Corpse: I am a Zombie/C1 Hero's former life
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C1 Hero's former life
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C1 Hero's former life

March 25, 1941.

In the evening, in the depths of Tai Yue Mountain Range, in the valley of the double valley that was known as the "Gate of Death", which had been noisy for a few hours, calm gradually returned. Two eagles flew across the valley while chirping in the air, their sharp eyes sweeping across the double valley that was dyed red with blood.


At this moment, a sneering voice came from the hillside of the double valley towards the peak of the double valley.

A Japanese translator with a yellow military cap, moustache, and glasses shouted towards the valley above, "The Grand Emperor said that as long as you surrender, the Grand Emperor will spare your life. He will give you a huge reward, Flower Lady Duo ?"


Hearing this, Xiang Anjie, who was standing on top of the double valley's peak, disdainfully snorted.

If it was his personality in the past, he would have long blown up his dog head with a single shot.

But now, he could no longer do so, because his own hundred over guard company had already been entangled with the thousand odd Japanese army in this double valley for nearly two hours. In order to cover the retreat of the headquarters, they had already used up all their bullets and fought to the last man.

And this person, was the Company Commander, Xiang Anjie.

"Hu Zi, donkey egg, Xiao Wang, Old Li ?"

After softly uttering a few extremely familiar names, Xiang Anjie however, did not hear his usual loud and clear reply.

One of Hu Zi's arms had already disappeared, and he had long since lost his life lying in the crater created by the shell's explosion.

The belly of the donkey egg was badly mutilated by the dozens of bullets, and its intestines were flowing out. However, he did not stop because of the pain. He fought with his bayonet against the Japanese army that was charging at him, until he bled out the last drop of his blood.

Xiao Wang's chest had been penetrated by a few of the little scumbags. He leaned against the few bayonets, and fresh blood slowly dripped down the bayonets one by one. Beneath his feet were the original masters of the bayonets, their faces still had the expression of fear before they died. Perhaps it was only then that they realized that as aggressor, they had come to a land that they should not have come to in the first place!

Just a moment ago, when he was about to carry the wounded to a safe location, a shell fell from the sky. At this critical moment, Old Li pushed the wounded man out of his arms while he himself was directly hit by the shell.

Looking at these brothers of his who were all fighting to the death, their simple and honest laughter still echoed in Xiang Anjie's mind, but Xiang Anjie did not regret it at all, as he was very clear, as a soldier of the Eighth Way, the moment they walked onto the battlefield, in order to expel the aggressor, they had already put life and death on the line.

At this moment, the enemy who was at the mountainside was approaching Xiang Anjie again. In their eyes, there was a flash of craziness and cruelty.

Perhaps the Japanese soldiers had given him courage, but the Japanese translator continued his work of persuading them to surrender. After all, the Japanese leader really wanted to capture this captain of the Eighth Route Army alive: "Brother, you have already lost. There is no need to put your life on the line anymore, just surrender! "The matriarch said ?"

Without waiting for the dog to finish translating, the injured Xiang Anjie suddenly sneered: "Dog translator, can you help me send a poem to that Dongyang master of yours?"


Hearing Xiang Anjie who had been silent this whole time suddenly opened his mouth, the Japanese translator was stunned.

Xiang Anjie no longer bothered with him, but raised his head and looked at the completely red sky, he did not know if this sky was stained red with his brothers' blood, but he knew, his brothers' blood would definitely not flow in vain. One day, this group of ruthless aggressor would pay for it! But now, he and his brothers had already completed their mission. The leader of the upper echelons had given them the task of delaying the devils for an hour, and now, two hours had already passed.

As he thought of this, he took a deep breath and used the last of his strength to shout, "The military song should sing Big Blade Ring!"

"I vow to exterminate Servant Hu and bring forth the jade pass."

"The only solution is to die for our country on the battlefield."

"What need is there to return it?!"

The righteous shout reverberated within the double valley and did not dissipate for a long time. A relieved expression appeared on Xiang Anjie's face that was tainted by blood and mud. At this moment, he had completely comprehended everything.

Seeing his expression, the Japanese army captain standing behind the translator was stunned. "What is he saying?"

Hearing this, the translator's mouth twitched, "Grand emperor ?" He ? He is reciting a poem, a poem that says he wants to defeat our imperial army! "


Hearing this, the tough flesh on the captain's face trembled in anger, "Bastard, these damn branch troops, I want them to die without a burial ground, fire the cannon at me and kill him!"

Hearing that, the artillery member at the side immediately reloaded and aimed at Xiang Anjie who was standing in the middle of the pile of corpses.

And seeing the Japanese army's actions, Xiang Anjie didn't have any fear or fright. Instead, he gave a faint smile.

"Brothers ?" "I'm coming ?"


A violent explosion accompanied by a ball of exploding fire completely engulfed Xiang Anjie.

Early morning.

A girl wearing a red cotton jacket and a thick black braid hummed as she walked down the hill. Her parents followed behind her.

