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Flying Crane

Chapter 1: Mysterious brocade boxes

As the first rays of the morning sun appeared, the cold wind howled. At the foot of Wu Shan, the ground was covered in mist. The cold wind dispersed the fog, bringing with it a wave of sickening smell of blood. The stench of blood became stronger and stronger, and from the vast fog, a black shadow suddenly appeared.

The black shadow moved extremely quickly and in the blink of an eye, it rushed out of the fog, bringing with it a bloody smell. The black shadow was a beautiful young woman, with a flustered expression on her face, she was dressed in azure and violet clothes, and her clothes were stained with blood.

The child was about five or six years old, and he was extremely handsome. His long eyelashes trembled on his face, and his small and exquisite face shone with the radiance of the stars. He firmly grabbed the young woman's clothes.

Every step she took was a faraway desire, completely supported by her strong heart. There was nothing that mattered in her life, but she could not let her child fall into someone else's hands. She kept telling herself that she absolutely could not stop.

While she was running forward with all her might, more than ten horses appeared out of nowhere behind her. Immediately, all of them were big and sturdy men with different weapons in their hands, and right in front of them was a short and fat man in a yellow tight suit, with a short beard on his round face, like a hairy meatball. His large hand was holding a long sword. As he ran, he drew out the sword and shouted, "Mrs. Zhang, now, you only have a chance at survival if you hand over the item. Otherwise, don't blame us for not recognizing you as our sword." "The sound was as loud as the thunder, so loud that it caused one's ears to buzz. The sound reverberated for a long time, showing that the person was truly strong in terms of inner strength.

This beautiful young woman was the wife of the Thunderbolt Sword Zhang Anqi. Her name was Chen Fang, and she was nicknamed the "Jade Butterfly Lady" in Jianghu. How could she fall to such a miserable state and be chased by so many top experts?

Last night was a beautiful starry sky. The stars twinkled like precious gems in the serene night sky. A handsome snow-white horse rushed out without a speck of dust. This horse was abnormally fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was over ten zhang away. The person riding on the horse was a monk. He was obviously an expert from the inner sect. With a Soul Chasing Blade hanging from his waist, he quickly rushed into a small village at the foot of Wu Shan.

Arriving at the front of a manor, he suddenly tightened the reins of his horse. The horse let out a long hiss and stood up. The monk looked around and murmured, "Here we are." He got off the horse, removed the knife, and walked to the front of the courtyard. He said in a clear voice, "Is Hero Zhang at home?"

Not long after, the door creaked open and an old man came out. He wore a long green robe, and when he saw the monk, he could not help but feel astonished. This monk was someone who feared the experts of Green Forest Sect and was known as the "Flying Swallow Divine Monk". Although his name was nice to hear, the paragraph he gave off was extremely spicy.

Zhengde chanted a Buddhist prayer and said, "Greetings, Hero Zhang. This old monk came late into the night to visit. Please be weird."

The old man cupped his fists and smiled, "No, no. Master has arrived today, and should be greeted soon. I wonder what Master will do if he comes here late at night."

Zheng laughed and said, "This old monk wants to ask for something from Hero Zhang, I wonder if you are still willing."

The elder Zhang Fanhui said, "I wonder what master is referring to?"

At this moment, another horse appeared on the road. It was a middle-aged man in a light yellow robe. He held a long sword in his hand as he floated down to the ground. Without raising a speck of dust, his attainment in Qing Gong could be considered as having reached a high level. With eyes brimming with vigor, he laughed loudly, "Hero Zhang, I also want to ask you for something. Would Hero be willing?

When Zhang Fanrei heard that this person was surnamed Tang, with his lightness skills being so high, and his face so sallow, could this person be the Tang Sect's "Thousand Li Darts" Tang Jiu, he was secretly shocked, "Young Master Tang, why are there so many martial arts experts gathered here tonight? I wonder what kind of items this is? I'll have to trouble you to come here from such a distance."

Tang Ju smiled at the sky, "Master Zhang, you are too polite. I heard that you have received a treasure from the" Immortal Crane Island Lord "Lu Xiaotian. I wonder if you can lend it to me for a look?"

Zhang Fangrui looked over to the righteous man and said, "I wonder what it is that master wants."

Zheng De gave a cold humph and said, "Take it out first." Before he finished speaking, he suddenly threw out a punch, sending out a whistling sound towards Zhang Fan's reed.

Zhang Fangrui used all the strength in his legs and slid back five feet just in time to close the door behind him. Righteousness and Righteousness punched the door, and with a loud bang, a large hole appeared in the door.

