Corpse: I am a Zombie/C13 Strange Door Ringtone
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C13 Strange Door Ringtone
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C13 Strange Door Ringtone

After all, how many people doing business these days had a clean foundation? It was better if nothing happened to him. As long as anything happened to him, he would be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Xie Qian, on the other hand, was an unscrupulous person. He usually liked to mess with beautiful women, so when the police rushed out, he thought they were here to capture him!

However, he later found out that the police had come here to protect him, because just a few days ago, Wu Juanhong and her boyfriend Huang Liang, who had been teased by him, might have come to take revenge on him!

Xie Qian really didn't want to let these policemen stay in his home, but once he heard that someone was coming to kill him, he became afraid. Furthermore, the police were very resolute, so he could only agree to let them stay by his side to protect him.

"I'm just going out for a bit. What's wrong with that?"

Seeing that the sky was getting darker, Xie Kun planned to go out for a feast, but the few policemen stopped him from leaving the house. This made Xie Qian very unhappy.

"I'm sorry, this is our leader's decision. You can't leave your home until we catch those two suspects!" The Criminal Police squad's Xiao Wang stood in front of Xie Qian and said with a serious expression.

"You want to protect me, I'm not against it, but you can't interfere with my freedom, you're just trying to imprison me illegally!" Maybe the evil merchant's innate fear of the police made Xie Qian unable to calm down.

"You can leave, but I promise you that as long as you leave tonight, you will become a corpse before tomorrow morning!"

At this moment, a loud and clear female voice came from the door.

Xie Qian looked towards the source of the voice and realised that a few people who were not wearing police uniform had walked in. The one who walked in front was a beautiful young lady who looked to be in her twenties.

Holy shit, top quality, big chest, big butt, long legs ? Be a bit more upright!

Seeing Mao Xiaoting walk in, Xie Qian's eyes were fixated on his, a pair of perverted mouse eyes continuously staring at Mao Xiaoting's face, chest, and even a pair of big white legs.

In the end, he couldn't help but say with a wretched face, "You ?" The police? Is he also here to protect me? "Fine, I'll listen to you. I won't go out, as long as you can stay close and protect me ?"

Seeing Xie Qian's pig's face, Mao Xiaoting felt extremely disgusted in her heart. If it wasn't for the police officers by her side, she would have made him lie on the ground and not be able to get up.

"I'm not a police officer. I'm just here to catch two suspects!" Mao Xiaoting said coldly.

"Oh, so it's like that ?" It's been hard on you, sit down, I'll get you a glass of water! "

At this moment, Xie Qian appeared to be extremely attentive, but Mao Xiaoting let out a cold laugh: "Enough, don't come over here, it will make me allergic!"

"Allergy? "What do you mean?"

Hearing that, Xie Qian was startled.

Mao Xiaoting said disdainfully: "I am allergic to human scum, thank you!"

"Ahhh!" "ROAR!" "Hahahaha!"

Mao Xiaoting's words almost made Xie Qian pass out from anger. After all, she was still a plant director of a famous food factory in the Taiyue City and was considered the top figure in the business world.

If he didn't have so many policemen by his side now, he would probably rush up to her furiously and pin her on the ground to let her know how strong he was.

Seeing Xie Qian's furious expression, Mao Xiaoting did not bother to pay any more attention to him, and instead turned to the older of the three men and two women who had followed him over and asked: "Uncle Hu, how is it?"

Uncle Hu had a head full of white hair, he looked to be about fifty years old, and should be a veteran with a lot of experience.

"Don't worry, I've already asked Little Liu and the others to set up the Evil Killing Formation. As long as those two cadaveric ghost appear here, they will definitely be able to subdue them!"

"En, that's for the best!"

Mao Xiaoting faintly smiled at this moment, and then without being polite, he directly walked to the side of the refrigerator at Xie Qian's house. Opening it, she took out a bottle of beer from inside, then sat on the sofa and started drinking by herself.

Seeing this scene, the distant Xiang Anjie didn't know whether to laugh or cry: Is this the appearance of a devotee?

In the blink of an eye, it was already seven thirty in the evening and the sky was already completely enveloped by darkness. Xie Qian was blocked by a group of police at home and was extremely depressed, just as he was about to turn on the lights, he was also stopped by Mao Xiaoting.

"Miss Mao, why can't you turn on the lights?"

Maybe he was bored from waiting, Xiao Wang asked Mao Xiaoting.

Mao Xiaoting smiled blandly: "cadaveric ghost prefer dark environments. If this house is brightly lit, then it is possible that these two fellows will not appear. That's why we have to do our best to prepare perfect conditions for them to appear this time ? "I don't want to talk anymore, go get me another bottle of beer!"

