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"There are also fools in our office."

"That's right, Director's secretary! He keeps sticking to Mr. Manager like a leech. "

"Everyone knows that the Manager already has someone he likes, but the secretary keeps trying to approach him."

Precious could only be silent while smiling listening to the conversation of her colleagues. Precious pretends to like their conversation even though she really doesn't like it.

Precious turned toward the entrance and accidentally saw Alex talking to a shoulder-length woman. When he smiled, the woman seemed to like Alex so much that she wondered if she was the secretary the colleague was talking about


The clock finally shows at 7:00 p.m. and Precious's first day of work ends. After tidying the table, Preciouss and starts to head to the route of her home. But when she got out, Alex was waiting for her outside in his car. Alex smiled broadly as Precious walked toward him.

"Come in, I'll take you home." Said Alex

precious accepts Alex's offer. Alex was so happy that he smiled and occasionally secretly glanced at Precious , who sat next to him. While Precious just sat back, staring sideways.

"Just focus on the road if you don't want to kill us." Said Precious, who realized Alex kept glancing at her.

Alex immediately turned his gaze to the road. Driving the car with Precious sitting next to him made Alex unable to stop smiling. He felt very happy as if one of his biggest dreams had come true. Alex also plays a song to accompany them.

The sound of precious's smartphone ringing echoed. Precious then took her smartphone in the bag. Alex also turns down the music volume so that Precious can answer her call comfortably.

"Hello, yes I will go there immediately." Said precious in a panic then hung up the phone.

" What is wrong?" asked Alex

"Can you take me to the hospital now?" pleading with a worried, panicking face.

" Hospital? Who is sick? " asked Alex

"Please take me quickly to the hospital!" said precious refusing to answer Alex’s question

Seeing precious panicking , Alex accelerates the pace of his car. The car speed with a maximum velocity to the distance it should have traveled for 1 hour to 15 minutes. Once in the hospital, Precious got out of the car. Alex got out of the car and was about to follow Precious but precious held him by holding his shoulder.

"Thank you for taking me." Said Precious with eyes that seemed to say don't follow me

Alex was discouraged to follow Precious. But he also did not go but stood silently watching Precious who ran into the hospital panicking . Alex did not step up and waited for Precious. Even though he can't be with Precious, Alex thinks standing in front of the hospital is the same as him accompanying Precious.

Precious continued to run in the hospital hallway. She pressed the elevator button hurriedly as she entered the elevator. Precious put her hands together and closed her eyes. His lips trembled, her tears also slowly flowing and her heart beating so fast. She continued to beg and pray. When the elevator door opened Precious ran again until finally she arrived at an intensive care room at the end of the hall.

Precious was shocked and burst into tears when she saw her mother lying on a patient bed raging violently and struggling in pain. The doctor and 2 nurses also held her mother then injected a sedative so that her mother could be pacified. Gradually the sedative started working and her mother calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.

"How is my mother, Doctor?" Precious asked with red eyes after crying

"For now she is fine. But later she will often feel severe pain in her head because the tumor has spread to her brain. " The doctor said

"Then can my mom recover? I will pay whatever it costs as long as my mom can recover. Please cure my mom, Doctor. " Precious said pleading

"Sorry, but the tumor has spread to the brain. I can only suggest chemotherapy to inhibit the spread of tumors, but the chance of recovery is very small. " The doctor said

Precious also looked at her mother who was sleeping soundly with sad feelings. Her steps felt very heavy when she entered the room and sat on the chair that was beside her mother's bed. Precious looked at her mother's face and stroked her gently. Precious's tears broke out because she could no longer hold back her tears from flowing.

Even 2 hours had passed and Alex was still standing outside the hospital. Waiting for Precious with curiosity and anxiety filled his heart. His legs also seemed to freeze because the night temperature was very cold. Alex also felt tired so he sat on the porch of the hospital while hugging himself to help warm his body.

"Are you stupid? Why are you still waiting here? " said Precious who was frustrated to see Alex sitting like a bum on the hospital terrace

Alex immediately stood up and looked at Precious with his innocent eyes. Precious, who was feeling chaotic, became increasingly frustrated, but she was worried seeing Alex tremble in the cold.

"You already know how cold it is and you are forcing yourself to wait outside. You should just go home. " Said Precious scolding Alex

Precious invites Alex into her mother's ward. Precious gives Alex a blanket so he can feel warmer. The two of them sat on the couch and watched Precious's sleeping mother.

"Aunt, what is the cause of her illness ?" asked Alex

"Brain Tumor, I have been treated for one year. I didn't want anyone else to know, but it seems okay if I tell you. " Said Precious, staring at Alex

"I will accompany you and help you. You have to be strong so your mother can be strong. I will always be there for you." Said Alex

"I know, you're always like that. You are always there for me, you never change. Maybe that's what I like about you." Said Precious then leaned her head on Alex's shoulder

"Alex, can you sing again for me ?. Just like before, it feels like I want to hear your singing today. " Said Precious, closing her eyes

Alex also sang as Precious wanted. Memories of the past come back to Precious's mind. Every time she felt sad and down Alex would sing so she felt better. Like when her pet cat died and Precious felt so sad that she cried all night. Because their house is next door, Alex will sing loudly until his voice will be heard in Precious's room. Then when Precious felt so frustrated she locked herself in the school toilet because her English exam score wasn’t up to her expectations, score of 7. Alex would stand at the toilet door singing until Precious wanted to get out.

Just like before, hearing Alex's singing made Precious feel even more relieved as if all her problems had disappeared under Alex's voice. Precious smiled while pretending to be asleep. Alex continued to sing until the song ended. Alex then turned and looked at Precious who was sleeping on his shoulder.

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