Corpse: I am a Zombie/C7 Corpse Transformation: Shocking Soul (Part I)
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Corpse: I am a Zombie/C7 Corpse Transformation: Shocking Soul (Part I)
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C7 Corpse Transformation: Shocking Soul (Part I)

"Un, got it!"

Xiang Anjie nodded, then he rode with Xiao Wang and the others back to the Public Security Bureau.

It was already 7: 30 in the evening when he returned to the Public Security Bureau. As the sky gradually darkened, Xiang Anjie called Bai Linger.


Bai Linger who was sitting on the sofa watching TV picked up her phone: "What's wrong?"

"Ai, I'm afraid I have to work overtime tonight. Remember to lock the door when you sleep alone at home!" Xiang Anjie said with worry.

Hearing that, Bai Linger could not help but laugh: "Alright, but you don't need to give me this number specially, after all, I am not a little girl anymore!"

Bai Linger purposely emphasized the word "little girl".

In the end, Xiang Anjie also smiled slightly: "No matter how old you are, in father's eyes, you are still my daughter!"

Hearing Xiang Anjie's words, Bai Linger's heart was moved once again.

For the past seventy odd years that he had turned into a zombie, Xiang Anjie had always been the one protecting her. After all, in this world, zombies like the vital stiffness, would need to face many troubles. And whenever there were troubles, Xiang Anjie would always rush at the very front and protect her behind him.

Even though the two of them had previously tried to rely on each other to survive, such as siblings or lovers ? But in the end they found that these relationships didn't suit them, until they found out that the relationship between father and daughter was more secure.

Just like that, they had been calling each other father and daughter ever since they had established their relationship forty years ago.

Thinking about it again, Bai Linger sighed: "Alright, alright, stop being numb! Your words sound so nice, but you're still counting on me to write them for you. Relax, I've already written it. This time, it's 3000 words. It's quite profound! "

"Hur hur, then that's fine. Alright, I won't disturb you anymore so go to bed early. Don't delay your sleep too late, especially since you can't keep watching TV and playing with the computer, do you understand?"

"Got it, got it!"

With that, Bai Linger hung up the phone.

"This girl ?"

As he said that, Xiang Anjie put down his phone, and Xiao Wang at his side could not help but say: "Xiang Ge, you treat your daughter so well!"

"Of course, my daughter!"

Xiang Anjie smiled slightly.


At this time, the Xiao Wang asked curiously: "But for a single father like you to live with your daughter, it must not be easy, right? If so, why choose to be a police officer? The police officer's job is busy, tiring and dangerous. It should be easy for someone as powerful as you to find another job, right? Even if you want to be a police officer, you don't need to be a police officer! "

Hearing this question that had already been answered countless times before, Xiang Anjie still used his usual answer: "It's just that there's no special reason, it's just because I want to eliminate the evils in this world!"

Xiang Anjie's reply made the Xiao Wang smile, "Xiang Ge, I didn't know that you're actually a man with a strong sense of justice. Men like you are very popular with women!"

"Enough nonsense, hurry up and get to work, captain still expects us to thoroughly investigate the identities of the two dead people!" After he helplessly glanced at the Xiao Wang, Xiang Anjie turned his gaze towards the computer beside the table. Then, he opened the internal information network of the Public Security Bureau and began to investigate the missing person's information in the city during this recent period.

Seeing this, Xiao Wang also threw himself into work, and did not say anything more.

In the blink of an eye, it was already 11.30pm. Most of the rooms in the Public Security Bureau building had turned pitch black, only a few offices were still lit, and the Criminal Police squad room that Xiang Anjie and the others were in was one of them.

Because captain Cui Hao and a portion of his men were still outside searching for clues on the two bodies, at this moment, only Xiang Anjie, Xiao Wang and the others were busy.


At this moment, a clear yet gentle voice came from the Criminal Police squad's office area, "Everyone, you've all worked hard. I've bought coffee and meat buns for everyone!"

Upon hearing this extremely familiar voice, even if the busy crowd didn't raise their heads, they would still know who it was.

Needless to say, this must be Mi Qi!

Mi Qi was one of the few young female criminal police officers in the squad. She was young and beautiful, had a friendly personality, and was very popular with her colleagues in the police station.

"Come, everyone has one!"

At this time, Mi Qi distributed the coffee in her hand to the people in the office, and finally walked to the side of Xiao Wang and Xiang Anjie.

"Wang Ge, here you go!"

After saying that, Mi Qi handed a jar of coffee and a small bag of buns to Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang couldn't help but laugh when he received it, "Mi Qi, you're really too polite.

Everyone is trying their best to solve a case. As a newbie, although I can't help solve a case, I can give everyone a back -up guarantee. This can be considered as doing my part to solve a case!

