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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C20 Shocking roars
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C20 Shocking roars

"Gulp!" Qian Liangming swallowed his saliva.

At this moment, he only felt his heartbeat increase in speed, and all the blood in his body was rushing towards his head and between his legs. This made him somewhat unable to control himself, and he directly pounced towards Bai Linger ?

But right at this moment, Bai Linger, whose eyes were tightly shut, suddenly opened them!

However, this pair of eyes was different from the pair of large watery eyes from before. This pair of scarlet eyes felt as if they had been dyed red with blood.

Bai Linger who had opened her eyes, did not have any change in expression on her face, nor was there the slightest hint of anger from being kidnapped, nor was there the shred of shame and anger from someone tearing her skirt apart.

On this beautiful face, you can't even see an expression, and in the next second, two fangs grew out from the corner of Bai Linger's mouth.

Suddenly, Bai Linger's upper body stood up ninety degrees, and directly sat on the ground.

"Little darling, I'll immediately make you feel comfortable ?"

Because Qian Liangming was currently focused on Bai Linger's small shorts, he did not notice all of this.

However, just as he was about to complete the final step, he suddenly felt something.

Subconsciously, the moment he raised his head, he suddenly realized that Bai Linger's pale white face was right in front of him!


Seeing such a face, Qian Liangming was shocked, but he immediately reacted.

Although he was discovered by this girl, since things had already come to this point, how could he give up?

Thinking of this, he laughed awkwardly: "Ling Er, don't misunderstand ah ? I just like you too much! That's why I did it. You don't blame me, do you? "

Bai Linger still looked at him with her scarlet eyes. There was no change in her expression, nor did she have any reaction.

"Ugh ?" "If you don't speak ?"

Just as he was speaking, Qian Liangming was suddenly stunned: "Why are your eyes ?."

Before he could finish his words, the statue suddenly came to life! Bai Linger instantly pounced towards Qian Liangming, a pair of sharp fangs aimed straight at his neck!


In a split-second, Bai Linger's sharp fangs had torn apart Qian Liangming's neck, causing blood to spurt out from his broken neck in an instant, dyeing her originally white and beautiful face blood-red.

With a "putong" sound, Qian Liangming's corpse directly fell onto the ground. However, Bai Linger suddenly jumped up, then roared towards the sky.

At this moment, a deafening roar pierced through the clouds and reached the heavens!

"Although my plan this time has been disrupted, ?"

In a building in Taiyue City, nine Black Man s were sitting on a sofa. They looked solemn as if they were discussing something.

But suddenly, the man who spoke seemed to sense something and stopped talking.

The eight people next to him were also stunned.

"This is ?"

A few seconds later, one of the women said in astonishment, "Such strong resentment!"

The man at the side, was the same guy who appeared once between Huang Liang and Wu Juanhong. He lowered her head and rubbed her chin: "This kind of resentment ? Is it a zombie?! "


"How could there be a zombie?"

"Could it be that zombies exist in the Taiyue City?"

The Black Man s at the side were all startled.

Just then, a sneer appeared on the face of the older man in the middle, "Fifth brother, sixth brother, hurry and find this guy with the resentment. Since there is such a powerful zombie in Taiyue City, we must control it!"

"Yes sir!"

The man and woman who spoke earlier hurriedly got up and left the room.

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in Taiyue City, Mao Xiaoting was sitting cross-legged on her bed, meditating. She closed her eyes to recuperate, while her brother, Mao Yinghao, was at the side tapping the keyboard on her computer.


Suddenly, Mao Xiaoting opened her eyes, her face revealing an expression of disbelief and shock.

"What's wrong?"

Sensing his sister's reaction, Mao Yinghao turned his head to look at her and asked.

Mao Xiaoting did not directly answer him. Instead, she walked to the window and looked outside with a frown.

"What's wrong? What's the matter? "

Seeing his sister's expression, Mao Yinghao realized that something must have happened and walked over.

Mao Xiaoting looked at the city far away and suddenly spoke: "The resentment will soar to the skies, the Spirit Demon Star will be born!"

"evil spirit?"

Mao Yinghao looked at his sister and asked.


Mao Xiaoting shook her head: "Zombie!"


Hearing the two words her sister said, Mao Yinghao's expression instantly froze, and his entire body trembled for a moment before he froze.

As a member of the Aphrodisiac, he was very clear on the situation of zombies appearing in this world right now!

Before Mao Yinghao could react, Mao Xiaoting immediately turned and ran towards the entrance of the inn.


At this moment, Xiang Anjie was sitting at the desk of the Criminal Police Division, typing on his report on the previous few cases. Beside him, the other members of the Criminal Police Division were busy with their own matters.