"Huh? You still want to drink? "

Hearing this, Xiao Wang was startled. He lowered his head and looked at the two beer bottle s at Mao Xiaoting's feet. Is it really okay to drink so much? "

"Of course, drink more. Maybe it'll be easier to deal with those two later ?"

Just as she was speaking, Mao Xiaoting suddenly did not say anything, and her atmosphere became serious.

After frowning, she took out a small red compass with gold edges from her pocket. The needle on the compass started to spin rapidly.

After spinning a few rounds, the needle was finally aimed at the door of the room with a "sou" sound!

"He's here!"

Seeing this, Mao Xiaoting muttered, and then immediately put the compass on her body, then looked at her colleagues.

The five of them understood what was going on. Four of them stood on the four corners of the room, while the Uncle Hu stood in the middle of the living room and pulled out a coppersword s made from copper coins and red strings from his waist.

The moment he saw this coppersword, the distant Xiang Anjie's heart involuntarily trembled. He knew clearly that this thing was a sharp weapon to deal with devils and ghosts, and was also fatal to zombies at the same time.

When he thought of this, he subconsciously took a few steps back and silently leaned against the window of Xie Qian's bedroom.

Seeing the Professional's reaction, the policemen realized that danger was approaching, and they all put their hands on their guns at their waists, ready for battle.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the house had become tense!

"Ding dong ~ ~"

Amidst this repressed silence, the doorbell suddenly rang. Although this bell usually sounded very ordinary, in this kind of environment, no matter how one listened to it, it felt very strange.

"Ding dong ~ ~"

The doorbell rang again, but this time, it was infected by the tension in the air. Xie Qian's fat body couldn't help but tremble, and he who was originally standing by the side of the sofa sat down on the sofa.

"What is it? Hurry up and open the door! "

But at this time, Mao Xiaoting frowned.

"I... Open the door? "

Hearing this, Xie Qian said with a sullen face: "Isn't this dangerous?"

"And why so? With so many of us here protecting you, can you still die? "If you hadn't opened the door, the other party would have definitely realized this and fled. At that time, it would be impossible for you to encounter such an opportunity again. If that happens, you really won't be able to live much longer!"

Mao Xiaoting said with a cold smile.

Hearing that, and seeing that the policemen at the side did not have any intentions of opening the door, Xie Qian knew that he had to go up by himself, thus he sat up on the sofa while trembling. But because of his fear, his two legs seemed to be uncontrollably shaking, and he could only move one leg to the door, looking like a crab.

"Who ?" "Who is it?!"

Seeing so many people behind him, Xie Qian felt a bit of confidence and asked bravely.

But there was no response from outside the door.

"Ding dong ~ ~"

But the doorbell rang once again, this time causing Xie Qian to almost fall down from fright.

Thinking about how there were still so many people in the room protecting him, Xie Qian finally gritted his teeth: Damn it, it doesn't matter if he's a human or a ghost, I will see your true face now!

Thinking of this, he inched his face closer and closer to the cat's eye on the door ?

When his eyes finally rested on the peephole, he realized that there was nothing outside!

"Hmm? "No one ?"

But before he could finish his sentence, a highly rotten, ugly face appeared at the door!


Seeing this, Xie Qian was so frightened that he almost fainted. After all, his face was too scary, his entire face was covered with red and brown rotten flesh, and it was impossible to tell how his face looked like. His nose and mouth were already rotten to the point where the basic outline could not be seen, and only a pair of pitch black eyes could be seen, as well as the two eyeballs that were hanging on his cheeks through his two blood vessels.


At this time, Xie Qian could no longer hold back the fear in his heart.

But just at that moment, the anti-theft door was suddenly pulled open by someone. Then, a rotten hand directly grabbed towards his fat body.

At the same time, a cold voice appeared beside his ear, "Xie Qian, die!"

Xie Qian realised that the rotten guy in front of him had already rushed over and grabbed his shoulder. Although he was trying his best to escape, the guy was grabbing onto him tightly, not giving him any chance to escape at all.

Seeing this, Xie Qian was so scared that he peed on his pants. He closed his eyes and screamed: "Mother ? Guan Yin, the Jade Emperor, Tathagata the Buddha ? Jesus God... God bless us! "

Seeing Xie Qian like that, the rotting corpse used a sharp voice that resembled a fingernail scratching on a blackboard, and sneered: Heh heh, just scream, even if you scream your throat out, no one will save you, hand your life over!

Seeing that the time was right, Mao Xiaoting who was hiding in the darkness immediately shouted: "Evil Killing Array, rise!"

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