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No need, you are pregnant, just rest at home. I will come to your house. I also want to accompany you because Alex said he would be busy in his office. Said Claire hung up the phone.

Claire then packed her things and then prepared to leave. Claire immediately wanted to leave but when she was going out Stella had stood in front of her while staring at her with a sharp look.

Where are you going? Want to play hooky in the middle of office hours? Stella said as she approached Claire and pressed it with a sharp look of probing.

“I’m going on business too ...” Claire said in a tired tone after taking a breath

“Where? Meet who?” Stella asked who was very curious.

“It’s none of your business ...” Claire answered then walked past Stella

“Do I have to report to the Director if the Design Team leader likes to skip work?” Stella said while muttering but it was clear she was deliberately saying it out loud to draw Claire’s attention and she succeeded.

Claire, who heard that immediately, stopped, then turned and walked toward her. Stella smiled as if she was very satisfied that she had disturbed Claire and make Claire put on a frown.

“What do you want?” Claire asked with a lazy look and a frown

“I’m suddenly hungry, let’s accompany me to eat in the canteen.” Stella said with a big smile and immediately held Claire’s hand like a spoilt child.

Claire could only sigh and come wherever Stella wanted it. She doesn’t know exactly when Stella started spoiled her and didn’t let her get far. Whereas Stella had always pushed her away when she approached, but now Stella was even more like a possessive girlfriend obsessed with her.

Even so Claire doesn’t hate it, but sometimes she feels a little annoyed because Stella doesn’t leave her alone even though they also don’t have any relationship. Claire sat in front of Stella just to watch her eat.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?” Stella asked with a big smile and Claire answered with only a slight nod

“Why do you like to bother me so much lately?” Claire asked so suddenly that Stella choked.

Stella immediately drank the water on the table to calm her choking throat. After the food was no longer stuck in her throat Stella leaned her face closer to Claire then smiled and looked at Claire with a deep look.

“Why do you think?” Stella said, who instead asked back.

Do you hate it? You don’t like me spoiled you? Do you want me not to bother you anymore? Stella asked, and Claire answered with a shake of her head.

Then it’s clear. Now you have to take responsibility. If only you hadn’t kissed me that day and not been very nice to me, I wouldn’t have felt this way. Now you must take responsibility because I have fallen deeply in love with you. Stella said, making Claire speechless for a thousand languages.

Claire seemed freezing and cold sweat flowed out of her body. It surprised Claire when she heard Stella’s confession. Even though Stella had made it very clear and Claire also had the chance to think, but hearing it directly was very different.

Like lightning during the day that makes people silent because they are shocked Stella who saw Claire’s face that looked panicked, shocked and worried as she was quiet for a moment and eat the food on her plate. After she finished eating, Stella drank water and wiped her lips with a tissue. Then she looked at Claire with a deep look and said,

You need not answer now. I also don’t think we can have a relationship because it’s impossible. Just ... Stay by my side, like now. Stella said.

Claire still silent in a thousand languages. She was too shocked to say anything. They ended up not talking to each other anymore. The atmosphere became so awkward for Claire that she felt like running away, but not with Stella, who kept trying to keep Claire by her side. No one will understand how Claire feels when the person you think is like your sister suddenly says she likes you. The feeling of being wary makes you not know how to behave, making Claire very confused how to respond to Stella’s sudden confession.

Meanwhile Precious who feels bored alone at home visits her mother at the hospital. Precious is accompanying her mother, who is lying weak in the hospital every day. Increasingly her mother’s condition worsened even today Precious had to strengthen her heart and cover up her sadness when meeting her mother.

A pale, frail face lying on a patient’s bed with an IV. Every day Precious had to see her mother in such a weak condition. Although her mother received regular treatment and chemotherapy, it still did not work to cure her mother, who had terminal cancer.

Precious forced her smile and met her mother with the happiest face. Because Precious knew her mother would be excited if she smiled.

“Mom, how are you feeling today? Feel better?” said Precious, greeting her mother with a sweet smile as she entered her mother’s ward.

Why did you come again today? You shouldn’t be in the hospital often, it’s not good for your womb. Said Precious mom.

But I really miss mom every day. I can’t stop myself from coming to see you. Said Precious acted spoiled to her mother.

Where is Alex? Why are you alone visiting mom? asked Precious mom

“Alex has a lot of work, he will come to pick me up later.” Said Precious.

Precious mom nodded her head then she looked at Precious who was staring at her with shining eyes. Precious mom smiled and opened her hand as if asking her daughter to hug her. Precious then immediately dropped herself into the arms of her mother.

Precious closed her eyes and felt the warmth of her mother’s arms. A warm stroke on her back lifted all the weight on her shoulder. Although covered with the smell of medicine, but Precious could still smell the body of her mother that she missed.

Like a koala hugging a tree branch, Precious hugged her

Mother and buried her face in her mother’s arm. Precious mom let her daughter spoiled her while rubbing Precious’s head. Just like other mothers, even though Precious is an adult, married and pregnant, Precious is still the beautiful little princess to her mom.

“Mom, I love you.” Said Precious made her mother smile, hearing that.

Yes, I know. You always say it ... said Precious mom.

“I’ll keep saying it so you won’t forget it.” Said Precious.

Precious cried as she said that because deep in her heart she realized that her time with her mother was not far away, even though Precious kept trying to deny it. Precious also continues to say she loves her mother because no one knows when the time will end, and she doesn’t want to regret not being able to say she loves her mother as much as she can. Because regret is always too heavy to bear.


The night was approaching; the office was quiet because office hours were over and many employees had gone home. Alex was still working with Cathy without realizing that time was running fast. Those who are workaholics are late in their work. Until Alex’s phone rang and distracted him from his job.

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