Corpse: I am a Zombie/C4 Zombie in this life
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C4 Zombie in this life
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C4 Zombie in this life

May 25, 2017, 4: 30 P.M.

On the Golden Mountain Road in Taiyue City.

A man sat in a black sedan. He held a walkie-talkie in his hand as he looked at the nightclub in front of him and said, "Is everything ready?"

"Team A is ready!"

"Team B is ready!"

"Division C is ready!"

Inside the nightclub, at different locations, a dozen men in casual clothes answered softly through their communication devices.

Just yesterday morning, a criminal case of armed robbery had occurred at a bank in Taiyue City. Three prisoners rushed into the bank with guns, and after killing the manager of the bank's lobby and a security guard, they snatched away 5 million of the bank's cash and fled the scene.

After a thorough investigation by the police, it was finally determined that the prisoner was hiding in a box in this nightclub. In order to avoid more serious consequences, the police decided to close the net immediately.

At this moment, a dozen or so plainclothes policemen with guns had already secretly entered the nightclub and were preparing to arrest them.

"Alright, since the personnel have arrived, let's prepare ?"

Just as the commander for this operation, which was the city's Criminal Police Captain Cui Chao, was about to announce the start of the plan, Xiao Hu from Group A suddenly said softly: "Captain, the Xiang Ge is missing!"

Hearing this, Cui Chao instantly frowned: "This guy ? And then, like usual, he gave me a missing person at the beginning of the mission ? The scheduled time had already expired... Forget it, I won't wait for him anymore. Let's begin! "

"Yes sir!"

Hearing this, the dozen or so policemen moved at the same time, and directly walked towards the box where the three bank robber s were.

At the same time, a man was leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette in the corridor near the toilet on the first floor.

"Handsome, do you want to play?"

At this moment, a young woman with thick makeup, sexy and seductive, wearing a white low-cut shirt that exposed most of her seductive chests, a black miniskirt, white long legs, and a pair of slender jade legs with a fish mouth and high-heeled shoes suddenly walked over and leaned on this man's side, asking in an incomparably charming manner.

As she said this, the woman intentionally leaned her soft and plump breasts against the man's shoulder.

Feeling the tempting sensation on his shoulder, and then hearing the breathtaking Lan Lan sound by his ear, if it was an ordinary person, he would have probably lost his calm long ago. He would have spewed out a few meters of blood from his nose.

However, this man appeared to be very calm.

His face was cold and handsome. Even though he appeared to be in his early thirties, he gave off a vibe of having experienced many vicissitudes of life. He only spoke indifferently, "Lady, please leave this place quickly. Someone might die here later!"

With that, the man threw the cigarette butt into the trash can beside him. "Oh right, let me remind you in a friendly manner that girls don't have to mess around with things like this. Clean yourself up a bit!"

Hearing this, the woman's face fell, and her charming face turned into one of contempt, "What are you pretending to be noble for, coming to a place like this! Something's wrong! "

After saying that, the woman rolled her eyes at him and left.

Seeing this, the man sighed. "This woman is a little too open-minded now ?"

With that, he turned and walked into the men's room.

On the other side, a dozen or so plainclothes policemen were already blocking the entrance of the robber at the bank. After looking at each other for a moment, a policeman who saw the situation immediately rushed up and kicked open the private box's door. The remaining people instantly rushed into the private box: "Don't move, police, raise your hands!"

There was a bald man with two black dragons tattooed on his bare upper body. He was hugging two beauties when he suddenly saw a group of people rush in. He was stunned for a moment.

In the next second, he grabbed behind him, but before he could reach the gun behind him, five or six policemen had already rushed up and pushed him to the ground, "Be quiet, don't move!"

, the captain of the Criminal Police squad, also walked in. Seeing that his colleagues had successfully caught this man, not only did he not get excited, he even felt a chill in his heart.

What they didn't know was that in the lobby of the first floor of the nightclub, a tall, muscular man and two short, thin men were walking toward the lobby.

Just as the two of them were about to reach the lobby on the first floor, they heard a loud shout as a dozen armed special police officers rushed in from outside the nightclub.

Upon seeing this sight, the duo was taken aback.

After which, the tall man pulled the short, skinny man into the corridor. "Fuck, the cops are here. Let's go!"

"Big brother, the cops must have sealed the exit. How can we leave this place?"

Perhaps it was due to the fear of the armed special forces officers, the short, skinny man asked with a trembling voice.

The tall man said coldly: "What's there to be afraid of? I remember that men's room has an abandoned hidden door. From there, you can go to a grocery store outside the nightclub."

"But ?" What if there are policemen there too? "

Hearing this, the tall man instantly revealed a murderous look on his face. He pressed a hand to his waist and said, "If that's the case, then you have to drag a few people along with you!"

While they were talking, the two of them walked into the men's room.

Right now, in the huge men's room, it was completely empty. There was only a man who looked to be around 30 years old washing his hands beside the mirror in the wash basin.

