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Actually, I thought he was just accustomed to my existence, so he didn't realize it, but I'm sure Dennis will realize it now because he loves me too much.," Said Liza made Robert clench his fist.

Robert looks upset because he thought he could calmly approach Liza, who had broken up with her boyfriend. But hearing that Liza is still hopeful and still loves her boyfriend makes Robert very upset.

Robert then returned to his home feeling upset. He immediately took off the suit he was wearing and threw it on the floor, then he entered his office and sat in his chair with his eyes staring straight ahead.

He couldn't bury the resentment that filled his heart, Robert took the book was on his desk and then threw it hard while releasing his overflowing frustration. His breathing became heavy as he let go of his frustration that held his chest.

Over time, Robert calmed down and after thinking for a while he reached for his cellphone and called Gina. Robert looks very serious when his cellphone filled with ringing sounds and his gaze gets more serious when the phone connected.

"How's the progress?" asked Robert

"I have approached him, he Looks woman too much like it will end quickly." Gina said with a cunning smile.

"Good, I want everything to be over quickly." Said Robert, then hung up.

Robert put his hands together and his sharp gaze turned into a look full of desire. It was very clear how his obsession with Liza had taken hold of him. Liza's innocent and sincere smile continued to fill his mind and increase his desire to have what he had been holding up.

Robert is a person who will never give up if he wants something. Especially if it concerns love. He will let out his attention in it as if he were at war. Someone who will mobilize everything to get the person he loves.

"Liza, I will definitely get you and make you mine. I will definitely make you love me.," Robert muttered.

Dennis was cleaning the glass filled with dust on the desk where he works. As usual, Dennis will clean all his equipment before he comes home after the club closes. His colleague was about to go home, saw Dennis, who had not yet returned, so he approached Dennis to say hello.

“Let’s go home, just continue tomorrow.” Said David, his colleague.

“It’s all right, I’ll go home after finishing this.” Said Dennis refused his friend’s invitation with a faint smile

“Why do you look so different these past few days, is there a problem? Normally you would ask to go home quickly, but now you are here until morning’’. Said David.

“It’s OK. Really ...” said Dennis while giving a fake smile so that his coworker didn’t ask again

“All right, then I’ll go home first.” David said goodbye and Dennis responded with a nod of his head.

How can Dennis get home quickly if there is no Liza waiting for him anymore? Dennis continued to shut himself in the club until the morning because he could not return to his house when the house was still dark. All that because loneliness and emptiness will envelop him in the dark.

Although not very helpful, but the sun can slightly expel the loneliness that surrounds it. After Liza’s departure, Dennis’s heart filled with regret. Memories came to him one by one like a puzzle piece.

Dennis also remembers his happy memories with Liza, but he also remembers how he had hurt Liza so much and made the smile of the girl he really loved slowly fade and disappear. Dennis also knew how much he had made Liza suffer by his side. Make her hope and wait in solitude and alone. Now Dennis felt everything, and he felt very devastated, but he could not meet Liza and ask her back because he was afraid that he would hurt Liza again as he always did.

All people like that, they never appreciate what is with them only after when they could no longer reach for it they realize how valuable it is. When someone is always with us, we become accustomed to that person’s existence. Because we are too accustomed and forget to give thanks and appreciate that person until he/she leaves then we know to realize how valuable someone is.

That’s how Dennis felt after Liza left. Everything he did reminded him of Liza. Every alley he used to live while holding Liza’s hand now felt darker and cooler.

Dennis doesn’t know what yearning that has brought memories or memories that have yearned for him.

His days felt even more empty than before. He lives in a house that keeps all his memories alone.

Now no more Liza will wake him up, no more Liza will take care of him when he is sick, no more Liza will wait for him to come home and smile to greet him when he comes home. The big house felt too spacious for itself.


In a room Precious was trying to draw a dress in her drawing book. Precious looked very serious and focused, even though it was late at night. Alex, who had just returned from his office, looked exhausted with his eyes falling as he entered the room.

Alex also saw Precious was seriously drawing, and curiosity led him to approach his wife. It amazed Alex when he saw the picture that Precious is making .

“Wow, this is great!” Alex said praising the Precious picture

Precious who is ashamed of the picture immediately closes the drawing book and saves it in a drawer as if she doesn’t want Alex to see it. Precious also looked at Alex with a surprised look and also a minor panic.

“Since when were you here?” Precious asked with trembling eyes and a minor panic

Long enough to see the picture of the dress you made. Why did you hide it? Show me that was an exquisite dress. Said Alex.

“No, I just fad to draw it ...” said Precious, a little embarrassed

“But that’s really an excellent picture, do you want to try designing a dress?” said Alex

“No, I do not.” Said Precious while lowering her head.

“Since when have you become such a pessimist? The Precious I know is a person who is very confident and shines the most. Believe in yourself because I really believe in you. You can start by learning from Claire, I will ask her to teach you‘‘ said Alex.

Precious bowed her head, wondering whether she really had the ability for that. Precious doubts her ability and she has no confidence, but Alex really believes in her ability. Looking into the eyes of Alex who trusted her so much made Precious want to believe, even though she still doubted her ability.

She really likes to draw clothes, but it never crossed her mind to focus on clothing design. Either she did not want it, or maybe because she realized her ability. Being a Designer always seems like a far-reaching dream for her but all of that feels achievable now at least Alex who praised her made Precious feel like that. Makes her want to run after a dream and awaken her spirit, which has ignored and forsaken.

Nothing is more painful than regret. A taste that will chase after you no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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