Corpse: I am a Zombie/C3 Great War Hanba
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C3 Great War Hanba
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C3 Great War Hanba

"Monster, surrender yourself!"

At this moment, a righteous and angry shout suddenly sounded out. Then, a black shadow flew over and kicked the monster's body.

The huge force caused the monster to fly out of Xiang Anjie's body, and it smashed heavily onto the wall of the courtyard, causing the wall made of mud bricks to instantly collapse.

"Are you okay?"

The person looked at Xiang Anjie and asked.

It was only then that Xiang Anjie saw that the person in front of him looked to be a man in his forties wearing a set of black robe, so he could not see his appearance clearly.

"I... "I'm fine!"

Xiang Anjie shook his head.

But the man looked at the bite wound on Xiang Anjie's neck and fell into deep thought.


Just then, the monster's roar came from the side, Black Robe immediately turned around and realised that the monster was rushing towards them.

"Hmph, I've waited for more than ten years just to completely seal this Hanba of yours today. Watch this move!"

With that, the Black Robe rushed towards the monster.


Hearing this name, Xiang Anjie was startled.

But he did not think too much about it, and directly ran towards Bai Linger.

At this time, Bai Linger was slumped on the ground, as if she was scared silly.

So Xiang Anjie immediately comforted her: "Don't be scared, it's okay! The person from before said that the monster was a Hanba ? Could it be the monster from the legends of your Zhuangcun? "

Bai Linger seemed to not have heard his words, as she stared blankly at the scene in front of her, then suddenly muttered: "I ? I've been bitten! "


Hearing this, Xiang Anjie was startled, but at the same time, Bai Linger slowly pulled away the hand that was covering her neck. It was only then that Xiang Anjie saw that there was another bite mark on her neck, which was currently oozing blood.

"Look at this!"

On the other side, the Black Robe and the Hanba were fighting passionately. It was not hard to see that the Black Robe was very strong, and seemed to be a talent specially used to deal with this kind of monster.


Accompanied by a howl, the Hanba pounced towards Black Robe in anger. Facing this situation, the Black Robe was not afraid, nor did he cower, instead he directly flashed backwards, dodging the two claws of the Hanba first, then he raised his leg and kicked the Hanba in the chest.

Different from Xiang Anjie's kick, the Hanba was directly sent flying backwards, and Black Robe took the opportunity to pull out a handful of peach wood sword from his own black robe.

Peaches were a quintessence of the five elements. They could loathe evil energy and control hundreds of ghosts. Therefore, when dealing with zombies, Taoists would often bring along peach wood sword.

But in the end, this was no ordinary zombie. Even if one were to use a top-tier peach wood sword, it would not be able to cause any substantial harm!

Black Robe obviously knew this point. After all, he had already prepared for nearly ten years to subdue this Hanba!

He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue, pointed at the peach wood sword and spat out a mouthful of hyoid blood, then used his other hand to rub the hyoid blood on it: "Limitless heaven and earth, World Borrowing Technique! Metal, wood, water, fire, earth; this is an order of urgency! "

Just as she finished speaking, the originally dull and dim peach wood sword suddenly released a burst of gold light, at the same time, the Hanba rushed forward once again. Seeing this, Black Robe immediately aimed the peach wood sword at the Hanba's chest and pierced it down.


With a loud noise, the peach wood sword in Black Robe's hands pierced into a part of the Hanba's chest, but it was only a small part of it. The Hanba, on the other hand, seemed to have felt danger, and immediately pawed towards Black Robe's neck.

Seeing that, Black Robe increased his strength, wanting to completely insert the peach wood sword into the chest of the Hanba, but when he used his strength, he discovered that the peach wood sword in his hands was unable to advance any further, if he continued to delay, he would definitely be caught by the Hanba.

After thinking for a moment, he immediately pulled the peach wood sword out of the Hanba's body, and then dodged to the back, dodging the Hanba's attack.

"As expected of a thousand year old Hanba, its strength is even stronger than I imagined. It seems like I still can't destroy you with just the help of the peach wood sword, but it doesn't matter. For this day, I have prepared a lot of things!"

As he said that, the Black Robe swung his hand, and with a "sou sou sou" sound, a few dart-like objects flew out from his hand and directly struck the Hanba's body.


After being hit by these things, the Hanba howled in pain and fell to the ground.

Now, borrowing the moonlight, Xiang Anjie finally saw that the thing that had struck the Hanba was actually seven oval jujube cores.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when the Hanba was being knocked down, the Black Robe pointed his sword: "Spirit Summoning Flag, rise!"

With a loud shout, a few pieces of yellow canvas suddenly flew out from behind him, instantly charging to the Hanba's side and firmly wrapping around him.

