Corpse: I am a Zombie/C11 Mao brother and sister
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C11 Mao brother and sister
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C11 Mao brother and sister

"Xiang Ge, when do you think the Professional sent by the Ministry will arrive? We've been waiting for almost an hour! "

Mi Qi, who was standing in the middle of Tai Yue Airport's terminal hall, could not help but ask Xiang Anjie who was beside him as he looked at the endless stream of people beside him.

Xiang Anjie was still as expressionless as always. "Don't be anxious, it should be soon!"

At the same time, a dozen people walked out from the airport entrance. Among these people, two of them looked the most conspicuous. It was obvious even when one was standing amidst the bustling crowd of people at the airport.

The one walking in front was a young woman who appeared to be around 24 to 25 years old. She was tall and had fair skin. She wore sunglasses that covered half of her pretty face! She was wearing a black lace jacket and a short skirt. Her fair and slender legs were extremely attractive in the crowd, and many passersby looked in her direction.

Behind her, there was a man who looked a few years older than her. The man was handsome, and his face could be said to have a sharp and clear angle. He had a warm and manly temperament, but at the same time, he did not lose his calm and experienced aura.

A man and a woman walked in front, followed by a dozen other people of varying ages. When this group walked out, they immediately attracted the attention of many people in the departure lounge. After all, from their postures, they looked like some famous celebrity had arrived.

At this time, the man who was walking at the back spoke: "Xiao Ting, how is it? Do you feel anything? "

The woman walking in front shook her head slightly: "When I first got off the plane, I could vaguely feel a trace of Evil Qi in this city, but I couldn't feel it when I walked in here. After all, there's too many people here, and the environment is noisy.

At this point, the woman turned around to look at the man behind her. "Brother, what about you?"

Hearing this, the man behind him laughed: "Xiao Ting, Big Brother my Spiritual Energy has never been as strong as you. If you can't even feel it, how could I possibly feel it?"

Just as they walked out, Xiang Anjie noticed them. After all, the man and woman at the front had powerful auras, it was impossible for him not to notice them.

Furthermore, he could clearly feel that the woman walking at the very front was a very strong expert from the Spiritual Energy. Although she was young, her strength should be quite strong.

Spiritual Energy s were a common term used to describe the power in the bodies of capable people. The stronger the Spiritual Energy, the stronger it was.

As for Spiritual Energy, they were classified as seventy percent Innate, thirty percent Houtian! In other words, people with powerful Spiritual Energy were born like this. People without Spiritual Energy would never be able to compete with innate experts of Spiritual Energy no matter how hard they tried.

Thus, Xiang Anjie was sure that this woman was this time's new "Professional", and that her Spiritual Energy was born!

Thinking about that, he patted Mi Qi who was at the side, and walked towards the man and woman. Seeing that, Mi Qi immediately followed.

"Hello everyone!"

Just as the siblings were chatting about this trip, they suddenly heard someone talking to them. The girl turned around and saw two policemen standing in front of her.

"You are from the Taiyue City's Public Security Bureau, right?"

The man behind him took the initiative to ask.

Xiang Anjie nodded his head: That's right, the two of you should be the two Professional that the higher ups sent to assist us in this investigation, right?

"That's right!"

The woman in front did not hide it, "But what you said is not accurate. We were not sent down by your superiors, but they asked us to help you deal with the case. Our relationship is not a rank 1 relationship, it's a relationship of employment!"

As she said that, the woman did not conceal her arrogance at all. This arrogance also made Xiang Anjie confirm once again that the beautiful woman in front of him was not simple at all.

Many people had their own pride. However, the majority of people who had their own pride were people who did not have the corresponding ability. In other words, they were people who were arrogant and conceited.

However, when a person had arrogance, and also possessed a strength equivalent to that arrogance, it was not called arrogance, but rather the innate aura of a strong person!

"Sorry, it was my slip of the tongue just now!"

Xiang Anjie admitted his mistake straightforwardly: "I have yet to ask for your names!"

"Hello, my name is Mao Yinghao!"

The man behind her looked to be very friendly, and immediately replied and extended his hand out towards Xiang Anjie.

"Mao Xiaoting!"

The woman calmly said.

"Hello everyone!"

Xiang Anjie and Mao Yinghao shook hands: "My name is Xiang Anjie, and this is Mi Qi. Welcome to Taiyue City, I represent our Taiyue City's Public Security Bureau to welcome the two of you!"

"Alright, let's skip the pleasantries and just directly say that we're going to work!"

Mao Xiaoting did not seem to have the habit of courtesies, "We already know the specifics of the situation, now I hope that you can bring me to the scene of the crime, including the location of the two corpses and the place where the two Technician s were killed after being revived!"