The two robber s did not pay any attention to him and directly walked towards the hidden door.

But when they brushed shoulders with the man in his thirties, he suddenly turned around and smiled towards the two robber: "What? After killing someone, stealing their money, you still intend to escape? "

"F * ck, cops!"

Hearing this, the short, skinny man didn't even have time to react before the tall man let out an angry roar and pulled out his gun.

The thirty-something year old policeman was about to charge at the two of them, but the tall man took the initiative to aim his gun at him and pull the trigger.


Following the sound of gunfire, the thirty year old male police officer fell to the ground.

"Big Brother ?" We killed the police!? "

Seeing this scene, the short, skinny man was so scared that his entire body started to tremble. On the other hand, the tall man had a disdainful look on his face. But now that the gun is fired, the cops will definitely find them quickly, quickly leave, the hidden door is here! "

As he said that, the tall man walked to the corner of the washbasin, moved away the large basin of money trees placed there, and then pushed the wooden wall with his hand. Instantly, a small hidden door opened.

Seeing that there really was a hidden door, the short man was overjoyed: "Great, there really is a hidden door!"

"Why aren't you leaving?"

The tall man glared at him, and then the two prepared to walk into the hidden door.

"Aiyo, there's a hidden door here, I really didn't know before!"

But at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly appeared behind the two of them.

Hearing this voice, both of them were stunned for a moment.

Two seconds later, the tall man turned around with his stiff body. The scene in front of him left him completely dumbfounded!

The policeman whom he had just shot and killed was now standing behind him with a smile on his face.

"You ? Didn't you get shot by me? "

"Hehe, what are you thinking about? I'm a cop, good man! How could a good person die so easily? The only ones who will die are you bad people. When all of you bad people die, we good people will not die! "

After he finished speaking, the police suddenly rushed towards the two robber s.

Perhaps it was because the scene before them made them unable to understand, or perhaps it was because the speed of this policeman was simply too fast. Before they could even react, the policeman had already rushed in front of the two of them and punched the short man in the head, instantly knocking him down and making him faint.

At the same time, the tall man reacted. He raised the gun in his hand again and aimed at the policeman.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

The gunshot rang out again, but this time the policeman dodged it with a very agile speed. He then rushed forward and hit the tall man in the face. He raised his leg and kicked towards the tall man's chest.


A knee strike landed on the tall man's stomach.


The tall man let out a painful groan, then bent down.

The policeman seized the opportunity to strike the tall man's hand which was holding the gun, causing the gun to instantly fall off.

After the pistol was dropped, the policeman grabbed the tall man's shoulder and jumped behind him. Then, he pulled the man's arm back and threw him over his shoulder.

Two minutes later, a large group of police officers heard the gunshots and rushed into men's room. Only then did they realise that the two robbers had fallen unconscious on the ground, while the other man in his thirties was leaning on the sink, smiling at them. "You're here?"

Seeing this, the Criminal Police Captain, Cui Chao, angrily roared with a green complexion: "Xiang Anjie, you're acting on your own again! Do you know how dangerous that is? Do you think you are Superman or the American captain when you face two extremely vicious gunmen by yourself? "

Hearing this, Xiang Anjie did not mind at all: "Cui Dui, don't be in such a hurry, am I not standing right in front of you right now?"

"Alright, take these two fellows away!"

A few special police officers immediately came over to bring the two robbers out of men's room, while Xiang Anjie took a step forward with his spear. "Wait, don't forget the gun as well!"

Cui Chao picked up the spear on the ground and then looked at Xiang Anjie with some helplessness: "You ? Is the review ready? "

"Got it, got it!"

Xiang Anjie waved his hand and then walked out of the nightclub.

When Xiang Anjie walked out of the nightclub, it was already six in the evening. In another corner of Taiyue City, in the classroom of the first senior high school, a bell had rung for the end of class. The teachers had left the classroom, and the students were packing their things, preparing to return home.

After all, once entering high school, the studying tasks for the students would often get a lot heavier. Thus, it wasn't easy to have a vacation, so everyone would naturally run home as fast as they could.

But at this moment, a handsome boy wearing glasses walked into the classroom.

Seeing this boy, everyone was startled: Isn't this Class One's class monitor, Qian Liangming? What was he doing here?

At this time, Qian Liangming did not pay attention to the astonished gazes of the surrounding people and walked straight to the side of a desk in front of the classroom. Then, he said to a girl who was sitting here: "Bai Linger, this is a love letter I gave you.

The girl called Bai Linger looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old. She was pretty and delicate, had a pair of bright, big eyes, fair skin, a small, exquisite oval face, and a head of long hair that was as black as a waterfall.

However, compared to girls her age, there was a maturity and calmness that didn't match with her age.

"I like you. From the first time I saw you, I realized that I had already fallen in love with you. Your beauty fascinated me. Ever since I saw you, I've been thinking about you day and night. I can't help myself from thinking about you!"

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