Zhang Fangrui retreated into the courtyard, and a middle-aged man walked up to him. When he saw Zhang Fangrui, he couldn't help but reveal a look of doubt. He asked, "Father, what's wrong? What happened?"

"Anqi, don't ask so much. If we're late, I'm afraid we won't make it in time." After saying so, he took out a delicate box and handed it to Zhang Anqi. He then said seriously, "Anqi, protect this box well. Use your life to protect it. Don't let it fall into other people's hands."

Zhang Anqi saw his father's anxious expression. Although he did not know what had happened, he knew it was extraordinary. He did not ask any further questions and took the embroidered box from him.

Zhang Fanhui said, "Anqi, call Chen Fang and leave quickly."

Zhang Anqi said, "Daddy, won't you come with us?"

Zhang Fanhui said, "Anqi, you guys go first, I'll come later."

At this moment, Chen Fang walked out with her child, Zhang Qingyun, in her arms. She asked, "Brother Qi, what happened?"

Zhang Fanhui said, "I'm afraid the odds are against us tonight. There are a lot of martial arts experts gathered outside, take Yun'er and leave quickly."

Zhang Anqi was well aware of his father's personality, and knew that he had no intention of saying more. He looked deeply at Zhang Fanhui and said, "You have to be careful. We'll be waiting for you up ahead."

Zhang Qingyun suddenly broke away from Chen Fang's embrace and rushed towards Zhang Fanhui. He looked up at her kind and amiable face and gently said, "Grandfather, my parents and I will be waiting for you in the front. Grandpa must come, okay? Promise Yun'er."

Zhang Fangrei held Yun'er. His eyes suddenly turned red, and tears could not help but stream down his cheeks. "Yun'er, quickly go with your parents. Your grandpa promises you that he'll be here soon." As he finished speaking, his voice trembled as he became a bit more focused. He then said, "You guys take the embroidered box and go find 'Dugu Wuxia' Lu Hongshuang." If I hand the embroidered box to her, perhaps there might be a glimmer of life. When that time comes, everything will be clear. "

Zhang Anqi and his wife were both surprised at the same time. They thought that the "Dugu Witch" had disappeared from the martial arts world more than ten years ago and no one knew where she had gone. They couldn't help looking for their father.

Zhang Fangrui also did as they were told, but he didn't know if Lu Hongshuang was still alive or not. His eyes were filled with confusion. He recalled a story from more than a decade ago, which happened on a rainy night. A lone girl was hurrying through the night. The girl's movement technique was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the girl appeared in front of him. She was as beautiful as a flower, her eyebrows were raised slightly and her eyes were as clear as autumn water.

He took a closer look and saw that the girl was still holding a sword that was dripping blood, and that it was obvious that she had been wounded internally and externally. He could not help but feel a sense of pity for her, thinking that regardless of what the girl's injuries were, she had saved her life, so he took off his outer robe and rushed into the rainy night, saying, "Miss, it's raining heavily outside, come in and hide from the rain." After saying that, he pointed at the thatched cottage where he had been hiding from the rain.

The young lady turned around and saw Zhang Fanhui walking towards her with a robe in hand. The robe fluttered in the wind, and she felt a warm sensation in her heart. Suddenly, she raised her sword and thrust it towards Zhang Fanhui.

Zhang Fanhui was shocked, seeing the gentle look in the young lady's eyes, without a shred of hostility, he suddenly raised his sword and stabbed towards her. He could not help but panic, the young lady's body moved as fast as a meteor, and in that moment, the tip of the sword touched his throat.

Zhang Fanhui was even more shocked. This woman's movement technique was actually fast to such an extent. Without even thinking about it, he leaped and retreated. He moved three feet away. However, the young girl's sword followed her like a shadow, and it was finally less than half an inch away from her throat where her vitals were. He could not avoid the sword no matter what. In the end, Zhang Fangrei simply stopped moving. He thought to himself that with his good intentions, he couldn't possibly kill him without thinking clearly. Besides, his martial arts skills were too far off from the other party's, so no matter what, it would be useless. He might as well stop and see what you want.

The young girl noticed that Zhang Fangxiao had suddenly stopped moving and was staring at her. She couldn't help but ask curiously, "Why aren't you dodging anymore? Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?"