Saying that, Mi Qi smiled gently, then turned and looked at Xiang Anjie who was focusing all of his attention onto the computer screen, his face revealing a bashful red blush.

"Xiang Ge... This is for you! "

After saying that softly, Mi Qi gave the pot of coffee and steamed buns to Xiang Anjie.

In the beginning, Xiang Anjie did not react. Mi Qi thought that he did not hear it at all, and so he called out again. "Xiang Ge?"

At this time, Xiang Anjie turned his head, looked at the young policewoman in front of him, and then looked at the bag of meat buns. Didn't the captain already tell you, in the future don't buy things for us all? You aren't the young miss of a rich family, so your monthly salary was basically all spent on the team! "

"It's nothing, Xiang Ge. This is my own choice. To be able to help everyone, I'm actually very happy as well ?"

Looking at the mature and handsome Xiang Anjie, Mi Qi lowered her head in embarrassment and said.

Seeing this scene, the Xiao Wang beside was truly somewhat speechless in his heart!

Actually, everyone in the party knew that Mi Qi had always been interested in him, but he was a girl after all. They couldn't directly say it, so they would often send him something to close the distance between them, hoping that they could express their feelings with their actions.

Even so, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell. After all, everyone here was a police officer, and their instincts and observation skills were quite accurate.

But what was unbelievable was that Xiang Anjie did not react at all, as if he did not see through it. His attitude towards Mi Qi was not far, it was like he was treating a normal colleague.

But did he really not see it?

Xiao Wang did not believe him. After all, Xiang Anjie was one of the smartest person in the squad. He should have already felt Mi Qi's good impression of him, right?

But why did this guy not have any formal reaction?

Xiao Wang planned to make another side attack.

"Xiang Ge, all of us have to thank you properly for such a sumptuous supper. This is all thanks to you!" The Xiao Wang smiled meaningfully.

"Thank me? You have to thank Xiaomi, right? She spent money to buy it, so what does it have to do with me? "

Xiang Anjie was still acting as if he didn't know anything.

"Wasn't Mi Qi trying to send you something nice to eat, that's why she brought us along, what do you think?"

When the Xiao Wang said this, the rest of the people in the office also followed and jeered:

"That's right!"

"Xiang Ge, Xiao Wang is right!"

"That's it!"

After all, they had been busy for several hours, so they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to relax.

Being shouted at by so many people, Mi Qi's face became even redder, "Wang Ge ? "Stop messing around ?"

However, Xiang Anjie was already calm on the surface. "Since you like to eat supper so much, I'll give you this bun. I hope this bun can block your mouth.

With that, Xiang Anjie placed the steamed bun in his hand onto Xiao Wang's hand.

Seeing this, Xiao Wang was stunned. "Ah? You don't eat? This steamed bun is pretty delicious! "

Xiang Anjie looked at the bag of delicious meat buns and sighed: "There's nothing I can do about it, my daughter doesn't allow me to eat at night, because of my high blood fat, the doctor recommends not to eat at all!"

Hearing that, Xiaomi looked panicked, as if she had made a huge mistake, "Ah? I'm sorry Xiang Ge, I didn't know you had such high blood fat, you can't eat midnight snacks! "

"Uh, that's nothing!" Xiang Anjie smiled slightly, then looked at the Xiao Wang beside him and said: "Okay, I'll give you the buns, eat quickly, after that we'll continue working. Captain and the rest are still working hard tonight, we can't just sit there and work, can we?"

Hearing Xiang Anjie's words, everyone nodded their heads and started to wolf down their buns. They planned to continue working after they were done eating.

Xiang Anjie then opened the jar of coffee and took a big gulp.

The bitter and sweet coffee slid down his throat. It had a different flavor to it.


However, at this time, a violent vibration and crackling sounds came from downstairs.

As it was late at night, the entire Public Security Bureau building was completely immersed in the silence of the night. Even though there was a noise coming from downstairs, it could still be heard from the Criminal Police Office upstairs.

"What the f * ck!" "What's wrong?"

The sudden loud noise caught Xiao Wang off guard. He didn't even have time to stuff the steamed bun in his hand into his mouth before it fell to the ground, trembling.

"What's going on?"

Mi Qi, on the other hand, had a face full of astonishment, and was at a loss of what to do.


The huge explosion came again, Xiang Anjie was the first to react, he jumped up and immediately ran to the door: "Quick, dissecting room!"

Because the tremors were coming from directly below the Criminal Police Division's office, and below the Criminal Police Division's floor was the Criminal Investigation Division's dissecting room, it was clear that something was happening there right now!

Everyone else also put down what they were doing and followed him downstairs.

After around 20 seconds, a group of people quickly rushed to the door of the autopsy room downstairs. When Xiang Anjie kicked the door open and looked inside, the scene in front of him stunned him for a moment!

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