Corpse: I am a Zombie/C6 strange murder
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C6 strange murder
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C6 strange murder

The anxious voice of his colleague, the Xiao Wang, came over from the other side of the phone.

Hearing that, Xiang Anjie immediately frowned: What happened?

"There are two nameless corpses in the flowerbeds in the Tianan Garden District. Come here quickly!"

"Alright, I'll be there shortly!"

With that, Xiang Anjie hung up the phone and stood up. He quickly scooped up two spoonfuls of pig blood and stuffed them into his mouth, then quickly put on his clothes and ran to the door: "Alright, Ling Er, since the unit has matters to attend to, I need to hurry over. Don't go out and run around the house when you're done eating.

Before he could finish, the door closed.


Seeing Xiang Anjie leave in a hurry, Bai Linger sighed, then turned around to look at the half pot of Steamed Bun pig blood.

After a few seconds of silence, her eyes narrowed into two slits, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, revealing a crafty smile. "Hehe, just let me have my meat. Dad, don't blame me!"

She opened the refrigerator and opened the bottom drawer.

Opening the drawer, Bai Linger was stunned.

This was because she discovered that there was a piece of paper in the drawer.

On this piece of paper, there was a big line: "I know you found these three bags of blood, but I told you that they were prepared for the fifteenth moon!"

"Aiyo, you've got a lot of foresight, but since I've already decided to open the fridge, will you still close it with empty hands?"

As she said that, Bai Linger directly pulled on the piece of paper.

But, contrary to her expectations, there was another one underneath it, and this one also had a line of words written on it: 'Alas, when you read this line, you must know that I cannot stop you.' 'Well, you can take one bag out of these three bags of blood, but only one! You have to leave behind two bags of blood for emergency treatment. As for why, you should know it better than me.

Seeing this, the scene on the night of the fifteenth day of the seventh month once again surfaced in Bai Linger's mind.

Although it had been 70 years, she still couldn't help but shiver when she thought of that experience.

Just like that, she took out a bag from the three bags of blood and cut open the seal.

In that moment, an extremely tempting fragrance came out from the bag. Bai Linger knew that this was the smell of a human blood.

Smelling the fragrance, she swallowed her saliva, and then impatiently bit into the cut with her mouth, greedily sucking on the human blood in the bag.

At this moment, her originally pitch black pupils turned blood-red once again! The two sharp fangs at the corner of her mouth also grew out.

After drinking a few mouthfuls, Bai Linger suddenly took the bag away from her mouth, while the human blood in the bag still had half a bag left.

The bloodthirsty instincts in her body made her want to drink that much. However, her logic told her that she could not drink that much at once, otherwise, it would take her a very long time to quell the bloodthirsty instincts that was stirred up.

"Forget it, it's better to let good things flow in streams!"

As she spoke, she licked the scarlet corner of her mouth, then placed the half-full bag of blood back into the freezer.

After doing all that, she looked back at the half bowl of Steamed Bun pig blood and hesitated for a few seconds. In the end, she went back to the table and picked up the spoon once again ?

"Come, let me in!"

There were already quite a few people surrounding the courtyard of the Tianan Garden. Several police cars were parked on the outskirts of the courtyard, and the police cordon lines formed a steel wall that prevented people from approaching. In addition, there were also over ten police officers standing outside the cordon line, maintaining order.

Xiang Anjie passed through the cordon lines, and directly walked in.

"What's the situation?"

After walking over, he asked directly.

The Criminal Police Captain Cui Chao looked at him: "This time, you came in quite timely, but this can't cancel your previous reprimand!"

"Don't worry, I've already asked my daughter to write a novel for me!"

As he casually spoke, Xiang Anjie walked towards the corpse.

"Ah, you ?"

Hearing this, Cui Chao felt helpless.

"Cui Dui!"

At this time, the Xiao Wang walked over hurriedly. He looked at Cui Chao and said: "We've already figured out the basic situation at the scene, these two corpses were found by the flower pots cleaners half an hour ago. After finding them, she immediately called the police, and no one came near here after that! And just before the crime occurred, it had just rained last night, so the corpse's body was also wet. It seems like the corpse should have been here last night. "

Hearing that, Cui Chao walked over to the center of the flower bed, and upon seeing that, followed.