Xiang Anjie nodded, then led the others out of the airport.


At this time, Mao Xiaoting seemed to have thought of something. "This time, we'll take care of your case, where will you arrange for us to live?"


Hearing this question, Xiang Anjie was startled, he did not think that Mao Xiaoting would actually ask this question: "According to the habits of the department, all of the arrangements are made in an auxiliary guest house of the city police!"

"Public Security Hostel?" So it's like that! "

Hearing this, Mao Xiaoting sneered, there was obviously a trace of dissatisfaction in her tone: "If we handle such a thorny matter, will the police let us stay in the guest house?"

"Sorry, this is the department's arrangement. I can't decide for myself!" Xiang Anjie shook his head, expressing his helplessness.

"Forget it, Xiao Ting!" Mao Yinghao patted Mao Xiaoting's shoulders at this moment: "The department's advance for us this time should have brought along the lodging fee, and should be something that we go find our own lodgings for, other people's city should not have any obligation to arrange rooms for us to begin with!"

"Bro, I was just thinking of saving money!" Hearing his brother's words, Mao Xiaoting looked at him with some grievance, and then looked at the people behind him and said: "Little Mei, arrange a five star hotel for us, we'll be staying there this time!"

"Got it, Sister Ting!"

A girl who looked to be in her early twenties nodded and took out her phone to start the operation.

Xiang Anjie was not interested in the things they said, and did not plan to participate. Originally, his mission was to take care of these people, and after taking care of them, it had nothing to do with him. As for where they wanted to live, that was their business, and he did not need to worry.

Therefore, he smiled and said, "Alright, please give it a try!"

After everyone walked out of the airport, Mao Yinghao and Mao Xiaoting got into the police car, while the rest of them got into the three taxis, as if they were going to the booked hotel to go through the procedures.

Just like that, Xiang Anjie gave Director Long Jianguo a call and informed him before bringing the Mao family siblings to the place where the two corpses were discovered.

After arriving at the flower bed in the small district, only then did Mao Xiaoting remove the sunglasses on her face, and only then did Xiang Anjie manage to catch a glimpse of Mao Xiaoting's appearance.

He had to admit that she was truly a devastatingly beautiful woman!

Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly in the wind. Every time Mao Xiaoting blinked her eyes, these long eyelashes fluttered in the wind, giving off a breathtaking feeling.

So beautiful!

In this era, there were many beauties. However, there were not many natural beauties!

Amongst these few natural born beauties, they weren't just simple vases. There were even fewer beauties with unique auras.

But Mao Xiaoting was such a beauty!

After reading up to this point, let alone Xiang Anjie, even Mi Qi, who was at the side, had whispered into Xiang Anjie's ear, "Xiang Ge, she's so beautiful!"


Xiang Anjie nodded, but after hearing his words, Mi Qi's heart became a little unspeakably disappointed.

"But you're not bad either!"

But just at that moment, Xiang Anjie turned to look at her and said.

These few simple words instantly caused Mi Qi's mood to soar from the bottom of the valley to the skies, and her entire face was once again filled with that cute and mischievous smile.

Regarding the conversation between the two policemen, Mao Xiaoting, who was inspecting the flower pot, did not pay attention to it.

After walking around the flower bed twice and finding a branch to draw on it a few times, Mao Xiaoting picked up a piece of dirt and placed it under her nose to smell it gently.

"What is she doing?"

Seeing this, Mi Qi couldn't help but ask Xiang Anjie quietly.

Xiang Anjie shook his head: "I don't know either!"

Just then, Mao Xiaoting stood up and clapped her hands: "Ok, it's done!"

"Finished? That's it? "

Hearing this, Xiang Anjie could not help but be surprised.

"Of course!"

Mao Xiaoting nodded her head, the expression on her face was calm, she did not look like she was joking.

"How is it? Are there any rewards? "

Mao Yinghao who was at the side immediately asked.

Mao Xiaoting nodded her head: "It should be considered a little, although it's very light, but I can still feel a bit of Evil Qi inside the flower bed!"

"Since it's a corpse reviving and killing someone, isn't there anything strange about the Evil Qi? Is that even a clue? " Mao Yinghao was a little confused by his sister's words.

Facing her brother, Mao Xiaoting seemed to be very patient: "This is not ordinary Evil Qi, normal Evil Qi is naturally formed, but this Evil Qi is not natural formed, it seems to be man-made!"

Hearing this, Mao Yinghao was startled: "You mean that this was not an accidental event? It was deliberately made by someone? "

"Although there is no substantial evidence, I can basically conclude that there is an mastermind behind this!"

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