Corpse: I am a Zombie/C16 Two hundred thousand yuan a night
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C16 Two hundred thousand yuan a night
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C16 Two hundred thousand yuan a night

At this moment, Huang Liang's heart trembled, he seemed to have realized something and immediately turned to look behind him.

"Hur hur, if I've been discovered, then there's nothing I can do!"

A woman with long hair was standing behind him and her girlfriend. She smiled at him when she saw him turn around.

But no matter how one looked at it, as the smile was reflected by the pale-white moonlight, it seemed horrifying. Especially the female's face. Although she was beautiful, there was always an unspeakable strangeness with her face.


With a sharp piercing sound, the woman directly stuck her hand into Huang Liang and Wu Juanhong's back.

"Ah ?"

Just as Huang Liang and Wu Juanhong wanted to scream out loud, before they could even cry out loud, their bodies suddenly trembled!

The woman pulled her hands out of their bodies.

The moment they pulled out their hands, the two of them felt like they were two puppets that had been cut off from their bodies. They shook for a moment before their corpses finally fell to the ground and began to rot.

In just a few seconds, the two corpses turned into two piles of black ashes. Accompanied by the night breeze, they disappeared into the alleyway.


The lady held two light sphere s in her hands. These two light sphere s emitted a faint green light in the darkness, but the lady suddenly raised her hand and stuffed the two light sphere s into her mouth.

After smacking her lips together, the girl raised her head and swallowed the food in her mouth.

"How is it?"

The man opposite her asked coldly.

A disappointed expression appeared on the woman's face. "Nothing much. The texture of their souls is very murky and they feel very fragile. Even if we don't kill them, these two fellows won't be able to live for much longer."

Hearing this, the man sighed, "Forget it, there's no use being anxious about this sort of thing. Just do it bit by bit!"

"I know about that, but there are a few people in the city who are interfering with our plan. What should we do?"


The man snorted, "It's just a few stumbling blocks. Just find an opportunity to get rid of it!"

"Un, alright then. Go back and report it to the others!"

Just as he finished speaking, the figures in the alleyway all disappeared without a trace, and the dark alleyway once again returned to silence ?

Uncle Hu brought his people and searched outside for around three hours before returning to Xie Qian's home.

It was obvious that Uncle Hu was a little disappointed and probably did not have any gains. Therefore, Mao Xiaoting did not say anything and only comforted him, "Uncle Hu, don't worry too much. There will be a chance in the future!"

Uncle Hu nodded and did not say anymore, but then Xiao Wang walked over: "What? You didn't catch those two fellows? "

Mao Xiaoting cast him a glance: "Do you think cadaveric ghost are so easy to catch? If you think it's easy to catch them, then go and catch them! "

Seeing that Mao Xiaoting was unhappy, the Xiao Wang immediately explained: "Don't misunderstand, that's not what I meant. I just said that if these two guys escape this time, won't there be danger later on?"

Mao Xiaoting looked at him and laughed: "Don't worry, although these two guys have run away, their injuries are not light this time, they won't be able to come back in a short period of time, and in less than two days, I will be able to find them, so you don't have to worry about this, alright, you can leave now!"

"Oh ?!"

Hearing that, the Xiao Wang nodded his head, and looked at Xiang Anjie, and continued, "Brothers, withdraw!"

"Don't... "Don't pack up!"

Seeing that the policemen were about to leave, Xie Qian panicked. Previously, he was hoping that the police officers would leave, but now, he wished that the police officers could stay at his home!

After all, those two monsters were too scary. What if those two monsters came back after they left? He would definitely die miserably!

Seeing Xie Qian's flustered look, the Xiao Wang sighed. "Didn't you hear what you just said, Miss Mao? These two fellows will not be coming for the time being, you can rest assured! "

"How can I be at ease?"

Xie Qian's legs were still trembling. "Why don't you stay for one more night and wait until tomorrow to leave?"

Seeing Xie Qian being scared to the point of peeing, Mao Xiaoting realized that her chance of making money had arrived. After all, when humans are afraid, they are usually willing to pay a large price to protect themselves.

So, she suddenly smiled charmingly: "Are you sure? You want them to protect you? Could the police even handle the two cadaveric ghost s? Did you see what happened just now? "

Hearing that, Xie Qian reacted: Indeed, the police can't do anything to the two monsters, the ones who can are the people in front of them!

"Grandaunt, I beg of you, please don't go, just protect me for an entire night before leaving, okay?" The current Xie Qian was almost kneeling down towards Mao Xiaoting. Although he was a greedy person, after witnessing everything that happened, she understood that this woman in front of his was not an ordinary person. If he wanted to live, she could only treat her as his own grandmother.

