens that the circumstances would change and he never had to see her again.

* * * *

The first thing Taylor realized when she opened her eyes was that every muscle in her body ached. Inside and out. The second was that she had the mother of all headaches. The room was still dark, the heavy drapes pulled tightly across the windows. She slid her eyes to the right where the radio alarm clock sat, and blinked at the numerals.

Twelve o’clock?


Not possible.

She sat up, then decided that wasn’t such a good idea. Her body felt as if a truck had rolled over it, then backed up and done it again. And an entire percussion section was practicing in her head. The room reeked of sex, its aroma clinging to her skin and the sheets and hanging thick in the air. As she fell back onto the pillows, last night came rolling back to her like a frightening dream.

God, Taylor. What have I done?

She covered her face with her hands as images flooded her brain. The drinks in the bar, the sharp bite of the alcohol and its opiate qualities dulling her pain. The man—the predator—drawing responses from her she didn’t even know she had. And the words she’d cried out. Was that woman really her? In her brain, her voice was still screaming, ‘Fuck me,’ and she wondered now that the entire security forces in the hotel hadn’t descended on them.

The memory of the things she’d done and let him do to and with her was enough to send a hot flush creeping over from her toes to the tip of her head. Surely that hadn’t been her. Someone else had taken over her mind. Her body. God! She’d let… She’d done… Spotting the mirror on the nightstand, she remembered how he’d used her, remembered watching his fingers slide in and out of her and her cunt convulsing around them. Well, if that doesn’t kill the last vestiges of ‘proper upbringing’, nothing will.

It was the culmination of everything—that was her only excuse. The shock of the letter, then yesterday’s insulting episode. All of it. Her life had been turned upside down and she needed to lash out in some way. But lordy, lordy, not that way.

Oh no? Admit it. I wanted it more than I wanted to breathe.

She remembered the feel of his body against hers and his mouth on her everywhere. Still felt him squeezing her breasts with his hands. Reaching inside her with those long, slender fingers to the spot that made rockets go off. His teeth nipping at her nipples, her clit. His hands bringing her to one shattering climax after another. And his fingers in her ass, creating a dark hunger she never knew existed within her.

If they could see me now. All those people who knew the uptight, buttoned-down Taylor Scott. The one who never, ever colored outside the lines, who walked around as if she had a stick up her ass. She’d managed to take the stick out of her ass, all right, and replace it with something else. Every muscle in her body clenched at the memory of what The Man had made her feel when he’d fucked her ass with his finger.

Yes, Taylor, say it. Just like that. Fucked my ass.

The worst of it? She’d wanted more. How insane was that?

Is this who I really am? Is this the person who’s been inside the tightly wound, impenetrable outer shell all these years, released only with the knowledge of betrayal?

Strangely enough the wild, uninhibited sex had been a tranquilizer, soothing the edges of her life that had been ripped open and left raw and bleeding. He hadn’t been a gentle lover, this stranger with the bottomless black eyes, the body and air of a warrior and the sure knowledge to take her to places she’d never thought to go. He’d been rough with her, deliberately crude, unwilling to give anything resembling tenderness or affection.

But that was good. Last night, she hadn’t wanted gentle. She’d wanted hard and crude and that was what she’d gotten. A one-night stand with a stranger she’d never see again, where all the boundaries had been cast aside.

She was puzzled by his anger underlying everything, too strong to be missed. She’d sensed it everywhere—toward her, toward himself, maybe toward his inability or unwillingness to turn and walk away from her room. Away from her. As if he was punishing her. Lust had rolled from him in waves even as rage had clawed beneath that granite mask. But why? What was really going on with him? What was he really so furious about?

It didn’t make sense. They were total strangers. What difference could the one night possibly make to him? She was sure he did that all the time, a man with his appetites.

Not that it mattered. She’d never see him again. And thank God for that. A man like him would dominate her life and she’d already had more than her fill of that. To learn that all that control her family had exerted had been to perpetuate a viciously contrived lie had left her questioning the blind obedience with which she’d accepted it. For thirty years rebellion hadn’t even tempted her. Now it came welling up out of her like a newly tapped spring. She wasn’t about to hand over that control to someone else. Not now. Especially to a stranger.

Get it together, Taylor.

She forced her eyes open again and took in the rest of the room. Her clothes were lying neatly on one of the chairs, a pile of tiny buttons carefully stacked on the table next to it. Oh, yes, now, she remembered. She’d been so hot for him she’d ripped off her own clothes, too anxious to let him take the time to do it himself. Well, wasn’t she just the seductress?

Except for that neat pile of buttons, there was no sign he’d even been there. No note. Nothing left behind. Only the overpowering scent of their physical activity.

Her purse was where she’d left it. Had he robbed her? She wasn’t even sure she wanted to know. Her briefcase sat on another chair and looked untouched. Gritting her teeth, she pulled herself out of bed to check everything else, but nothing had been disturbed.

Thank God. As drunk as she’d been, he could have taken everything in the room much as he’d taken her body and she’d never have known the difference.

She managed to stagger to the bathroom and pry the cap off the bottle of aspirin on the sink. She tossed four into her mouth and ran a glass of water to wash them down. When she was sure her stomach wouldn’t betray her, she lifted her eyes to her reflection in the mirror and thought she might pass out.

Her cheeks and jawline were reddened from what she was sure was whisker burn. Her lips were swollen and her eyes had a slumberous look to them. What was that word he’d made her say? Oh, yes. Fuck. She looked and felt like a woman who’d been well and truly fucked.

With her headache having subsided to a dull roar, she stood in the shower and let the hot water beat down on her until she was sure her body was fairly ready to function. Closing her eyes as she showered had been a mistake, because immediately visions of The Man—what else could she call him? She hadn’t even asked his name—danced before her eyes, the lamplight gleaming on his powerful naked body, his dark hair loose around his face, giving him the look of a wild warrior, his thick erection punishing her nearly virgin cunt. Yes, cunt . Another forbidden word.

Maybe I’ll just walk around reciting my new vocabulary, she thought as she dried herself with the thick towel. Fuck. Cunt. Cock.

But she knew it was defiance. Rebellion. Just as last night had been. With the towel wrapped around her, she padded into the bedroom and fished the sheet of stationery from her jacket pocket. Reading the damning words again only made the anger rise more strongly than ever.

She thought about trying once more to call the man she’d flown from Florida to see, but as her hand reached for the telephone, she hastily drew it back.

No. He’s humiliated me enough.

Well, her day had started and ended with two very different men. One didn’t want to see her and the other she hoped never to lay eyes on again. Or did she? Yes, she did. She was once and done where he was concerned. That was the way it had to be. Besides, she didn’t even know who he was or how to get in touch with him.

And what would she say to him if she did? Please fuck me again? In a heartbeat.

No, today she’d get on the plane and fly back to Tampa, finally claim her inheritance from the people who’d cheated her of her life and decide what to do with herself. At first, she’d thought to reject everything that had been left to her, but then she’d decided she’d earned it. She and her mother. And while her mother wasn’t around to benefit from it, Taylor could enjoy it for both of them.

What do I do now that I’m suddenly rich, sporting an MBA degree and have no clue how to live the rest of my life? Do I suddenly go wild, like I did last night? Pick up strange men in bars?

She shivered as thoughts of last night again played like a video tape in her mind. No, she wouldn’t go back to the same life. She’d make some drastic changes. She just didn’t know what.

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