Corpse: I am a Zombie/C5 I don't eat pig's blood, I want to eat human's blood
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C5 I don't eat pig's blood, I want to eat human's blood
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C5 I don't eat pig's blood, I want to eat human's blood

The current Qian Liangming didn't have any shyness or awkwardness at all. Instead, he puffed out his chest and answered with a face full of confidence. After all, he was very confident in himself. And his grades were also good. Although it was the next semester of the first year of high school, he had already scored the top five in the entire year several times.

He was like this, naturally being the Prince Charming among all the girls in the school. Many girls dreamed of being his girlfriend, so naturally, his confession wouldn't be thwarted.

However, Bai Linger rolled her eyes at him, packed her bag and stood up: "Student, right now, you are only a high life. What you need to do is study hard, and not think about how to pick up girls! You can take back your love letter or else I will throw it in the trash. Zhou Qian, let's go! "

After she finished speaking, Bai Linger and that girl called Zhou Qian walked out of the classroom, leaving behind Qian Liangming who was in a mess in the wind in front of everyone's eyes ?

After leaving the school, Bai Linger and Zhou Qian walked home together.

"I'll tell you!"

suddenly looked at Bai Linger and asked: "Why didn't you accept Qian Liangming's confession?"

"Why should I?"

Hearing her question, Bai Linger asked.

"Ugh ?"

At this time, Zhou Qian said with a face full of envy and jealousy: "Don't tell me you didn't know? This Qian Liangming is our school's best grass! "He's the class monitor, his family is rich, and his studies are good as well. He's completely the type that everyone thinks he is, you know, Prince Charming. A few class ladies of the previous class fought over him quite a few times!"

Saying this, Zhou Qian revealed a love-struck smile: "If it was me who confessed ? I will definitely agree to it immediately! "

"Oh, really?"

Bai Linger shrugged her shoulders now, "But let me remind you, handsome boys are not always the same. Furthermore, we are now in the first year of high school, and the second half of the year is going to be the second year of high school. We need to focus on our studies first, do you not want to go to university anymore?"


Zhou Qian curled her lips in disdain: "Didn't I tell you? The class monitor's learning skills were excellent, and her family was also rich! A person like him would never be able to attend university in the country. If I could talk to him about a suitable partner, she might be happy and bring me along to study abroad! "

Hearing this, Bai Linger felt both angry and amused: "Young people nowadays, what's going on in their heads all day? No wonder people say that 90% and 00%, the next generation will be destroyed. In my opinion, they are not exaggerating! "

Saying that, Bai Linger used her hand to lightly poke Zhou Qian's forehead.

"AHH!" "Howl ?"

Zhou Qian let out a pitiful cry before covering her forehead, as she said with a wronged expression: "Don't poke at my head, I'm not as smart as you are, what if you poke me until I'm even more stupid? When that happens, no one will want me anymore! "

"Relax, you're already silly enough, you won't be stupid anymore!" Saying that, Bai Linger looked at Zhou Qian's white neck, and suddenly laughed slyly: If no one wants you, I want you!

With that, she went to scratch Zhou Qian's itch, and as expected, Zhou Qian released a bell-like giggle.

While they were playing around, the two of them walked into an alley. But at this time, in front of them, two young men in their twenties suddenly stopped them.

Seeing these two bullying men, Zhou Qian was scared out of her wits and hid behind Bai Linger, but Bai Linger was very calm: "What happened to the two of you? If there's nothing else, move out of the way! "

"Hehe, my two little sisters, you two have had fun, but my brothers haven't been happy lately because they don't have any money on them, so I'm wondering if you two little sisters can lend me some ?"

The slightly robust man among them lewdly smiled and said.

"We don't have any money to lend you. You can scram now!"

Before he even finished speaking, Bai Linger had impatiently said this as she pulled Zhou Qian up and prepared to walk over.

"F * ck, you ungrateful bitch!"

Saying that, the tall man suddenly grabbed Bai Linger's neck and hung her up: "Bitch, you're courting death! If you guys don't have any money, then I can only use yours to pay for it! "

Saying this, his face revealed a lecherous smile.

The originally calm face of Bai Linger suddenly turned cold, and her two fists clenched tightly!

Her pupils, which were originally pitch-black, suddenly turned slightly red. The corner of her mouth revealed two sharp tiger teeth. However, rather than calling them tiger teeth, they were more like sharp teeth.

Since you all want to die ? Then I'll satisfy you!

Just as killing intent rose up in Bai Linger's heart, a trembling voice suddenly came from behind: "Quickly... Let go of Ling Er! "

Hearing that, Bai Linger seemed to have recovered from her shock, the killing intent around him also disappeared, "Alright, Xiao Qian, don't worry, I'll be fine!"

One minute later.

Bai Linger was tidying up her clothes in the alley, while the two little rogues were lying on the ground, painfully struggling. The robust and wretched man had both hands covering her crotch, while the remaining rogue was covering his bleeding nose with them.

"Ling Er... "You!"

Witnessing the situation, Zhou Qian opened her eyes wide, unable to say a word.

Bai Linger shrugged. "Didn't I tell you? I am a black belt karate expert! It's still easy and enjoyable to deal with these two hooligans! "

Just like that, the two of them stepped over the little hooligan on the ground and walked out of the alley.

"Bye bye!"

"Un, goodbye!"

