Corporate Wolves/C1 The Favour: Chapter One
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Corporate Wolves/C1 The Favour: Chapter One
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C1 The Favour: Chapter One

Annabelle Scott nervously ran her hands over her grey knee-length skirt as the elevator took its time taking her up to the top floor.

She’d only gotten the message that her boss wanted to see her minutes ago. Unfortunately her co-worker Justin Black had thought it would be funny to see her rush so she didn’t keep the top man waiting.

She wasn’t nervous about meeting with her boss about work, knowing that she did her job well. Since she’d joined the company over a year ago, the accounting department had run smoothly. Nothing like the mess she’d had to clean up when she’d arrived.

No, she was unsettled over the thought of being in close contact with her boss. Ever since the day she’d interviewed with him, she had been hiding a secret desire for him.

It was not proper in the business world and more unlikely to ever happen. She wasn’t a size two. While her friends had told her she was pretty, she knew she was nothing compared to the drop-dead gorgeous woman Matthew ‘Mac’ McCoy seemed to like on his arm.

Then there was the problem with his right-hand man. While Mac was tall, dark, and handsome, his vice president, Trevor King, was muscular, blond, and blue eyed. The two of them together were potent. And every woman’s wet dream. Every time she ran into one man, he was with the other. Her hormones couldn’t take much more.

The elevator chimed, letting her know that she had reached her destination, and Annabelle flicked her hair from her eyes and took a deep breathe.

Stepping onto the thick tan carpet she felt her heel dig in and tried not to trip. What would her boss think if he saw her sprawled out over the floor? Her lips lifted in a smile at the thought.

“Ms. Scott,” her boss’s secretary greeted as Annabelle walked towards her desk.

“Hi Mary,” she returned. She liked the older woman and had from the moment she met her.

“He’s waiting for you,” Mary told her with a smile.

Glancing at her watch, Annabelle frowned. She wasn’t late yet.

“You’re not late,” the other woman confirmed. “He’s just in a mood today.”

“Okay thanks,” Annabelle responded distractedly. She really didn’t want to see her boss in a bad mood.

Annabelle stopped at the entrance of his office and looked in on him. He sat bent over his computer keyboard, pounding away. Mary was right if the way his fingers flew over the keyboard was any indication he was most definitely not happy. She knocked on the doorframe, not wanting to walk in without permission.

Matt’s head snapped up, and she watched as his golden eyes narrowed. She had never seen that colour before, but it fit him perfectly. Just like everything about him was perfect.

“Ms. Scott, finally.” His deep voice carried to her.

“I’m sorry, sir, but the message did say eleven,” Annabelle reminded him as she stepped inside.

“Yes, I know.” He practically growled at her.

Annabelle bit her lip as she waited for him to talk.

“Sit down,” he ordered, and she scrambled to comply, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. It was only then she realised they were not alone. Trevor King, the vice president himself, sat on the couch across the room working on a laptop set up on the coffee table.

His eyes followed her as she shifted to get comfortable. Her skirt rose up her thighs, and embarrassed, she yanked it back, avoiding his penetrating stare by looking at the man who had called her in.

“I asked you in here because I need a favour.” Matt looked over at Trevor. “ We need a favour” He leant back in his chair.

Her eyes dropped as she watched the button down shirt stretch over his pecs. She had to bite the side of her cheek to keep from moaning. She wondered what he would look like without that shirt on. Bare chest and sweaty.

Feeling a blush rush up her neck to her face Annabelle literally shook the thought from her head. What had he said? “A favour, sir?”

His lips quirked, and she had a moment of fear that he knew where her thoughts had been. He moved forward in his chair one more time. “Yes. I am thinking of taking over another company, and I need someone to go through their records and sort it out for me.”

“No problem. If you just send the files to my office, I will start on it immediately.” It was Friday, but what she couldn’t finish today, she could take home with her. It wasn’t like she had big plans for the weekend anyway.

Trevor moved to stand beside Matt, and Annabelle avoided looking at him the best she could.