"Your attitude is quite sincere. I have no problems with my side ?" But you have to know, our mission is to capture those two fellows, not to protect you. If you want to protect them by yourself, then you need to spend money! "

"I know that. As long as it can protect me, I'll pay any price!"

Upon hearing that he needed money, Xie Qian did not hesitate. After all, compared to his life, money was nothing.

"Alright, let me tell you about our company's fees. Close protection costs two hundred thousand yuan in one night and four hundred thousand yuan in one day. Let's see!"

When Mao Xiaoting finished explaining the price, she was stunned: "This ? So expensive? "

"If you think it's too expensive, you don't have to use it. Let's go!"

With that, Mao Xiaoting turned and left, seeing this, Xie Qian immediately pounced forward, kneeling on the ground, he grabbed onto Mao Xiaoting's legs, and said with a sullen face: "Don't go, don't go ?. It's only two hundred thousand ? I'll go, I'll go, okay? "

F * ck, 200,000 RMB in one night, and he got it just like that?

Seeing this, the policemen were all dumbfounded. Two hundred thousand, how many years would they have to work to earn that amount? In the end, he earned two hundred thousand with a single sentence!

"Alright, our company's rules are to pay first and protect later. Now that you have paid, I will leave our company's strongest devotee, as well as our company's most experienced Uncle Hu, behind for you. As long as he is by your side, he can guarantee you a peaceful night, no demons or ghosts will dare to approach you!"

After earning two hundred thousand in a short while, Mao Xiaoting's face was also brimming with a happy smile.

"Alright ?"

The current Xie Qian looked like he was truly exhausted, but even so, he took out his phone and transferred 200,000 yuan to Mao Xiaoting from his account.

Xie Qian felt like he was being cut apart, but he had no choice. After all, it was an extremely late night, and if all of them left, where would he be able to find other people to protect him? His life was definitely worth more than two hundred thousand! Therefore, he chose to spend two hundred thousand to protect himself for the night. He would think of a way to do it tomorrow morning.

"Ok, I got it. I like doing business with a straightforward boss like you!"

After saying that, Mao Xiaoting stuffed the phone back into her pocket, turned around, and looked at Uncle Hu: "Uncle Hu, I'll have to trouble you to stay the night here!"

"Un, rest assured!"

"Alright, let's go!"

Just like this, Mao Xiaoting brought the remaining few people and left Xie Qian's home. Xiao Wang, Xiang Anjie and the others also walked out.

When they went downstairs, Xiang Anjie originally wanted to keep a distance from Mao Xiaoting, but this guy took the initiative to lean on him. "I can't see that, you're actually pretty strong!"

"Are you talking to me?"

Xiang Anjie was surprised.

Don't pretend to be stupid, previously, when that female ghost attacked your colleague, you rushed out in time and kicked her out. This is not something an ordinary person can do, who exactly are you?

Mao Xiaoting looked at Xiang Anjie and asked.

"Who is it?" I'm obviously a police officer! "

Xiang Anjie pointed to his own police badge: "Any police officer would have reacted the same way in that situation. This time, it's just because they were dumbfounded, and I'm the one who reacted."

"Don't fool me, how could ordinary police officers have the power to send cadaveric ghost flying with a kick!" Mao Xiaoting frowned, obviously not believing it.

"Believe it or not, as for power ?" Maybe it's because I've been training a lot, but I also often go to the special police station to spar and learn from them. If you're interested, I can take you to see the training there another day! "

Mao Xiaoting obviously did not believe his explanation, but since he said it like that, it meant that he was not willing to speak with her, and even if she continued to ask, she would not be able to find any answer.

At this time, everyone had already reached the entrance of the residential complex. Xiang Anjie and his group had to return to the station to report, while Mao Xiaoting and his four assistants had to return back to the hotel to rest.

"Alright, goodbye!"

After waving their hands, Xiang Anjie and the others got on the car, and three police cars drove out of the district's car park.

Watching as the police car gradually disappeared into the night, Mao Xiaoting revealed a somewhat strange expression. She looked as if she was angry, but at the same time, she seemed to be smiling.

A few assistants walked over: "Sister Ting, where are we going next?"

"Of course we're going back to the hotel. You guys go and hail a taxi!" Mao Xiaoting said indifferently.

The few assistants then went to the side of the road to stop the carriage, while Mao Xiaoting looked at the night sky and thought: Xiang Anjie? He possesses extraordinary strength, and he has no reaction to a peerless beauty like me. He is indeed a strange person, but even if you didn't say it, I would have investigated you thoroughly. If you don't believe me, we'll see!

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