After walking out of the alley, Bai Linger bid farewell to Zhou Qian, and headed in the direction of her own home.

A few minutes later, Bai Linger returned home. "Dad, I'm back!"

"Ling Er, you're back!"

At this time, a man walked out of the room. This man was none other than the criminal police Xiang Anjie who caught the two bank robber s who almost slipped through the net in the afternoon.

"You came back rather early today!"

Seeing Xiang Anjie walk out, Bai Linger pouted and said.

"Well, the work ended early, so I came back... Hm? Are you in conflict with someone else again? "

"Nothing, I just met two hooligans on my way back. If it wasn't for my classmates behind me, I would have sucked them dry already!"

With that, Bai Linger raised her head and looked at the ceiling: "Speaking of which, how long has it been since the two of us drank a living human blood? One year? Three years? Or five years ? "Uh, no, I can't remember. Anyway, it's been many years!"

Hearing her words, Xiang Anjie helplessly walked to her side and sat down: "You didn't forget, right? The reason why we can maintain the appearance of a normal human being and live in this human world is because we don't want to kill! Do you know? "

"I know, I know!"

Bai Linger impatiently waved his hand, "I just feel that living in this world endlessly without killing anyone, and don't you feel that it's kind of torture? There are even times when I think, if the Black Robe from seventy-six years ago didn't faint from heavy injuries before he tried to kill us, wouldn't it be better for us to be killed by him in the end? "

Hearing Bai Linger say such words again, Xiang Anjie laughed bitterly, "Oh you, you're saying such words again, why do you keep looking at this world with such a pessimistic eye?

"You have to forgive me!" Bai Linger shrugged her shoulders, "After all, I am already an old lady of 92 years old, so being sentimental is natural. You can't expect me to be like a young man of around 10 years old, what I hope the most is to be like a normal person and die peacefully, because even if I die, my life would be better than being like a ghost or a human!"

"Alright, alright!"

At this time, Xiang Anjie laughed and patted Bai Linger's shoulder. "Quickly get up, stop sighing here! If you really want to say that I've lived a long time, then I'm a hundred and six years old this year. I've lived ten more years than you have. "Alright, I've already prepared dinner. After dinner, hurry up and help me write another review!"

Hearing that, Bai Linger instantly jumped up and down emotionally: "Father, you're my biological father! Even though we usually address each other as father and daughter, you still have to understand your goddaughter a little more! Ever since you came to the Taiyue City and joined the City's Criminal Police, how many times have you asked me to write a letter for you? "

"Ugh ?"

At this time, Xiang Anjie scratched his head awkwardly: "This isn't my fault. Previously, in order to capture the bank's robber s, I didn't act together with my colleagues.

"Then you can't write it yourself?"

Bai Linger looked at him helplessly.

Xiang Anjie said with a face full of smiles: "Isn't this all because of your writing? You don't know, ah, the review you wrote for me was both vivid and profound! "Our captain was all touched when he saw it. He insisted on hanging the review on the wall so that everyone could see it and learn from it ?"

"Ugh ?"

Hearing this, the corner of Bai Linger's mouth twitched. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "You really defeated me ? "Alright, you're my dad after all!"

With that, she went to the side of the table and sat down. Xiang Anjie then brought out a bright red pot from the kitchen that emitted a fishy smell similar to tofu.

Seeing this dish, Bai Linger stuck her head out and sniffed. After that, she pouted and revealed an unhappy expression, "Father, why is it the Steamed Bun pig blood again? Even if it's a pig blood, don't always know how to steam it ah. Everyday eating Steamed Bun pig blood, I'm almost going to puke! "

"Stop being picky. It's not like you don't know what my cooking is like!" As for the pig blood ? Since pig blood are so good, of course we have to eat them! It was said online that humans and pigs were mammals, and there were many areas where they had common ground. human blood s were also very similar! It's because we eat pig blood everyday that we can survive all these years without killing anyone. If we don't eat pig blood, what blood do you want to eat? Duck blood? Chicken blood? Or is it a goat blood? "


As Bai Linger used a spoon to pick at the large lump of hard pig blood, she pouted her lips and said unhappily: "I don't eat pig blood, I want to eat human blood! I know that the bottom level of the fridge still has three bags of 400 cc human blood, so you can't just take out one and open it up for me. When I'm reading, how can I not have nutrition? "

Xiang Anjie reached out and rubbed her head, "Enough, stop looking for excuses, are you still studying? Aren't you putting on an act at school every day? You've already been in high school for more than forty years. With your current level, those high school teachers are no match for you. Do you need nutrition to study like this? Besides, those three bags of blood are for us to use when the full moon arrives. Recently, there's a mortuary funeral home and the blood station has tightly checked them. So save it! "

Hearing Xiang Anjie's words, Bai Linger angrily stomped her feet: "Sigh, every day we eat pig blood, aren't you afraid of eating more pig blood? I think the two of us will become pigs! Zombie pig! "

"Haha, your sense of humor has increased yet again!"

Xiang Anjie said as he picked up a piece of the steamed pig blood and stuffed it into his mouth, "En, it's quite tasty, why do you say it's so stinky ?"

"Ding ding ding!"

Just then, Xiang Anjie's phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and saw that it was the station calling.

Thus, he quickly picked it up. "Hey, I'm Xiang Anjie!"

"Xiang Ge, come quickly to the station. Something has happened again!"

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