Zhang Fanrei rolled his eyes and said helplessly, "Miss, if you want to kill me, can I hide?" Why did you kill me? This humble one has kindly invited the young lady to shelter herself from the rain, why would you treat me like this? "

The young girl sized up Zhang Fan Xiao from head to toe. Seeing that he had an imposing manner and an extraordinary bearing, the other party's tone was also very sincere, as if he wasn't lying. Maybe it was really out of good intentions, but he couldn't help but have a better impression of Zhang Fan. But he still said coldly, "Then who are you? Why did you send a woman to the thatched cottage in the middle of the night? You are not a good person. "

Zhang Fangrui's face turned red. He thought to himself that he was indeed in the wrong. No wonder she was suspicious of him. He hurriedly explained, "I ?"

Looking at him, it was impossible for him to be the assassin that had been sent to kill her. Before Zhang Fanglei could finish his sentence, she took the lead and said, "Gongzi, you don't have to panic, it's my fault, it's your fault." Putting away her sword, she bowed to try and apologize.

Zhang Fangrui hastily returned the greeting and said, "This humble one also has something wrong with him. I was too rude and offended you."

The young girl's kung fu was actually several times higher than that of Zhang Fan Xiao. When Zhang Fan Xiao told him to go inside to take shelter from the rain, the young girl's kung fu was actually higher than Zhang Fan Xiao's. He thought that it might be another assassin's trick, but he was afraid of accidentally killing a good person, so he gave it a try, otherwise, with Zhang Fan's martial arts skills, he would have already died by his sword. At this time, he saw Zhang Fan raising his fingers steadily, being humble, polite, and not losing his demeanour of a gentleman, and said: "Young master, there is no need to be so polite, I was too reckless.

Zhang Fanhui saw that the young girl asked for his name, he could not help but look at her again, only to see that her lips were red and her teeth were white, her skin as white as snow. A pair of bright eyes was looking at him, quickly collecting his thoughts. "My surname is Zhang and my name is Lu Xiao. May I know what advice you have for me?"

The girl cupped her fists in a greeting, "I have indeed offended you just now. So you are the" Meteor Sword "Zhang Fanhui, Great Hero Zhang."

Zhang Fanhui said his name when he saw the young girl talking. Seeing that she was only around 21 to 22 years old, his martial arts skills were surprisingly high. He could not help but ask, "How is that so? I only know of my own infamy, I am far from you, and I am ashamed of myself. Lady Ji is truly a rare expert in this world. I don't know where Lady Ji can go."

The young girl said, "Hero Zhang is too serious. How can a young girl be a rare expert? Her lowly name is Lu Hongshuang."

Zhang Fangrei was very surprised to hear this. This young girl in front of him was actually the 'Dugu Witch' Lu Hongshuang who had been popular in the martial arts world for the past few years. Her kung fu was so high, and she was actually so young. "Ah, so it is the Dugu Witch. I am truly disrespectful."

Lu Hongshuang changed the subject and said, "Hero Zhang, I have a request. I hope that you can agree to it."

Zhang Fanhui saw that Lu Hongshuang's body was covered in wounds and blood, and thought that she must have met an extremely dangerous opponent. "I wonder what I can do for Lu Witch?"

Lu Hongshuang took out a black embroidered box with gold lining from her pocket. However, she could see that this box was extremely ordinary and didn't have anything special about it. He said slowly, "Great Hero Zhang, I hope you can help me keep this embroidered box safe. You absolutely cannot let anyone know about this. Otherwise it will be life-threatening. "

Zhang Fangrei was surprised to hear that, and he said emotionally, "This one ?"

Lu Hongshuang replied, "As long as you remain calm and collected, no one will know and no one will suspect you. As long as you help me keep this embroidered box safe, I will definitely repay you in the future."

Zhang Fangrui saw Lu Hongshuang's anxious face, her eyebrows knitted together in a deep frown. She looked extremely anxious as she said, "Lu Witch, don't worry. I will save this box with my life."

Lu Hongshuang's face lit up, "Thank you, Hero Zhang. For the sake of not implicating Hero Zhang, I will take my leave." Upon saying that, he clasped his hands and bowed. He turned around and disappeared into the dark night rain.

Zhang Fan arrived at the thatched cottage. His clothes were all drenched, but when he saw more than ten shadows chasing after Lu Shuang like ghosts in the rainy night, there was no news of Lu Hongshuang anymore ?

The wind gusted in the room, and wood chips flew in all directions. Zhang Fan was startled by the sight of a monk standing in the courtyard, his clothes fluttering in the wind.

Zhang Fanhui said, "Master is really good at kung fu!" With both hands on their backs, Zhang Anqi and the others took the opportunity to leave.

