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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C12 Neglected frustration
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C12 Neglected frustration

After leaving the small district where the corpses were found, Xiang Anjie and Mi Qi brought the Mao family siblings back to the police station.

When they got off the car and walked towards the Public Security Bureau building, they realized that Director Long Jianguo had already been waiting at the entrance with his men. From the looks of it, they were here to welcome the two "Professional".

Although the public security bureau and the city council could temporarily block the news right now, the paper could not contain the fire. If this matter could not be resolved as soon as possible, once the news spread out, it would definitely cause a huge panic among the people. At that time, the situation would become difficult to control.

Therefore, if there was someone who could resolve this matter, Long Jianguo would definitely welcome them!

"Are you two experts from the Ministry who have come to help us with this matter?"

Seeing the Mao family siblings, Long Jianguo immediately went up and said enthusiastically.

"Hello, I am Mao Yinghao, and this is my sister Mao Xiaoting. This time, we have accepted the request from the Ministry of Public Security and are here to assist in the investigation. Please take care of me!"

Mao Yinghao stepped forward and extended his hand out towards Long Jianguo.

Long Jianguo quickly shook his hand: "No need, this time I still need to rely on you two. After all, our police can only handle normal human cases, for cases like this one, we have no choice but to do so!"


At this time, Mao Xiaoting frowned slightly: "Spare us the pleasantries and bring us to the scene where the two Technician s were killed!"

After sending the Mao family siblings to the Bureau, Xiang Anjie planned to leave. After all, his mission had already been completed, and he did not want to get involved with these two anymore, especially this Mao Xiaoting. Although he was a perfect beauty, and even men would not be able to resist wanting to do something to her, Xiang Anjie knew the danger of this woman.

He turned to go upstairs and return to work for the police.

"No problem, um..." Anjie, bring the two of you to the technical and forensic department to have a look at the scene! "

But just as Xiang Anjie was about to go upstairs, Long Jianguo suddenly called out to him.

This made Xiang Anjie feel extremely helpless, but since it was the bureau chief who had spoken, he could not ignore him. He could only turn around and look at the Mao family siblings, "Sigh ?. "Well, please come with me!"

Just like this, the Mao family siblings followed Xiang Anjie and the others up the stairs.

When they were walking in the elevator, Mao Xiaoting suddenly looked at Xiang Anjie and asked: "You don't seem to be willing!"


Hearing that, Xiang Anjie's face was full of shock: "No! Why do you say that? "

Stop pretending with me, I have always seen things very accurately, the reaction on your face just now was obvious that you were unwilling, in any case, I am an expert that your Ministry of Public Security invited, Master Yu, you have a business to help me, a great beauty like me, could it be that you feel so disgusted when you see me?

Mao Xiaoting, who was naturally born pretty, was naturally surrounded by people around her in the past. No matter where she went, she was always the most dazzling star, and even if it was someone she bumped into normally, they couldn't help but go forward to show goodwill to her.

But just now, she sensed that Xiang Anjie didn't seem to be interested in her. This made her, who had long gotten used to being admired by countless people, feel an indescribable sense of defeat in his heart.

There was no other way. Who asked her to have such a proud and pampered personality?

"I just have a job to do, you misunderstand!"

Hearing Mao Xiaoting's words, Xiang Anjie did not explain much and only replied calmly.

"Forget it, talking to a little cop like you who doesn't know anything is just a waste of time!"

Just then, the elevator door opened. Mao Xiaoting said that and walked out.

Not long later, the few of them arrived at the dissecting room where the crime was committed. At this moment, there were still security guards in the area, it seemed that the police had locked this place up after the murder, and the two corpses were currently in the dissecting room's freezer.

Once she walked in, Mao Xiaoting entered into a meditative state, she walked around the room, and touched every inch of the room, finally taking out a round mirror that resembled a makeup mirror to look at.

"Where's the body?"

A few minutes later, she stood up, and spoke with her back facing Xiang Anjie.


Xiang Anjie walked over and opened the drawer of the dissecting room's ice bank. The two corpse of the medical examiner were lying on top of it.

Normally, these two medical examiners would be in this room dealing with the corpses lying in the freezer, but now, these two were lying inside.

Mao Xiaoting checked on the two corpses, and finally her gaze landed on the extremely rotten corpse of female medical examiner.

"En, the high degree of decay caused by the Yin energy, it seems these two guys are not simple!"

After saying that, Mao Xiaoting clapped her hands, and walked away from the side of the freezer.