They were the villagers of the nearby Zhuangcun. While it was still early in the morning, they came out to gather some herbs.

However, after skipping a few steps, the girl suddenly stopped and exclaimed, "Dad, mom, there's someone here!"

Hearing this, the girl's parents hurriedly walked over. Only then did they realize that it was a bloodied Eighth Route Army soldier. The girl's father extended his hand to check his breath.

"Son of a b * tch, hurry over here. This Eighth Route Army soldier is still alive, bring him home!"

"This is ?" Is he dead? "

Unknowingly, Xiang Anjie regained his consciousness, and slowly opened his eyes. Only now did he realise that he was lying on a brick bed that belonged to a stranger.

"You're awake?"

At this moment, a clear and melodious voice that sounded like a silver bell and was as pleasant as a skylark rang in his ears, "You didn't die. Our family saved you from a pile of grass at the foot of the mountain!"

Xiang Anjie struggled to follow the voice and turned his head around. Only now did he realize that on his other side, there was a cute girl who looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old with a ponytail, wearing a red cotton-padded jacket. She was looking at him with a pair of watery big eyes.

"Where is this ?"

Xiang Anjie asked with some difficulty.

"This is the Zhuangcun, do you know? You've been in a coma for five whole days, so my parents are out gathering medicinal herbs for you. They should be back soon! " The girl said with a smile, "It's really great that you can wake up. My parents even said that you might not survive this calamity!"

As she spoke, the girl used a bowl to pour a cup of water for Xiang Anjie, and then carried it over to him: "Come, drink less water!"

"Oh ?" "Thank you!"

Xiang Anjie turned his body over with difficulty, took a sip of water, and moistened his throat that was already dry from fire: "That's right ? You saved me, and I haven't asked for your name yet! "

"My name is Bai Linger!"

At this time, the girl said with a smile: "Mom and Dad both call me Ling Er ? "Right, what's your name?"

"Me? My name is Xiang Anjie... "

Xiang Anjie laughed bitterly: "Right, where did you find me, or any other people who are still alive?"

Bai Linger shook her head sadly, "Other than you, there are no more living people. Not long after I brought you back, Little Japan brought some men and took away all the corpses of the remaining Eighth Route Army warriors ?"

Hearing this, the light in Xiang Anjie's eyes instantly dimmed.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed and Xiang Anjie was carefully taken care of by his family at Bai Linger's home. It was precisely because of this that he, who was on the verge of death, crawled back from the Yama Hall.

"Big Brother Bai, thank you!"

This morning, Xiang Anjie who had been recuperating at Bai Linger's house for over ten days got off the brick bed and prepared to leave: "Big Brother Bai, sister-in-law, I will never forget the grace you have given me by saving my life. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you! But now I must return to the army! "

Hearing this, Bai Linger's father knew that no matter how she tried to persuade Xiang Anjie, the stubborn Xiang Anjie would not stay behind, but he was a patient who had just recovered from a major illness. It would still be difficult for him to leave the Zhuangcun, "Comrade Xiang, but with your current condition, it's impossible for you to leave the Zhuangcun.

"Since that's the case, let me send you off, Big Brother Xiang? I'll be back by myself when I get him out of the village. "

Just then, Bai Linger suddenly blinked her bright eyes and said.


Hearing that, Bai Linger's father was startled, but in the end, he nodded her head: "Alright!"

Just like this, under Bai Linger's lead, Xiang Anjie bid farewell to Bai Linger's parents and walked out of the Zhuangcun with him.

But right after exiting the Zhuangcun, Xiang Anjie suddenly felt the ground tremble, although it was not intense, the feeling was obvious.

"What's going on? An earthquake? " Xiang Anjie was startled.

Bai Linger, who was at the side, turned around and smiled mischievously, "It's nothing. In the past few months, such a situation would happen occasionally in our village.

"Un, you're right. Let's hurry up and leave!"

Xiang Anjie who was determined to return home did not think much about it. Nodding his head, he sped up his footsteps.

Originally, Xiang Anjie thought that the Zhuangcun's road wasn't very long, but he didn't expect that after walking for half an hour, they still hadn't walked out of the Zhuangcun.

"I say, why is the road in your village so long? "If it's a normal village, wouldn't they have left long ago?" Because he had just recovered from a serious illness, Xiang Anjie was a little tired as he asked.

Seeing that, Bai Linger, who was skipping ahead, ran back to Xiang Anjie's side and explained: "Actually, this is related to a legend from the past!"


"That's right!"

The smile on Bai Linger's face turned serious: "Rumor has it that a long time ago, there was a monster called Hanba in this land. This monster likes to kill people and drink their blood, it's extremely savage! Later on, three experts joined hands to defeat him again, but because the strength of the monster was truly too strong, the experts were unable to completely destroy him. They could only seal him under the ground and build a village on top of it, using the layout of the village and the yang qi s to suppress the monster! The reason why the village road is so long, it is said that it is to trap this monster. But even so, it is said that when the world is in chaos, this monster will come back to life again! "

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