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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C2 Evil Spirit Slaughterer Village
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C2 Evil Spirit Slaughterer Village

"Uh, is it a myth?"

Hearing that, Xiang Anjie laughed faintly.

"You don't believe it?"

Bai Linger looked at him and asked.

Xiang Anjie nodded, "Our Eighth Route Army is full of atheists ?. Do you believe that? "

"I don't believe it either!"

Bai Linger gave a playful smile at this moment, "This is a legend from who knows how many years ago. None of us have ever seen this monster! Besides, according to the legend, if the monsters would revive when the world was in chaos and wars broke out, then he should have already been revived, right? After all, the Eighth Route Army and the little devil have been fighting for so long! "

"Hur hur, that's true too! Alright, let's continue! "

After spending nearly an hour, Xiang Anjie walked out of the Zhuangcun with Bai Linger. Originally, Xiang Anjie had planned to let Bai Linger return and search for the headquarters by himself, but Bai Linger was not at ease with this patient of his. She insisted that they search together.

The villagers around the headquarters did not know where the military region headquarters had moved to. Furthermore, because he was carrying Bai Linger, Xiang Anjie did not dare go too far away, much less go to the county city to gather information. After all, that place was under the Japanese, and bringing such a girl there was simply too dangerous.

was somewhat disappointed. Seeing the sky darken, he knew that he could not waste anymore time, and could only choose to bring Bai Linger back to Zhuangcun.

By the time the two of them exhausted their energy and returned to Zhuangcun, the sky had already darkened. Although they didn't know the exact time, Xiang Anjie estimated that it should be around nine in the evening.

"Phew, I'm so tired. I just want to go back to my house and have a good night's sleep!"

Just as she walked to the village entrance, Bai Linger said while grinning.

"Little girl, you ?"

Hearing this, Xiang Anjie could not help but laugh.

But before he could finish, Xiang Anjie was suddenly stunned.

Because as a soldier, he could keenly feel that something was amiss with Zhuangcun!

Originally, Zhuangcun kept a few dogs. Whenever night fell, when the villagers returned late, these dogs would not be able to hold back and bark.

However, when they walked into the village, the entire village was silent. No barking could be heard!

Besides the fact that there was no barking, there was one other thing that caught his attention.

Standing at the entrance of the village, he could smell a faint scent of blood!

"Something's not right!"

Sensing that, Xiang Anjie immediately extended his hand out to grab Bai Linger who was about to return home.

"What's wrong?"

Bai Linger looked at him in surprise.

Xiang Anjie frowned, and said with a serious face: "Don't tell me you didn't notice, that the dogs in your village did not bark?"

After saying that, Xiang Anjie subconsciously touched his waist with his hand, as if he was about to pull out his spear.

But at this point, he realized that he didn't have a gun at all.

"Dog barks ?"

Hearing Xiang Anjie's words, Bai Linger was stunned: "Indeed, normally, the village elders and Uncle Zhou's dogs would bark, but why not now?"

"Something's not right. Be careful!"

Saying that, Xiang Anjie looked around, and then found a wooden stick in the field beside him.

Although this primitive weapon was simply too old for a soldier like him, it was still better than bare-handed.

Could Little Japan have found this place?

When he thought of this, Xiang Anjie's heart became extremely heavy. He let Bai Linger follow behind him, with one hand protecting her while the other held onto the wooden stick. The two of them, one in front and one behind, carefully walked into the village.

After walking a dozen steps, the two of them arrived at the main entrance of the first house at the village entrance.

When Xiang Anjie saw the scene in the courtyard, he was instantly stunned.

Using the kerosene lamp outside the door, Xiang Anjie saw the old couple lying in the yard with their bodies covered in blood.

What was even worse was that both of them had their bellies ripped open. Their hearts and stomachs were all ripped out, making them look very scary.

"What's wrong ?"

Because Xiang Anjie was blocking in front, Bai Linger did not see what was in front of her, and thus, she subconsciously looked forward.

However, Xiang Anjie was the first to cover her eyes with his hands. "Don't look!"

"What ?" "They did?"

Perhaps he had realized that something bad had happened, the smile on Bai Linger's face froze, and his voice trembled.

Xiang Anjie was silent for a few seconds, then said: "They ? Killed! "


Hearing this, Bai Linger's body trembled, and almost collapsed to the ground.

Fortunately, Xiang Anjie had grabbed onto her in a flash. "Something must have happened in the village.

"My parents!"

At this time, Bai Linger was only thinking about her parents, so she got rid of Xiang Anjie's hand and ran back to her house.

"Bai Linger!"

Xiang Anjie did not dare to shout loudly, and could only do so once.

But how could Bai Linger stop? She ran straight for her own house.

