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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C10 cadaveric ghost
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C10 cadaveric ghost


Following the sound of a key opening the door, Xiang Anjie opened the door and walked in.

It was dark inside the house. Even though it was summer, the morning light could only be seen at around 6 o'clock. It was still 4: 30 in the morning, so the sky was still shrouded in darkness.

Entering the house, Xiang Anjie closed the door behind him and prepared to change his shoes. However, he did not turn on the light. Firstly, he had the eyesight of a zombie, and its night vision was extremely strong, so it did not need to turn on the light to see what was happening in the darkness. Secondly, he did not want to disturb Bai Linger's rest time by turning on the light.


But at that moment, the lights in the living room came on.

Raising her head, she saw Bai Linger walking out from the room in her pajamas.

However, compared to the previous beautiful and dignified girl, Bai Linger was currently in a state of disarray. Her entire body was disheveled, and her hair was in disarray to cover her face.

But Xiang Anjie was not surprised, because he knew that this was Bai Linger's sleeping habit. As long as this fellow slept, no matter how decently dressed she was before, she would always become this uncontainable person.

"What is it? Did I wake you up? "

Seeing that, Xiang Anjie looked at her and asked.

Bai Linger turned her head to look at the watch on the wall, then scratched her messy hair and yawned: "I'm just getting up to drink a cup of water, what's wrong? You're only back now? "


Xiang Anjie nodded his head: "I met with a troublesome case, so I came back to rest first. I have to leave when the sun breaks!"

"So it's like that!"

Hearing this, Bai Linger did not ask anymore. She had never been that interested in Xiang Anjie's work, and even if she wanted to ask, Xiang Anjie might not necessarily be able to tell her.

She went to the kettle and poured herself a glass of cold water, then prepared to return to her bedroom.

"Be careful during this period of time!"

But right at that moment, Xiang Anjie suddenly spoke without thinking.


Hearing that, Bai Linger was startled, she turned to look at him: "What do you mean?"

"The two corpses we found yesterday afternoon, suddenly revived last night, killed two Technician s, and escaped! The Professional that was invited by the department will arrive in the city today, and I still have to pick them up later. If I'm not wrong, the one who came this time should be a true expert, so if you have nothing to do recently, you should stay at home to avoid any unnecessary trouble! "

Hearing that, Bai Linger nodded his head: "Understood, but won't you be in danger if this happens?"

Xiang Anjie smiled lightly: "Are you worried about my strength?"

After hearing what he said, Bai Linger was not worried anymore. Although they were all vital stiffness s, Xiang Anjie's strength was far above her, and she could even perfectly disguise herself as a human. Even if she was a talented individual, she would not be able to see any clues from him.

"But what is the matter about the resurrection after death?"

Although she was not worried about her identity being exposed, Bai Linger was concerned about something else.

Xiang Anjie sighed: "I'm not too sure about that, those two guys should not be zombies, if they are zombies that has been revived, they should have a strong resentment, but I didn't feel it, so I think they should be cadaveric ghost s!"

"cadaveric ghost? The kind of monster that relied on the diabolism to forcefully bind the souls of dead people within the corpses? Didn't they say that the diabolism has been lost? "

After all, they were two people who had lived for eighty to ninety years in this world.

"I'm not too sure about that, but I don't know much about cadaveric ghost anyway. Although I've never seen a real cadaveric ghost, judging from the books we've read back then, these two guys should be of the cadaveric ghost type!"

As he spoke to here, Xiang Anjie thoughtfully raised his head and said: "Looks like someone wants to use the diabolism to disrupt the world again ?"

"Alright, let's not care if he is the cadaveric ghost, you are now a police officer, you only need to accomplish what a police officer needs to do, as for the other matters, you don't need to worry, these days meddling in other people's business has no good ending!"

Seeing Xiang Anjie's somewhat emotional look, Bai Linger reminded him, and then, she returned to her bedroom.

Xiang Anjie shrugged his shoulders, then returned to his own room as well, planning to grab some time to rest. Even if it was a zombie, they needed to sleep, let alone a vital stiffness.

At five in the morning, at the foot of the Sky Sun Mountain in the outskirts of Taiyue City, a man and a woman finally arrived, waiting for the late arrival of the man.

This man and woman were not outsiders. They were the two corpses that escaped after killing the two Technician s at the Public Security Bureau a few hours ago.

