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Puzzle pieces called memories that continue to haunt. It all hurts because it’s too late. Even when you really want to change it and want to do something, you won’t be able to do anything because the opportunity for it will never come back.


Several months have passed and Liza, who has become accustomed to the life of her single, was touring the mall watching jewelry that glowed in the window. Liza smiled faintly when she saw the beautiful gold and diamonds made in the form of bracelets, necklaces and rings.

“I bought this one ...” said Liza, pointing at a gold bracelet with a simple and elegant design

You have sharp eyes, this piece of jewelry is very good jewelry. The simple and elegant design can exude an aura of confidence to the person who wears it. Said the waiter, taking the bracelet out of the window and then wrapping it and giving it to Liza.

“Thank you ...” said the waiter while lowering his head to Liza

Liza smiled and then walked away. Liza confidently walked around the mall. She then stopped at a clothing store to look around. After satisfying her eyes with clothes, Liza went back to walk with a bright smile on her face.

She looks elegant at every step, but unfortunately her smile must fade and her feet stop walking when she accidentally bumps into Dennis.

They both remained silent like a statue for a moment. Their eyes looked at each other in surprise, as if they never expected to meet again.

The years of memory that enveloped them made them both stand in awkwardness. Maybe because the relationship ended hastily or because their feelings which remained in the depths of their hearts made them unable to greet or pass each other. They can only be silent and look at each other with hearts that are sad and full of regret.

“Hi, it’s been a long time since we met.” Said Dennis ventured to say hello.

“Yes, it’s been quite a while ...” Liza mumbled with a gloomy look

How are you? Is everything all right? asked Dennis.

“Yes, good.” Liza answered curtly.

After a quick conversation, they fell silent again and looked in awkwardness. The awkwardness might have lasted long if Robert hadn’t come. Dennis paused, and it was clear his eyes shook as Robert arrived and immediately embraced Liza with a big smile on him. Even though Liza didn’t look so comfortable, she didn’t refuse and looked at Dennis as if she wanted to know how Dennis’s reaction was.

Dennis forced himself to smile so as not to look weak in the eyes of Liza and Robert. He held back the anger and pain he felt to make him look fine. Put on a mask and hide his actual face.

“I have an appointment, then I’ll go first.” Said Dennis, then left.

Liza could only stare at Dennis’s back, which was farther and farther away. Her eyes looked wistful and while holding her chest Liza tried to calm her heart so she would not return weak and chase Dennis, who did not appreciate it.

“Are you okay?” Robert asked with a look of concern, and Liza answered with a nod of her head

“Let’s go ...” said Robert

Robert holds Liza’s hand and they walk to the parking area and then into the car. After installing the seat belt, Robert glanced at Liza for a moment just to find out how she was in the mood after accidentally meeting with Dennis.

But seeing Liza who looked gloomy made Robert unable to ask. He buried all the questions in his mind without saying a word. Because if you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t ask something that has an obvious answer.


Meanwhile, Alex, who already served as CEO, was in the meeting room to discuss cooperation with Forestar Group, represented by Cathy. While discussing the resort project being worked on by AD Group with Forestar Group, Alex and Cathy talked like friends.

Both of them are both hard workers, they like to work even for lunch, they just do it while still working.

What if the resort is like this? People will enjoy the beauty of the sea from the North. Besides being able to calm and become a healer for people who are experiencing stress, resorts with sea view become a trend in the community, especially for people who want to rest when tired after working hard. Said Alex, showing the resort design drawings from his laptop.

“Yes, this is very good. It’s not wrong, I chose you to run this project. Even though you previously worked as a branch manager at AD Export and Import, you are very talented as a CEO.” Cathy said with a big smile praising Alex.

Alex blushed until he smiled as he lowered his red face and scratched his head, which was not itchy. Alex feels happy because Cathy was praising him for his first job as a CEO.

“You praise me too much ...” Alex said with a very sweet smile while lowering his eyes timidly

No, I really do! You’re very great. We have the same thoughts. I think we will run this project without obstacles. We are very suitable. Just try not to get married this quickly. Cathy said again with a look that described her desire to have Alex like she doesn’t know about what is going on between alex and precious.

Alex, who didn’t realize it at all, could only blush while continuing to smile. Alex only listened to Cathy’s praise and didn’t realize the other intentions said by his colleague and ex-future wife.

Even though it was only a brief meeting at the cafe Alex had occupied Cathy’s heart. Cathy, who previously disagreed with their matchmaking, immediately liked Alex because she felt very suitable for him.

Alex is very kind and always sincere when smiling successfully makes a Cathy who has high self-esteem fall in love with him. But unfortunately Cathy had to accept the fact that Alex had been owned by another woman in a short amount of time.

Even as she sat in the invitation chair watching Alex take the oath of marriage with another woman, Cathy could not stop thinking about what if she was in her position? Thinking she should be the one next to Alex and wearing a wedding dress.

Far in her heart Cathy could not accept her position taken by other women in just a short time. But Alex only saw Precious until he didn’t notice, even though Cathy kept saying she liked Alex and wanted to be with him. In the eyes of Alex, Cathy is just a good friend who understands him.


Claire is in a meeting with her team for another clothing launch in the coming winter. Claire sat quietly while listening to the presentations from one of her team members. Everyone has fresh ideas, but also very good.

Claire couldn’t distract herself from the meeting until she didn’t pay attention to her cellphone which kept ringing. After the two-hour meeting was over, Claire saw 3 missed calls from Precious. Claire returned to her chair and then called Precious.

Hello, what’s up? I was in a meeting so I couldn’t pick up your call. Said Claire as soon as someone connected the call.

I just want to let you know when I’m done working on the design you requested. Should I send it now? said Precious

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