"How is it? What did you find? "

Seeing two people wearing masks and white gowns, who were constantly working around the two corpses, Cui Chao directly asked.

"Cui Dui!"

One of the female medical examiner raised his head: "There's something strange about these two corpses!"

"What's wrong?"

"Based on the corpses' spots and the stiff bodies, as well as some other traces, the time of death of these two corpses should have been a week ago. But strangely, we found some rice grains in the mouths of these two corpses, but from these grains, they should have been eaten in the last three to four days!"

"In other words, two people who died a week ago actually ate rice three or four days ago?"

Hearing that, Cui Chao frowned: "It's indeed strange!"

Xiang Anjie squatted down and observed the two corpses carefully.

The two were a man and a woman, both around the age of 27 or 28. However, since it was already almost May and June, the weather naturally became hotter. As a result, the tissues of the bodies of the two people who had died a week ago naturally underwent some changes.

The corpses still emitted a faint smell of rotting corpses. Although ordinary humans might not be able to smell it clearly, as zombies, Xiang Anjie was very sensitive to this smell.

Of course, he himself did not have this feeling. Although they were zombies, Xiang Anjie and Bai Linger were bitten by Hanba while they were still alive, and the Hanba did not kill them at that time either, which ultimately led to them becoming zombies while they were still alive.

Zombies of this kind were called "vital stiffness", and in contrast, those that became zombies after death were called "dead stiffness".

It was completely different from the corpses and zombies of dead stiffness, even though vital stiffness were also zombies, and had to drink blood to survive, but in essence, they were closer to living people, and just had more power than normal living people. At the same time, they did not smell the rotten corpse of normal zombies.

Other than the stench of corpses, Xiang Anjie also felt that there was something fishy about the two corpses. However, he was unable to find out what it was for a moment. Of course, this could also be because he had seen the dead bodies, and the faces of the two corpses had the twisted expression from before they died. He felt that the victims must have suffered a lot before they died, which resulted in the distortion of the structure of their facial bones.

Seeing this, he stood up, "The grains of rice seen now should only be left in the mouth of the corpse, right? It could also be that the culprit intentionally stuffed inside, making it impossible to swallow. If you want to confirm whether or not the culprit really ate the rice, you should be able to do it only through an autopsy, right? "


The female medical examiner nodded his head: "After the preliminary inspection, the two of us will bring the two corpses back for autopsy."

"By the way, has the identity of the deceased been confirmed?"

Cui Chao looked at the Xiao Wang and asked.

The Xiao Wang shook his head: "This has not been confirmed, because neither of the two dead people carried anything that could prove their identity, and we did not find any valuable clues on the scene of the discovery of the corpses, but what we can confirm now is that the two corpses should not be residents of this district, because we already found the security guards to help them look around, they said that they did not recognize the two dead people!"

"Since it isn't a resident of this district, then why is the corpse here?" Because he was killed here... Or was the culprit someone from this district? Or was the murderer just casually finding the district and throwing the body away? If so, then what is the motive for the murder... "

After muttering to himself, Xiang Anjie raised his head and looked at the two corpses. He had a premonition in his heart: It seems like this is a case that requires a lot of time and energy!

"Is the cause of death confirmed now?"

Cui Chao looked at the two corpses and asked.

female medical examiner glanced at male medical examiner at the side and stood up: "We still need to go back to the station to conduct an autopsy on the two corpses. But based on the condition of the two corpses and the traces on their outside, we have a rough estimation that the two corpses were strangled by some rope like object, which ultimately resulted in death from suffocation."

"Strangled to death?" Cui Chao nodded, and then looked at the Xiao Wang at the side and asked: "How is the investigation going at the scene?"

"It's about time, we can take the corpse away!"

Therefore, Cui Chao looked at the two pathologists and said, "Alright then, let's take the corpse back for a further autopsy. It looks like I'll have to trouble the two of you again."

With that, he patted Cui Chao's shoulders again. "Enough, stop daydreaming! I guess I won't be able to find any valuable clues here. Investigating the murder case is still the old rule, and I'll first confirm the identity of the deceased, then you guys can go back to the police station and compare the recent missing persons reported in the city with the missing persons in the surrounding cities to see if I can find any valuable clues. If that doesn't work, then I can only issue a corpse identification notice.

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