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Alex finally realized that so many people were watching them. People who looked at them cynically and whispered to each other. Be aware of the office scandal that might spread and make Precious difficult later. Alex behaves like a boss who talks to his subordinates and enters the office first.

Precious entered the office and sat on her chair. She put the headphones on her head and prepared to work. But Liza who sat behind her continued to call out to her. Precious tries to ignore it and focus on working. Feeling Precious ignored her call, Liza pushed her chair away until she was finally next to Precious. Liza then pulled the headphones that Precious was wearing so she could get the attention of her coworkers.

"Okay, what's up? What do you want to ask? " Precious asked losing patience because Liza continued to bother her.

"Is it true that you came with Mr. Alex? How can?" Liza asked with a curious look

"We met on the road so he offered a ride. Why are you so curious about that? " said Precious

"Mr. Alex is indeed a good person so that is possible. But don't you realize that many people are talking about you ?. I think you should be prepared because your days will not be the same again. " Said Liza

" What do you mean?" asked Precious

"Precious." Call the team leader who suddenly stands beside Precious's chair

Liza quickly returned to her place because she did not want to be scolded by the team leader who sounded fierce. Precious then turned and looked at her team leader who was standing beside her with a sharp look in her eyes. Even just by standing without doing anything, she looked so scary that it made Precious tremble just by looking at her.

"What's wrong, ma'am?" asked Precious

"Make a sales report immediately and give it to me this afternoon." The team leader said in a resolute voice

"But Ma am, that's not ..." said Precious

" What? Are you saying it's not your job? You have to remember you're just an intern. I could have fired you if you refused the job you were given. Do you understand?" the team leader threatened Precious

Precious had no choice but to accept the job given by her team leader. When the Team Leader left, Liza patted Precious's shoulder while encouraging her colleague. 2 hours have passed and Precious is still fully concentrating on making a sales report. Until finally it was time for lunch and the report was finished .

With a tired face, Precious goes to the cafeteria and approaches Liza who is having lunch. Precious was so exhausted that she lowered her head to the table as she sat down. Liza then lightly patted Precious's shoulder while meeting the one who had worked hard.

"It's very tiring, can you order me a soda? It feels like I don't have any energy left. " Said Precious

"Alright, you worked hard so I will be your servant for today." Said Liza

"Why is the team leader suddenly acting like this to me? Why did she delegate so much work to me? " Precious said

"That's because you came to work together with Mr. Alex. Don't you know that the team leader also likes Mr. Alex? " said Liza

"Is that what you mean by my days will not be the same again?" Precious asked and answered with a nod of the head from Liza

"I'm dead ..." murmured Precious feeling frustrated thinking about her days in the future.

After lunch hour ended, Precious also gave the report that she made to the Team Leader. Precious felt nervous when the team leader examined the report. She was afraid that her team leader would look for trouble and finally she had to rewrite the report.

"Good, you made the report well, so nothing needs to be fixed anymore." The team leader said

"Okay, then I'll get back to work." Said Precious

"Wait, learn this." Said the team leader giving a file to Precious p Precious open the file and read the contents in the form of a customer's address complete with personal data and others. Precious frowned because she didn't know why the team leader gave it to her.

"Send packages that people order directly to their homes." The team leader said

" What? But this should be done by the courier. Some customers also live outside the city. This is very ... "said Precious

"Don't you want to do it? Should I give a bad grade on your evaluation and help you out if you want. " The team leader said sarcastically

"No, fine, I'll do it." Said Precious

" Good then." The team leader said

Precious could only sigh and do all the team leader's orders. Even though she had to do something that was not her duty, she had to endure everything if she wanted to stay here. However Precious also knows that what is happening right now is just the beginning. In the future it might be more difficult from this and she must accept everything if she wants to continue. Because Precious really needs this job for her mother's hospital expenses.

While saying encouraging words to herself Precious ignored her frustration and accepted all the mistreatment from her team leader. Because Precious is determined to continue to survive in this workplace.

The sun shines brightly and makes the people it greet feel hot and sweaty. Precious who was delivering the package in a courier car turned on the car's air conditioner. She checked the list of addresses she had to go to. Some she has delivered and some have not. One by one and from house to house Precious delivers packages ranging from the closest to the far.

Although it's tiring because she has to do everything herself, but Precious doesn't complain at all. She worked hard and tried to complete the task as soon as possible. Precious returned to the list of packages that had to be sent after she delivered one of the packages to the customer's home. After working hard without stopping, now there are only two more packages that she has to deliver outside the city.

Precious then turned the wheel and hit the gas. After an hour's journey, she finally arrived at the address of one of her customers. Precious brought the package to the front door and then she pressed the bell. The first time there was no answer so Precious pressed again but there was also no answer. Precious then waited a moment then pressed the bell again for the third time and finally someone opened the door.

"Ed?" said Precious surprised because the person who opened the door was someone she knew.

Precious was so surprised to see Edward shirtless standing in front of her that she could not say anything. Like herself, Edward was as surprised as he stood as still as a statue. They both are petrified with eyes staring at each other.

"Who is that, honey?" asked a girl from inside the house.

"Ehm, courier. Did you order anything? " said Edward still staring intently at Precious

A blond girl wearing a white mini dress came out and stood next to Edward. The girl is Edward's fiancé named Alice. Edward and Precious then looked away when Alice saw them. Alice, who seemed to realize the strange behavior of her fiancé, began to hug Edward's hand to confirm her position.

"Honey, can you take the package and put it in the room?" said Alice

"Yes, of course ..." said Edward

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