Zhang Anqi also kept the box. Hugging Zhang Qingyun, he walked away hand in hand with Chen Fang.

Zheng De laughed and said, "Young hero Zhang, take care, you make him look extremely cute and handsome. This old monk really likes him and even wants me to hug him." Before he finished speaking, the five fingers of his left hand became like claws as they swiftly grabbed towards Zhang Qingyun.

"Yun'er is so naughty that even his grandfather doesn't like him. I'm afraid that he will anger the master later." Zhang Fanhui turned to Zhang Anqi and said, "Why aren't you carrying Yun'er in?"

Zhang Anqi wanted to turn around and leave. Zheng laughed and said, "Hero Zhang, this naughty child must be very smart. This old monk is very fond of him." Then he leaped up and reached for Zhang Anqi's back.

Zhang Fangrui also followed like a shadow, dodging and once again blocking Righteous and Moral front.

Righteousness's eyes flashed with a cold light. With a loud shout, he raised his blade and chopped towards Zhang Fan's shoulder. The momentum behind the strike was so great that it created a whistling sound.

Zhang Fangrui moved to the side and took out his long sword. He then slashed at the face of Righteous Beard. Righteous Bestowal was a very fast skill, as well as a very fast change in moves. However, as soon as Yi Qingfeng was about to attack him, he immediately dodged to the side. When he dodged to the side, he felt a burning sensation on his face. In his heart, he was secretly shocked at the high level of Zhang Fan's kung fu skills. He flipped over and rolled away, slashing towards Zhang Fan's waist with all his might.

Zhang Fanhui's body tilted and he took two steps forward. The long sword in his right hand drooped down, sealing the Soul Chasing Blade. The blades intersected, and sparks flew. They both took a step back.

Right at this moment, Tang Jiu landed in the courtyard. He smiled and said, "You two sure are good at martial arts. Seeing you, I am really good at taking care of you." Before he finished his sentence, he pulled out his sword and stabbed towards Zhang Fan's reed. In the darkness, the light and shadows of his sword filled the air with killing intent.

He untied the two white horses and quickly ran out of the mountain. But before he had covered half a mile, more than ten big men suddenly jumped out from the grass, led by a man with a full beard. His eyes shone brightly, and he held a machete in his hand as he laughed, "Want to run? Do you think you can run tonight?"

Zhang Anqi was shocked to see her loud voice. It was clear that she was another expert. Without another word, he flipped his hand and drew out his sword. The sword tip turned into tens of thousands of swords and pierced towards the big man.

The big man coldly said, "Good timing!" He immediately waved his broadsword and brandished it.

Zhang Anqi advanced his moves quickly and changed his moves even faster. When experts competed, they paid attention to the advance of the battle. The blade and sword techniques were in the eye, fluctuating and moving in and out, and he was the first king. His sword technique was truly as fast as lightning, and when he was in the lead, his sword techniques were like river water, unceasing and unstoppable.

Although the big man lost the initiative, he was not disturbed in the face of danger. He brandished his machete, which danced so closely that it could not penetrate the wind. Zhang Anqi attacked fiercely, but he could not hurt the big man at all.

Zhang Anqi turned around and changed his sword art. Sword sparks flew everywhere like falling stars. The big man was forced to take two steps back. Two wounds were left on his body. The big man did not avoid the attack, but went forward instead.

Zhang Anqi was secretly surprised that this crazy man would use such a lose-lose move. Their side was clearly at a disadvantage, yet he still used such a dangerous move, as if the big man was enraged to the extreme. Zhang Anqi immediately retreated, stepped three feet away to avoid the sharp edge of the attack, and leaped up.

At the same time, the burly man was also secretly shocked. The man in front of him seemed to be in his early thirties, yet his movement was so fast. He could be considered a young hero. Not daring to be the slightest bit careless, the saber spun around rapidly, blocking the attack with a "Lift the fire to the sky".

Zhang Anqi used both legs to hit the man's throat. He turned his body and slashed at the man's throat with his sword. The man had no choice but to lean back to avoid the attack. Even so, he felt a cold sensation coming from his throat. Just like that, his abdomen was exposed. Sure enough, Zhang Anqi stomped on him hard. The man fell heavily onto the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. However, this man had been in the path of cultivation for more than twenty years and had been through hundreds of battles. He had a very deep foundation, so he did not suffer too much damage. He said angrily, "What are you people still standing here for? Hurry up and attack!"

