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The sound of knocking at the door was heard right after Alex hung up the phone. Alex received the list of people to be interviewed given by the Director through his secretary. Alex opens the list and have a quick glance of CV of job applicants one by one. To Alex greatest surprise he found one of the CVs he received to be precious’s CV. It seems like God is on his side helping his love life to manifest and Alex was very grateful for that.

It was time to interview the job applicants, Alex was so excited that he came to the interview room before anyone else. Even his spirit was clearly seen from his very cheerful face.

"Did something good happen? You look very happy. " Said the Director who had just come and sat next to him

"Does it look like that?" said Alex, smiling broadly.

The interview begins and one by one the job applicants enter the interview room. Until finally it was precious's turn to be interviewed. Alex's eyes went straight to precious as she make the step into the room.

She sat down prepared for her interview moreover precious looks very calm and confident. One by one the questions given to her, she answered without the slightest hesitation. Although Alex who kept staring at him felt nervous himself, but it seemed that precious was not bothered at all.

Until finally the interview session ended and Alex decided to meet precious . Alex greets Precious as a friend, but precious gives Alex respect and he was surprised by such strange feelings.

"That was very good, you did very well." Said Alex

"Thank you, I hope to hear good news. Then I'll excuse myself first. " Precious said goodbye

Alex also feels disappointed, confused and depressed because precious treats him like a stranger. Moreover, it seems like precious doesn't remember the brand kiss last night at all. Because if she remember, it is not possible she will be very calm when Alex approaches her or maybe Alex himself is excessive.


It was already dark, Alex came home from work on foot while enjoying the night view. The distance between the apartment and the office is only about 2 blocks, which is why Alex prefers to walk to work or to home after work.

The night view in the city has always been Alex's favorite sight. Buildings with colorful lights. The streets are crowded which most of the contents are lovers who are dating, even the sound of music that could be heard from open bars. Even though Alex never entered the bar, listening to bar music as he walk this was also quite fun.

Alex accidentally ran into Precious, who was also on the same road. They also decided to stop by a nearby restaurant and have dinner together.

They feel awkward until finally they keep quiet even though the pasta has been presented on the table. Alex looked at Precious and he felt uneasy at the same time.

" What is wrong? Is there something strange on my face that you look at me like that. " Said Precious

"No, that's not it. But are you okay to have dinner with me like this? " asked Alex

"Of course yes, why? Do you not like to have dinner with me? " said precious in reply

"No, but it's just strange. Earlier you acted like you didn't know me and now suddenly we have dinner together like this. I thought you were being cold to me because you didn't want me to be close to you. " Said Precious

"You haven't changed at all, it's still stupid. We were at the office earlier, you worked there as a manager and I'm a job applicant. I don't want to cause a scandal. " Said Precious

Alex smiled at precious's explanation. He was relieved that his thoughts was incorrect. Alex was happy to still be able to sit together with Precious and eat with her. Even though he was actually still curious if precious remembering their kiss last night. But Alex chose not to ask because he was afraid it would ruin their atmosphere now. At least he can still talk to precious even though precious only sees him as a friend.


A new day at the office has begun, Precious who entered as a new employee immediately received a warm welcome from other employees. Because precious is still new

her seniors to take her around while explaining how she will work later.

"So this is where you work later, I'm sure you already know how the customer service is done but I will explain again in addition. Be sure to speak politely to the customer, don't offend the customer and don't be provoked in the slightest emotion. Your performance will be judged by how many calls you receive. At this point, is there anything you want to ask? " said senior

"I have no questions, I understand." Said precious

"Good, then accept your first call." Said the senior, giving the phone to Precious.

Precious sat on her assigned chair and received a call from her first customer. The first phone call was no problem because the customer only ordered a product. After asking the customer for an address and asking for some basic things to fill out the order form, Precious hung up the phone.

The first day of work is a little hard because she is still unfamiliar. Especially when she receives phone calls from annoying customers who test their patience. But precious tried to do a good job.

Precious felt very relieved after her last call was over and it was time for lunch. Precious goes to the office cafeteria and she meets Alex there. They try to keep their distance so as not to cause scandal at work so they talk like superiors and subordinates.

"How was the first day at work? Can you adapt well? " asked Alex

"Yes, my work is going well, sir." Precious answered

"Enjoy your lunch." Said Alex then left Precious

After taking his lunch, Precious sat at the same table as her division colleague. Although she is new and not yet close to her colleagues. Precious tries to get along well with her colleagues. She also greeted and asked for permission to sit.

Precious enjoyed her lunch while listening to a colleague named Liza confide in her partner. Gossiping at lunchtime is a common thing to do because by gossiping they can relieve stress after facing annoying customers at work.

"How about you, Precious ? Do you also have someone who is hard to forget? " Liza asked suddenly

"Impossible, I'm sure Precious is what makes people unable to forget it." Said another colleague

"I also have someone I can't forget." Said Precious and was immediately greeted with a look of distrust from her colleagues

"Impossible, really?" asked Liza, who didn't believe it

"He is a good person and always accompanies me. He is the person I rely on the most, but unfortunately he never asked me out on a date. I always waited for him to ask me out on a date but that never happened. " Said Precious

" What? I still can't believe it. You look very beautiful and the type of person who will make people like and adore you. Is that person so extraordinary that he missed an opportunity to date you or that person is so stupid? " Said, Liza

"Maybe he's a little stupid." Said precious, smiling, making her friends laugh as if listening to a joke

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