Seeing this, Xiang Anjie clenched his teeth, and could only follow up quickly.

Along the way, Xiang Anjie discovered that the surrounding families were all the same as the first family. Every family member seemed to be dead, as their stomachs were all cut open by someone inside the courtyard or at the main entrance, dying in a miserable manner.

At first, Xiang Anjie thought that it was the Japanese, but after observing a few families, he realized that it was not the Japanese who did it!

First of all, if the Japanese wanted to slaughter the entire village, they would gather all of the villagers together and then shoot them down.

And even if they did, they would only use guns and not a knife to cut their bellies.

Unknowingly, Xiang Anjie suddenly thought about the monster called Hanba that was mentioned by Bai Linger earlier.

This was because the only thing that could cut open a person's stomach was a wild beast like a lion or tiger, or a monster.

At this time, Xiang Anjie had already chased Bai Linger back to her house, and here, the two of them saw the scene they hated to see the most!

Bai Linger's parents were lying in a pool of blood.

And Bai Linger's parents, had long since died.

"Dad ?" "Mom?!"

Bai Linger walked home trembling, tears flowing uncontrollably.

She could not understand why her parents, who were still fine this morning, and her village, would become like this! What happened in this village?

"Mom and Dad ?" You... Hurry and wake up! "

Only after pushing his parents with her trembling hands did Bai Linger realize that they no longer breathed, and even their bodies seemed to have turned ice-cold.

"Dad ?" Mom, please wake up ? "Don't scare me ?"

"Bai Linger, don't cry!"

Xiang Anjie walked over and supported Bai Linger: "Right now, the person who killed all the villagers might still be in the village. If you call out too loudly, you will lure that thing over ?"


Before he finished speaking, suddenly, Xiang Anjie felt a gust of cold wind from behind him, this cold wind was blowing on the back of his neck, causing all the hairs on his body to stand up, and his spine unconsciously shivered.

This kind of feeling was the fear that came from the depths of his soul!

It had to be known that even as a soldier, Xiang Anjie had never felt such fear when facing death countless of times!

However, he was a veteran fighter who would always subconsciously react in times of life or death. He tightly held onto the wooden stick with both of his hands, and then used all the strength in his body to swing the stick at the guy behind him!


Xiang Anjie's pole directly hit the guy's head, and the power gathered in this attack was very strong. He had used this kind of attack to smash the head of a Japanese military officer.

However, at this time, when the rod on the head of the fellow behind him struck, he did not receive any injuries. Instead, the wooden pole in Xiang Anjie's hand snapped in response.

Right now, borrowing the moonlight, Xiang Anjie could see that the guy in front of him seemed to have the outline of a human.

But in reality, he was not human!

Because this guy was a complete monster!

He had a pair of jet-black face, two sharp fangs similar to wild boars, and his entire body was covered in black fur. His pair of black eyes seemed to be able to absorb everything.


Suddenly, the monster let out a howl and pounced towards Xiang Anjie.

His speed was too fast!

This was Xiang Anjie's first reaction when facing this attack from the monster. However, he still reacted subconsciously and leaped backwards, raising his right leg, and aimed at the monster's abdomen with a kick.

But when Xiang Anjie's foot touched the monster's stomach, the monster was not kicked at all. Instead, it started to use its sharp claws to scratch Xiang Anjie.

At this moment, Xiang Anjie immediately realised: The person who massacred the entire village was the monster in front of him!


As he thought of this, he let out an angry roar and dodged the monster's claw. Then, he threw another kick at the monster.

However, the monster had incredible strength and a fast reaction speed! It stretched out its hand and grabbed Xiang Anjie's leg, then flung him out of the air, directly throwing him two meters away.

After throwing Xiang Anjie out, the monster pounced towards Bai Linger.

"Bai Linger, quickly dodge it!"

Seeing that, Xiang Anjie could not care about the pain in his body, he immediately crawled up and roared.

At that moment, Bai Linger already saw the monster rushing towards him, but she had no time to react.

The monster instantly pounced towards Bai Linger's side, opened its mouth, and bit down at Bai Linger's neck.

"Let her go!"

At this critical moment, Xiang Anjie rushed over and hugged the monster from behind, then used all the strength in his body to forcefully pull the monster away from Bai Linger's body. However, this only infuriated the monster, and it pounced towards Xiang Anjie again, causing Xiang Anjie to quickly dodge, but the monster continued to chase after him. Without a choice, he gritted his teeth and used his hands to grab onto the monster's wrists, temporarily preventing it from touching him.

But he had forgotten one thing. This monster had sharp claws and a mouth with two sharp fangs!


The monster suddenly lowered its head and bit onto Xiang Anjie's neck.

In an instant, a heart-piercing pain passed through Xiang Anjie's entire body through the wound on his neck.

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