Zhang Anqi kicked a big man, causing him to somersault backwards. He jumped onto the back of the double deck and said, "Fang Fang, let's go."

Seeing that their leader had been thwarted, the men couldn't help but stay in the area. They recovered their wits after hearing the man's angry roar and prepared to attack. But then, two handsome horses galloped past them.

When the big bearded man saw this, he shouted, "You pieces of trash, hurry up and chase him!"

A horse was a handsome and galloping horse. It was as if a horse was galloping through the sky. It was truly as proud as a dragon swimming in the sky. How could these men catch up?

Besides, Tang Juzheng and his partner had besieged Zhang Fangre, and although his kung fu was high, his kung fu was not ordinary either, both of their kung fu were not inferior to Zhang Fangru's, the two of them attacked together, and Zhang Fangru was defeated, after a long time, the sweat on Zhang Fangrui's forehead began to drip like rain, and he began to pant heavily.

Zhengde suddenly shouted, "Why aren't you lying down!" With that said, he slowly pushed out with his palm. This palm seemed extremely slow, but Zhang Fan was unable to dodge it, and it landed squarely on his chest.

At that time, Zhang Fanhui's sword in his right hand was blocking Tang Juehe's ferocious attack. His left hand had just disintegrated the Soul Chasing Blade that was sweeping over him, but Zhengde's attack was a blade with a palm in it, the blade force had yet to be unleashed, the palm force could be used to avoid the blade attack, but it was also difficult to dodge the blade attack. Similarly, it was also difficult to evade the blade attack, which was the famous technique of the "Flying Swallow God Monk" Zhengde.

Zhang Fan was sent flying six or seven feet back. He rolled several times on the ground and blocked his way to the stairs at the back of the room. Only then was he forced to stop. A sweet taste flowed from his throat as he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. This palm strike was truly not light. It was obvious that he had sustained internal injuries.

Zheng De walked closer to take a look and saw that Zhang Fa Xiao's face suddenly paled. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and he raised his head to laugh. He was clearly satisfied with the power of his palm strike.

Tang Jiu bent down and was about to search Zhang Fanglei's body. "Young Master Tang, what are you trying to do?"

Tang Jiu turned his head, only to see the righteous eyes looking straight at him, their eyes were sharp like needles, causing Tang Jiu to shudder, but he immediately regained his senses and raised his head, saying, "With me here, could it be that the master wants to keep it for himself?"

Zhengde's face changed and he laughed out loud. Zhang Fangrui, who was lying on the ground, laughed out loud and said, "Neither of you can get what you want." After he had finished speaking, he let out a long and loud whistle, and after that, he was unable to catch his breath.

Zheng De's expression changed again as he slowly said, "Young Master Tang, don't say such things. How could I possibly do such a thing?" Then, he changed the topic and said, "Young Master Tang, please check if that thing is truly not with this old man."

However, that thing was still uncertain, so he couldn't turn against it right now. He forced a smile on his face and said, "Alright, alright," after searching for a long time, he still couldn't find anything, only finding a few taels of silver. Glancing at Righteous and Righteous, he stealthily returned the silver back and said, "Nothing, that thing is definitely on Zhang Anqi and his wife's body."

How could these little movements escape the eye of virtue and virtue? He thought to himself, "What a greedy guy, he really can't make a change in the weather." With a disdainful smile, he said, "That's right. We have to hurry and chase after Zhang Anqi and his wife."

The two of them rushed out of the house, jumped on their horses and sped away. Not long later, they caught up with the big guys. The big bearded man saw the righteousness and respect and said, "Head, your subordinate was unable to stop Zhang Anqi even if I were to die. Please punish me."

Zheng De saw the men from afar and said, "Even you guys couldn't stop Zhang Anqi. Where did they run off to?"

The bearded big fellow said, "Head, Zhang Anqi and his wife have fled here." He pointed in the direction they had gone.

Zhengde shouted, "Go after him. Send a signal to the others. We must capture Zhang Anqi." Before he could finish his sentence, he was already outside the Tenth Order. This horse is really fast.

When Tang Jiu heard that man call Righteous Noble the Hall Master, he felt it was strange. Righteousness and Righteousness had always been independent and unruly, so how could he possibly be the Hall Master? He could not help but be more wary of him.

When the big man heard this, he immediately took out a firecracker and pulled it open. The firecracker shot into the air and released a rainbow-colored light.

Zhang Anqi and his wife rushed past the big men and passed a patch of grass. At this time, dawn had arrived in the east and a thick fog was covering the entire area. He could not see the border of the grassland. The strong wind was howling, and it was abnormally cold. The surroundings seemed to be filled with killing intent.