Seeing this scene, Black Robe's face revealed a pleased smile. He then took out a handful of bronze bells from behind him and shook them with all his might.

"Ring, ring, ring!"

"Ding Ling Ling!"

The originally struggling Hanba suddenly lost its reaction. Seeing this, the Black Robe quickly rushed up to him.

When he rushed to the Hanba's front, Black Robe suddenly threw the bronze bell in his hands into the air. Then, with both hands on his sword, he directly pierced towards the Hanba's chest.

Seeing that the Black Robe was about to give the last strike to the Hanba, no one expected that, the yellow canvas that was originally binding the Hanba, would instantly shatter. The Hanba immediately jumped up from the ground like a carp.

"This is bad!"

Maybe he did not expect this situation to happen, the Black Robe was shocked and immediately wanted to dodge.

But it was already too late. After the Hanba jumped up, its two claws directly struck Black Robe's body.

The impact of this attack was huge, and Black Robe was sent flying more than ten meters away, heavily smashing into the walls of the courtyard. Although he did not directly smash through the walls of the courtyard, he still seemed like he had suffered quite a heavy impact.


When Black Robe stood up again, a mouthful of blood directly spurted out from his mouth.

"Are you alright?"

Seeing this, Xiang Anjie shouted with difficulty.

Actually, he had originally wanted to go up and help, but for some reason, after being bitten by the Hanba, he and Bai Linger became physically weak, as if they no longer had the power to even stand up.

Black Robe wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth: "It's okay, I won't die!"

As he spoke, he suddenly pulled away the black robe on his body. Only then did Xiang Anjie realise that this fellow was actually wearing a vest made from Yellow Talisman.

"Thankfully I have the Yellow Talisman Armor. Otherwise, even if I didn't get killed by this guy, I wouldn't be far from death!"

With that, Black Robe took his peach wood sword and rushed up again, and started to fight with the Hanba again.

Just like this, the battle between the two sides continued for nearly an hour. During this time, Black Robe repeatedly launched fatal attacks against the Hanba, but unfortunately, the Hanba was extremely powerful. Even after dozens of moves, it was still unable to defeat it.

In the end, the Black Robe saw an opportunity and took out a copper mirror from his body. He directly slammed the copper mirror onto the Hanba's chest, and then finally inserted the peach wood sword into its body.

"Awoo woo woo woo!"

The Hanba howled and turned into a wisp of black smoke, disappearing into the yard.

"Destroy him?"

Seeing this, Xiang Anjie asked somewhat excitedly.

With his back facing Xiang Anjie and Bai Linger, the Black Robe shook his head, "No, this Hanba has already cultivated for several thousand years, it's impossible for us to eliminate it. The most we can do is seal him.

After he finished speaking, the Black Robe pushed the peach wood sword behind him. Then, he turned around and walked towards Xiang Anjie and Bai Linger.

Seeing that the person who had saved them had finally walked over, Xiang Anjie heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a smile.

Not long after, when he saw Bai Linger who was at the side looking at her parents' bodies and feeling extreme grief, her heart once again throbbed in pain.

"Alright, get rid of this fellow. It's time to get rid of the two of you!"

Black Robe slowly walked to their side, and suddenly pulled out a sharp blade, and said to the two in front of him.

"You ? What are you doing? "

Seeing the man who had just saved him pull out a sharp knife towards them, Xiang Anjie was dumbfounded.

Black Robe looked at the two of them coldly, without a trace of pity in his eyes. "Hanba s are the king of zombies, they carry a strong cadaveric poison with them, if someone was bitten by the Hanba but did not die, they would become a monster that kills and drinks blood, just like the one you guys just saw!"

"How could this be ?"

Hearing this, Xiang Anjie didn't know what to say for a moment.

Black Robe raised the sharp blade in his hand. "Although I have let you two down, but letting you two zombies continue to live in this world is too dangerous for all living things. So, for the safety of the majority of the people, I can only eliminate you two while you still haven't had the time to do anything!"

"You ?"

Seeing that the Black Robe was drawing closer and closer to him with a sharp knife, Xiang Anjie became anxious. He wanted to resist, but he no longer had the strength to resist the extremely powerful Black Robe in front of him.

There was nothing he could do, he could only beg Black Robe: "Hero, if you want to kill me, I'll take it! "But I beg you, please let this little girl live. Her whole family is dead, now she's the only one left!"

Hearing Xiang Anjie's plea, the Black Robe shook his head: "No, although this girl is really quite pitiful, if I let her go right now because of a moment of gentleness, he will bring disaster upon us one day. At that time, even more innocent people will be harmed. I'm sorry! "

After saying that, the Black Robe raised the sharp blade in his hand towards the two of them, and then chopped down fiercely ?

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