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When the night was late and the moon was at its peak. And when someone else was fast asleep, Dennis stood behind the table while making drinks for people who came to the club where he worked.

Standing behind a desk and accepting orders, Dennis tried to keep himself busy so he wouldn't remember the pain. Although the music echoes to the entire building but he couldn’t hear when the memory of his broken heart is present in his mind. Only by keeping busy did Dennis stop Liza's shadow from approaching him.

Dennis kept busy listening to the customers' complaints. Until a beautiful woman sat in front of him. The girl was wearing a red dress that made her look very sexy and provoked the eyes of men to look at her. Not only with a pretty face, but her body is so perfect that it provokes others to who attracted by her charm.

The girl ignored everyone who approached her as if she didn't care at all. But the girl sat quietly while looking at Dennis with a look that seemed to say that she wanted Dennis to trouble her.

" What do you want to order?" asked Dennis

"Anything that is good ..." said the girl, staring at Dennis with a teasing look

Dennis nodded his head while giving his friendly smile. He opened the Wine bottle and put it into an elegant glass cup and handed it to the girl.

" Wine for a charming lady." Said Dennis, smiling.

The girl smiled and then she raised her glass and shook the glass slowly and then drank the wine in a very elegant and classy way. After taking a sip of her wine, the girl put down her glass and looked at Dennis with a seductive look.

"You are very charismatic, may I know what your name is?" asked the girl

" Why not?" said Dennis, then stretched out his hand and they shook hands

"Dennis, what's your name?" said Dennis

"Gina.." Gina said, introducing herself

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Gina asked.

"Why are you so curious?" said Dennis with a teasing stare in reply to Gina

"Come on, don't play push and pull like this. Honestly, I fell in love at first sight. If you have a girlfriend, I will immediately retreat before my love grows. I don't like complicated relationships.," Gina said.

"Then what if I don't have a girlfriend?" said Dennis, bringing his face closer to Gina

"I'll ask you out on a date ..." Gina said, bringing her face closer to Dennis until they were very close while flirting with each other's eyes.

Even though they don't talk, but their silence and eyes show interest. Among the many people in the nightclub, Dennis and Gina flirt with each other through their eyes.


The clock showed 12 noon, and the sun was glaring, at a very crowded airport where people walk around while dragging their suitcases. There are people who have just come and there are people who will leave, In the crowd's midst Mr. and Mrs. ADEPOJU along with Robert were standing in front of the arrival gate waiting for Alex and Precious from their honeymoon.

They look very excited when they see Alex and Precious. Mrs. ADEPOJU, who was very fond of her only son. She even cried when Alex approached and hugged her as if Alex has been missing for a long time, even though he only left for a week.

"Mother, why are you crying?" said Alex

"You also know how your mother is, she always exaggerates anything if it hits you. When you left, she cried all night at home.," Said Mr. ADEPOJU.

"Aren't you sad when your son leaves? How could you offend me as if I was wrong for loving our only son?," Said Mrs. ADEPOJU, annoyed at her husband.

You're not wrong about Alex, but you also have to think about him. We should give a long time with his wife, but he can only go for 1 week thinking about you. Said Mr. ADEPOJU.

"But I thank Aunty because I won't be able to take care of all the work if Alex leave for a long time." Said Robert and made everyone laugh.

They took the newlywed couple to their apartment, which structure changes into a newlywed's house. We have changed the interior design to suit the tastes of Precious who have officially become members of the ADEPOJU family. Home goods such as cutlery, toiletries and even clothes are in pairs.

Precious looked so impressed that she could not stop looking at their entire room and cutlery. Instantly Mrs. ADEPOJU and Precious became close friends and talked about many things, about their taste in packages and many more.

"It's enough, Alex and Precious need a break after a long journey." Said Mr. ADEPOJU, holding his wife's shoulders, who was in conversation with her daughter-in-law.

"That's true, sorry I didn't think about that. Then we leave now, you guys rest.," Said Mrs. ADEPOJU

After saying goodbye, they left the newlyweds alone in their homes. Alex and Precious could finally breathe freely and lay down on their bed. They could finally release their fatigue after a long journey. With the departure of his family, the newlywed couple finally got rid of their fatigue until they immediately fell asleep after a short sleep.


Meanwhile, at office Stella busily examining documents one by one. After checking a few documents, Stella felt exhausted. She finally walked around the office to relieve her fatigue from work. When she finally arrived at the park behind office, she fell silent. She saw Claire being with Mira.

Even though they were just having lunch while discussing work because they were busy taking care of the inaugural launch of clothes that would soon come up. But that looked very different to Stella. Stella then hid behind a large tree directly behind them.

Stella continued to watch Claire and Mira silently. Even the look in her eyes was deep. Stella was so focused on watching Claire that she didn't realize she was holding a tree with lots of bugs. Until a grasshopper alighted in her hand and Stella screamed while jumping up and down, then she fell right in front of Claire.

"Stella? What are you doing here? Since when have you been hiding behind that tree?," Claire asked.

Stella was too shy to lift her face. She could only secretly glance at Mira and Claire. Stella was about to run away because she was very embarrassed, but when she tried to stand up, she felt an extreme pain in her ankle that made her scream in pain.

Claire immediately approached Stella, then embraced her and took her to sit on a lawn chair. Claire attentively knelt before Stella, then took off her shoes. Claire gently touched Stella's leg and then massaged Stella's sprained leg.

Although a little sick but Stella can hold it by staring at Claire who was massaging her feet. It felt different from before. Seeing Claire who was very attentive to her and even massaged her legs made Stella unable to take her eyes off Claire.

"Why are you so careless and hurt yourself like this?" said Claire

"It's because of that grasshopper. If only he hadn't landed on my hand, I wouldn't have gotten hurt like this." Stella said.

"Why did you even stand on that tree? Are you watching me?," said Claire.

"No, who says? Why do I have to watch over you?!," Stella said, denying.

Stella kept screaming saying she wasn't watching Claire but her childish behavior denying it made Claire sure that Stella had watched her from tad. But Claire nodded her head and pretended to believe everything Stella said, but behind her Claire laughed because she felt funny about Stella's childlike behavior and that was very cute for Claire.

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