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Time passed, and finally the day of the launch of the clothes designed by the AD Group. They held the Catwalk stage at the extensive AD Group park. Everyone seems busy with their work, some are busy organizing and making sure they finish all preparations, there are also those who are busy taking care of the models that are preparing.

They held the inaugural launch event luxuriously, inviting some world's leading fashion designers. Even this program will be on air live on several TV channels.

Alex and Precious were present at this ceremony as heirs and a married couple. Precious who was standing next to Alex greeted Liza, who was on duty to welcome guests. Even though Liza smiled, Precious could see that something was disturbing her friend's mind.

"Did something happen?" Precious asked, worrying about her friend.

"There's nothing ..." said Liza lying while putting on a fake smile so Precious wouldn't worry about her

Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything, right?, Said Precious.

"Yes, just go in there. Accompany your husband ...,"Liza said.

Precious still felt that her friend was having a problem, but Liza didn't want to tell her anything. Precious could only follow Alex to greet the guests as two heirs to the AD group. They met with relations and investors who have collaborated with the AD Group project.

At first Precious felt happy standing next to Alex to meet the relations, but she got annoyed when one relation they greeted was Mr. Foresta and his daughter Cathy, who was also the girl who had dated Alex. Precious knew that they had an arranged marriage. Even though it was only in the past, remembering how they met at the cafe was very annoying because remembering how Cathy was very concerned about Alex.

You're too much, we just met, but you suddenly got married. I think we had something for each other and we seem fit to be together. But you didn’t give me time so I can approach you, Cathy said.

Alex can only smile while scratching his head that is not itchy. Seeing Alex smile silly while saying sorry several times to Cathy made Precious very upset. Cathy said she was interested in Alex, but Alex did not give a firm answer and did not build a boundary wall between them. Alex just smiled, looking silly at Cathy.

Precious who upset to see it immediately left saying nothing and approached Liza who was welcoming guests. Liza glanced at her friend who looked upset, but she couldn't ask because she still welcomed the guests who came. After all the guests entered and only the two of them left, Liza approached her best friend.

" What is wrong? Why do you look so upset? " Liza asked with caring mixed with her curiosity

"Nothing, I'm not in the mood to talk ..." said Precious in an annoyed tone

"Are you angry and feel something burning inside you? You also feel really upset, even though it's just a small thing? You look like a jealous wife..,"said Liza, teasing her friend.

"What? Not! Who says I'm jealous, why do I have to be jealous of me being his legal wife?!” said Precious, trying hard to deny it.

"Yes, you are jealous ..." said Liza and Precious immediately denies it

Liza chuckled because she found it hilarious to see Precious denying it, even though it was clear she was jealous. They fought a little like friends who were joking, but Precious's mood changed completely when Alice and Edward stood in front of her.

Alice and Precious exchanged glances with one another, but there seemed to be a tension between them. Edward who stood next to Alice looked like a dog Alice pet held with rope. He became obedient and did not dare look at Precious. Edward becomes very different from their last meeting. Previously Edward would have looked at Precious with confidence, but now he continued to pay attention to Alice before he directed his eyes.

"Are you not going to greet me? I am not an important guest ...,"said Alice confidently and arrogantly .

"Can I see the card?" Precious asked, acting like a servant.

Liza Surprised to see her friend doing the guest greeting task because after all Precious came to this event as the wife of the heir to the AD Group, not an employee who had to bow her head to the guest who came.

Liza tried to stop Precious, but she kept her head down and acted like a lowly employee. Alice who saw that smiled with one corner of her lips as if she was happy and satisfied to see Precious bow her head. And with her arrogance, Alice showed the VIP invitation she received as the daughter of the owner of the biggest mall in town.

"You saw it, right? V.I. P ... that means I'm a very special person and you have to serve like this is on our level now. I am a daughter of a rich family and you are only a lowly clerk from a broken family.” Alice said looking Precious lowly.

What Alice said was so insulting that Liza, who heard it, got angry and wanted to hit her, but Precious stopped her. Precious accepted all the insults because she thought they were an atonement for Alice, whom she still considered her best friend.

Alice looked at Liza and Precious who exchanged glances as if they were talking about something and that saw her smiling cynically and staring at Precious with a very condescending look.

"You finally got a suitable friend, a lowly employee ... suitable." Said, Alice.

Liza was very annoyed to hear Alice's words and wanted to slap her mouth. Fortunately, Alex came and stood beside Precious while holding his wife close to him. Alice, Edward, Liza and even Precious themselves feel flabbergasted when suddenly Alex kissed Precious's cheek and said romantic words.

"Honey, I've been looking for you everywhere it turns out you're here. Didn't I tell you not to go far from me? I can't be far from you," Alex said, looking into Precious's eyes.

Alex speaks like a spoilt kid, and he seemed to show it to Alice and Edward. Precious wasn't used to Alex's spoiled attitude that looked like a child to her, so Precious just stood still and put on a surprised face so she couldn't say anything.

"Oh, apparently we have a guest." Said Alex then took the invitation card in Precious's hand and read it.

"Oh, you're Mr. Ben's daughter, introduce me Alex the son of Billy ADEPOJU who owns the AD Group and is the husband of the most beautiful Precious girl in the world." Said Alex with great confidence, introducing himself.

Instead of a self-introduction that sounds more like a warning "Don't mess with my wife because I have enough power to destroy you" Alice can easily understand the warning who is responsive. Alice immediately lowered her eyes despite being forced.

"The entrance is over there, hope you enjoy the show." Said Alex with a friendly smile while pointing at the entrance.

"Come on, let's just go in ..." Edward whispered to Alice

Listening to her boyfriend's words, Alice immediately entered even though she felt very dear because it could not void all pent-up feelings. Alex's eyes continued to follow Alice and Edward's entrance to the show, then when he couldn't see them anymore he looked at Precious who was standing still while lowering her head.

"Wow, sir. I really admire you. That was very cool! " said Liza, it satisfied her to see Alice's arrogant face humiliated like that

Alex smiled faintly to Liza, who praised him. Alex then looked at Precious, who still bowed her head. Although Precious said nothing but her sad eyes showed the sadness she felt.

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