Suddenly, Xiang Anjie's fingers froze, his face revealing a look of astonishment.

The racket in his ears at this moment seemed to have turned into absolute silence!

A hint of surprise flashed across his face. He immediately stood up and walked towards the elevator.

"Xiang Ge, what's wrong?"

Seeing Xiang Anjie's strange look, Xiao Wang immediately asked.

"I have something to attend to so I'll be going out. If the captain asks, help me get a leave of absence!"

After he coldly finished speaking, Xiang Anjie disappeared from the Xiao Wang's line of sight.

In less than a minute, Xiang Anjie walked out of the Public Security Bureau building, went straight to the car park, and got in a police car.


When he went downstairs, he had already called Bai Linger, but no one picked up after he connected.

Xiang Anjie immediately called Bai Linger's only good friend in school.

Not long later, the call connected: "Hello, who is it?"

"Is that Zhou Qian? I am Ling Er's father! Is Ling Er with you? "

Although Xiang Anjie was a little anxious, his tone did not reveal the slightest hint of nervousness.

"Ling Er isn't here, Uncle Xiang. I haven't seen her since I finished eating lunch, and it's almost time for class. Ling Er still hasn't returned to class!"

Zhou Qian who was on the other end of the phone was a little surprised.

Then, help Ling Er get a leave of absence from her teacher, sorry to trouble you!

With that said, Xiang Anjie immediately hung up, ignited the phone, put up a fire, put up a block, worked hard, and completed the call in one go.

The engine of the police car instantly let out a roar like that of a wild beast. It then shot out of the police station's courtyard like an arrow, leaving the gatekeeper dumbstruck.

At this time, one of Xiang Anjie's hand was controlling the steering wheel while the other quickly clicked on a program on his phone. This program bound a location on Bai Linger's body, so with this device, he could quickly find Bai Linger's position.


Seeing that the phone's screen displayed the word "Positioning", Xiang Anjie knocked on the screen anxiously with his fingers, trying to get the results to come out faster.

At this moment, he was like an ant on a hot pan.

Speaking of which, Xiang Anjie was the kind of person who stayed calm. In this world, there was nothing that could make him appear so anxious.

Except Bai Linger!

All these years, he had spent together with Bai Linger. Even though the two of them did not have any blood relation, until now, he had already treated Bai Linger as his only family, his most precious daughter.

Just a moment ago, his powerful senses as a zombie suddenly felt a strong burst of resentment in the Taiyue City, and this resentment was a type unique to zombies.

After living in the Taiyue City for so long, Xiang Anjie was very clear that other than himself, the only other zombie in this city was Bai Linger.

Therefore, the moment this grievance appeared, he immediately recognized it: This was Bai Linger's Qi!

Generally speaking, Bai Linger would never do something as stupid as releasing her anger, unless she was in trouble.


At this time, the phone made a clear sound. Xiang Anjie looked down and realized that he had successfully located the location.

According to the location of the phone, Bai Linger's current location was at the outskirts of the south region.

Seeing this, Xiang Anjie stepped on the brake and fiercely turned the steering wheel. Ignoring the passing private cars, he made a beautiful 180 degree drift and followed it by stepping on the throttle, making the Santana police car instantly run like an arrow towards the outskirts of the Southern District.

Two minutes ago.


Just as Qian Liangming was about to use the Overlord Bow, outside the abandoned factory, Xu Hu suddenly sighed.

"What is it?"

Li Qiang looked at him.

"Ai, such a good woman, she's a virgin with just one look. Such a good baby was sprouted by this brat, don't you think it's a bit of a pity?"

Xu Hu said somewhat enviously.

"Tsk, stop thinking about this!"

Hearing this, Li Qiang looked at him with disdain: "Don't you know the situation in the scant money's family? Do you have the right to do such a thing? "

"I know, but seeing this coquettish girl, my heart is really itching!"

Saying that, Xu Hu licked his lips, turned to look at the workshop inside the workshop, just in time to see Qian Liangming ripping apart Bai Linger's skirt.

"Alright, what are you looking at?" Once the scant money is done, and we have fun, we will definitely not lack money! With money, the two of us will make a trip to the Heavenly Falls Palace. What kind of woman can't we find? "

Hearing Li Qiang's comforting words, Xu Hu's heart slightly calmed down.

"Awoo woo woo woo!"

But just at this moment, a beast-like roar suddenly came out from the abandoned factory, scaring Li Qiang and Xu Hu so much that they almost fell to the ground.

"Brother ?" "What's wrong?"

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