However, their skin color and appearance were now very different from before. First of all, the rotting marks on their faces had disappeared, and second of all, their faces were no longer as pale as those of the dead.

After escaping from the police station, the two of them went to a clothing store and opened the door. They changed into a new set of clothes and took some money. Then, they rushed to the foot of the Sky Sun Mountain.

Because they want to meet someone very important here.

"Aiyo, the two of you look pretty good!"

The man who arrived late couldn't help but smile faintly at the couple in front of him. "How is it? Satisfied with your current situation, right? "

Huang Liang frowned, "Don't fool us, this is different from what you promised us! You didn't say you wanted to kill us, and then throw our corpses in the district's flower beds! "

"Hehe, don't care about these details. Don't you guys want power? We have already given you two powers, aren't you two satisfied? Right now, you can be considered to be invincible. I believe that you all have already experienced this yourself? "

Saying that, the man looked at Wu Juanhong: "What? You don't like it? "

"I ?"

Wu Juanhong's body trembled slightly. She had been extremely terrified at the memory of being strangled to death, and when she realised that her body was rotten, she was even more so terrified.

After hesitating for a while, she said in a small voice, "We want strength, and we really want to become stronger ?" But we don't want to be like this... Can you turn us back? "

"Turn back?"

Hearing this, the man was stunned, and after a few seconds, he let out a meaningful laugh: "Didn't I tell you guys before? As long as you make a decision, there is no turning back. Do you think that this is something that can be casually ended by a child playing house? "

"Pay attention to your attitude!"

In contrast to Wu Juanhong's fear, Huang Liang was actually used to his current state. "As long as I'm willing, I can kill you at any time, so it's best for you to pay attention to your tone!"

"Ha ha!"

However, this man wasn't afraid. Instead, he let out a laugh. "We turned you two into this. Do you think I'm afraid of you two?"

"You ?"

Seeing this, Huang Liang suddenly rushed forward and extended his hand out towards the neck of the man who made him angry.

However, he never expected that before he could even touch the other party, the other party would suddenly send out a flying kick and easily kick his chest.


Huang Liang screamed miserably as he was sent flying straight out like a kite with its string cut, falling heavily on the ground.

"This... How is that possible? "

Looking at himself lying on the ground, Huang Liang said dumbfoundedly. He was incapable of understanding: Why is it that he became so strong, that the huge size is not even this fellow's opponent!

"One thing to remember, never be enemies with the Creator!"

The man looked down at Huang Liang who was on the ground and said coldly.

"What are you trying to do?"

It was only then that Huang Liang realised that the two of them seemed to have been tricked by this group of people. Although he had obtained strength and had indeed become very powerful, all of this was completely different from what he had imagined.

The man threw up his hands, "I don't want to do anything, I just want you to do whatever you want in this city." The man waved his hands, "I don't want to do anything, I just want you to do whatever you want in this city.

Hearing this, Huang Liang immediately understood the other party's intention. "You want us to be pawns for all of you to destroy the world, don't you?"

"You can say whatever you want. In any case, I've already given you the power, and you have nowhere to turn back to. What you should do next is up to you!"

At this point, the man slapped his head and said, "Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you guys. I advise you guys to leave quickly!"

Just as he finished his sentence, a ray of sunlight rose from the horizon. Dawn had arrived!

The slowly rising sun used its bright light to slowly disperse the darkness in the world. The darkness slowly faded away at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When the sunlight shone onto Huang Liang's arm, the arm that was originally without any signs of rotting suddenly let out a burning sound. Then, along with a wisp of black smoke, his arm quickly started to rot.

"This... "What's going on?"

Seeing this, Huang Liang panicked. The intense pain made him have no choice but to hide behind where the sunlight had not shone.

"The two of you are cadaveric ghost s now, corpse type territory, ghost type! Frankly speaking, all of you are creatures of the night, so you must not appear in the light. Otherwise, you will be burnt to ashes by the sun's rays very soon, so ? Run! "

As he spoke till here, the corner of the man's mouth curled into an evil smile. Hearing this, Huang Liang glanced at him unwillingly, but in the end, he crawled up from the ground, pulled Wu Juanhong along, and ran towards the darkness behind him.

Watching the back of the fleeing figure, the man took a deep breath and smiled, "This city will soon become interesting ?" You say, right? "

Just as he finished speaking, five men and three women suddenly appeared behind the man. Although their ages and appearances were different, their eyes were filled with a chilliness that could make the world tremble!

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