“Well, here’s the thing. I want to keep this quiet. Very quiet. No one but you and Mary know so far.”

She nodded. That wasn’t so strange in the corporate world. If he decided to buy it, word would get around soon enough; if he didn’t, then no harm done. “No problem. I will be discreet.”

His eyes flashed, but it was so quick that she wasn’t sure she saw anything. What had she said?

“I am sure you can be very discreet,” he agreed, and she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination but his voice sounded lower, huskier. “But this is very sensitive. That is where the favour comes into play.”

Annabelle shifted in her seat. She wanted to scream that she would do anything for him, for both of them. The liquid that was pooling inside her panties was witness enough for that.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Trevor’s nostrils flare, and she wondered briefly if he could smell her arousal. No, of course he couldn’t. She waited for Matt to tell her what the favour was, but they just sat staring at her.

“The favour, sir?”

As if in deep thought, Matt blinked several times before he cleared his throat and spoke. “Yes, well, we’ll be leaving for my weekend place where I have plans that I cannot postpone. I have the files with me.”

Annabelle nodded and waited for him to continue.

“We would like you to accompany us and work on the files over the weekend.”

Annabelle was sure shock showed on her face. A weekend away with the two of them? There was no way she would make it through without giving herself away.

“I know it’s last minute, and you probably already had plans, but I’ll make it worth your while,” he promised.

Oh God, she was going to spend the entire weekend with them.

“Like I said I cannot postpone my plans.”

He was probably meeting a woman out there. That realisation was like a cold splash of water. “I’m sure I can work on it from home and get the information together for you.” There was no way she wanted to see him with his lover.

He shook his head. “Impossible. I need to make my decision before Monday.”

Annabelle sighed. She was a grown woman. She should be able to handle the weekend and her hormones to be able to help her boss out. Even though she had doubts on just how accurate, that was she still agreed. “Sure. I can go with you.”

He flashed her a radiant smile that she felt to her toes. She never thought a woman could climax from just having a man look at her, but she was pretty close.

“Great. I want to leave after work. So why don’t you take a long lunch, pack a weekend bag, and we’ll leave from here?”

Annabelle stood. “Yes, sir. I’ll be ready.” She practically ran from his office, closing the door behind her.

Mac laughed as Annabelle quickly left his office. He could smell her nervousness when she entered, but as she sat in front of him, that wasn’t her scent very long.

Pressing a hand over the erection that made an appearance every time he was close to Annabelle, he closed his eyes and tried to get his body under control.

“She was fucking wet,” Trevor muttered, his voice heavy with need. Mac looked over his shoulder at his friend. “I told you she was the one.”

Trevor adjusted himself. “It’s going to be a long weekend if she doesn’t go for it.”

Mac swivelled his chair to face the other man. “She’ll go for it.” He reached over and grabbed Trevor’s belt, pulling the other man to him. “Now, let’s take care of this.”

With skilled fingers, Mac removed Trevor’s belt, unbuttoned him, and pushed his slacks down. Like always, Trevor wore nothing under his pants.

Griping him by the base of his cock, Mac leant down and licked the drop of pre-cum that had escaped. Trevor moaned and grabbed the back of his head.

“Yes. Suck me deep,” he demanded.

Mac stopped playing and engulfed Trevor’s large cock. Trevor’s hips moved, shoving his shaft in and out of his mouth, and Mac had to reach down and release his own erection.

Both hands now buried in Mac’s hair, Trevor fucked his mouth while Mac pumped his own weeping cock. He stroked himself to the rhythm Trevor set, and soon, his balls tightened and his seed shot out.

Only a moment later, Trevor pushed in deep and released inside his mouth. Mac licked him dry before finally letting him go.

“That was great.” Trevor panted as he leant down and kissed Mac deeply.

Drawing back, Mac winked. “Just think how much better it will be with Annabelle between us as we share her.”

Trevor groaned. “Keep that up and we’ll go again.”

Mac chuckled as he stood to go clean himself.

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