"Oh? Do you know what's going on? " Hearing that, Mao Yinghao was startled.

Mao Xiaoting nodded her head: That's right, combining the information from the two scenes, the two corpses must be the cadaveric ghost s, and the reason they were killed was probably because they were artificially made into a cadaveric ghost. From the way the two of them translated after waking up, they should know about this, so it seems like this is a heretic organization's plan!

"heretic organization can create demons and ghosts?"

Hearing that, Mi Qi, who was at the side, had a surprised look on her face. You actually have this kind of ability? "

There are a few heretic organization s whose methods are quite vicious, and at the same time, they possess a mysterious power that no one knows about. This time, it is all thanks to the description of the cadaveric ghost that I have read in the Evil Killing Code of our Mao family, otherwise, if it were anyone else, they would not have known what was going on! "" Hehe.

As she said these words, Mao Xiaoting clearly carried a trace of pride.

"Alright, it's time to talk to your bureau chief about the situation. Let's go!"

After saying that, Mao Xiaoting and Mao Yinghao walked out of the dissecting room, while Mi Qi looked at the both of their backs with a dubious expression: "Xiang Ge, I feel like what she said was somewhat mystical, is it true?"

"Alright, let's not talk about this and hurry up and leave!" Xiang Anjie lightly patted Mi Qi's shoulder: "The yin energy in this room is too dense. It's not a good thing for a girl like you to stay here for too long!"

After he finished speaking, Xiang Anjie also walked out of the dissecting room. Hearing this, Mi Qi's heart throbbed: Xiang Ge, he ? Care about me?!

Thinking of this, Mi Qi couldn't help but lower her head in embarrassment, and a blush once again rose on her cheeks ?

"Alright, this is the situation!"

Inside Long Jianguo's office, Mao Xiaoting told him everything she discovered earlier in detail.

After hearing Mao Xiaoting's story, Long Jianguo could not help but frown: "cadaveric ghost!?"

After all, this was the first time he had heard this term. It was impossible to make him believe it all at once.

However, seeing that the Ministry of Public Security had invited him to assist in the investigation, Long Jianguo did not express his doubts, "If that's the case, then how do we bring these two fellows to justice?"

"That's easy, now these two guys are just like living people. You just need to find their whereabouts and we will be the ones to capture them. After all, we specialize in killing demons and demons, and the job of finding suspects is obviously your speciality!"

"So it's like that!"

Hearing this, Long Jianguo nodded his head: "If the two of them are considered alive, then we have gained some benefits. Previously, we have already found some evidence from the two people's rental house, and from their computer hard disk, we found a few web browsing records. These browsing records indicate that the two of them have previously logged onto a few demon sect websites located overseas, and they have more than once searched for information on how to become stronger, how to obtain power, and so on."

"You want to become strong? Is there a reason? " Mao Yinghao asked.

Long Jianguo sighed: "This is probably because these two have been living at the lowest level of society, and have definitely been through all sorts of hardships, we also understood that a few days ago, because of Wu Juanhong's beauty, she was taken advantage of by the plant director, but because her boyfriend Huang Liang appeared in time, the latter did not succeed, but because of the huge disparity in status between the two of them, the matter finally ended. Since that day, the two of them no longer went to work in the factory!"

"So you're saying, these two people should have a huge grudge towards that plant director? If you were to describe the two of them as having gained power, then the first person they wanted to take revenge on, might very well be this plant director! "

Mi Qi could not help but interject after hearing this.

"That's right!"

Long Jianguo did not oppose this idea: "So that's why I plan to immediately send people to protect this plant director from all angles!"


Mao Xiaoting smiled slightly: "But there's no need to rush, cadaveric ghost can't move in the daytime. The two of them are definitely hiding in some dirty sewer like they're crossing a street, and would only appear when night falls."

"Alright, let's prepare then. We will officially begin tonight's plan!"

Hearing that, Long Jianguo slapped the table and made his final decision.

At six in the evening, at plant director's home in the food factory, all the police officers were already in place to protect him.

"I'll tell you!"

At this moment, a middle-aged man in his forties with a bald head and a beer belly walked over unwillingly, "Don't touch my things, I have a lot of business secrets here!"

He was plant director Xie Qian from the food factory where Huang Liang and Huang Liang worked. Just this afternoon, when he was flirting with the newly recruited Xiao Mi at home, a group of police suddenly knocked on his door and rushed out.

In the face of this situation, Xie Qian was so frightened that he immediately went limp on the ground.

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