In the silence of the thick fog, the sounds of the hooves could be heard. In an instant, the sound of hooves could be heard like rain.

Zhang Anqi said, "Fang Fang, we are surrounded." He took out a brocade box from his chest pocket and handed it to Chen Fang, "You have to protect Yun'er and this box well. I'll cover you guys in the fog later."

Chen Fang took the box and put it away in her bosom. "No, Brother Qi, you have to rush out of here with us!" Her clear eyes couldn't help but show signs of tears.

Zhang Anqi's heart was filled with sorrow as he looked at his wife's attachment. His expression became even more sorrowful, and there were tears in his eyes.

The centurions immediately surrounded Zhang Anqi and the other two. The leader was a tall and sturdy man with two black knees, but his eyes were bright and full of spirit. He was the chief escort officer of the Mountain Splitter Escort Office, Qu Xi Min.

Zhang Anqi sneered, "Chief Escort Qong, what a grand scene! I was so flattered to see so many people here." His tone was cold, his demeanor arrogant, and his eyes were filled with determination.

Quansui Min did not seem to mind, and laughed out loud, "Who told this old man to be born to work hard, I hope Young Hero Zhang can forgive me and hand the thing over."

Zhang Anqi sneered, "Head Protector Qong, do you think you can capture me?" I'm afraid that's unlikely. " She revealed a look of disdain and raised her head to ignore him.

Seeing Zhang Anqi in such a relaxed and confident manner, he was very brave. He slowly drew his sword and said, "It seems like Young Hero Zhang is going to let me do it." Then he pushed off the saddle with his feet, held his sword in his hand, and stabbed at Zhang Anqi.

Zhang Anqi patted the horse's back, his body soaring up, avoiding the sword move. He somersaulted in the air, sword in hand, cold light flashing as he dove down and stabbed into Qang Min's head.

When Qu Jiexin's attack failed, he instantly felt a chill on his forehead, and was secretly startled by Zhang Anqi's speed. His tall and big feet immediately turned like a weird python, and with a whistling sound, he retreated two feet.

Zhang Anqi pointed the tip of his sword at the ground and rolled over. His body and sword became one, and with the momentum of thunder, he stabbed at Quang Min's abdomen. Quansui Min's movements changed, the three foot long blade suddenly turned into a long arc, bringing up layers of cold light. The two swords clashed, flashing golden light, and being concealed by the sound of wind and thunder.

Zhang Anqi's swordsmanship was as fast as a torrential storm and as dense as a pearl.

Chen Fang watched the two of them fight, then suddenly heard the sound of horses galloping closer and closer. In her heart, she was very anxious, so she didn't care about what they were doing, took out three steel needles, and threw them at Qanmin's back.

Three steel needles struck his back, and the pain in his back caused him to pause for a moment. With the open door in front of him exposed, Zhang Anqi took the opportunity to slap him with his palm, causing him to retreat seven or eight steps. Only then did he barely stabilize his feet.

Chen Fang shot out the steel needle. When the other men saw this, they all angrily said, "No, naughty girl." "How dare you secretly shoot and hurt people, let's see if these old men won't skin you alive." Each of them took out their weapons and attacked Chen Fang.

A big man fell to the ground and fell off his horse, but at the same time, three big blades came slashing down on Chen Fang. Chen Fang hastily waved her sword to block the three big blades, which came from three different big men and were so powerful that Chen Fang's arm couldn't help but feel numb from the shock.

The three burly men changed their moves at the same time, going up, down, and in three different directions towards Chen Fang. Clearly, these burly men had gone through special training. They each made their own moves and coordinated well together, complementing each other's strengths.

Chen Fang hurriedly carried Zhang Qingyun, kicked with her legs, and retreated three feet back. Only then did she barely avoid the blade.

The three big men jumped off their horses at the same time and rushed towards Chen Fang. Suddenly, a gust of cold wind attacked them, and the three big men were stunned, frightened, and felt their throats go cold. Their throats were cut, and the person who attacked them was none other than Zhang Anqi.

Zhang Anqi slashed his "Crossing Witchcraft Mountain" with his long sword again. This time, he used his full strength, and a strong wind blew, changing the momentum of the raging waves. Suddenly, another three or four men were sent flying. Their eyes flashed as they thought about today's situation. Wanting to escape unscathed was truly indistinct. He then turned to Chen Fang and said, "Fang Fang, you guys hurry up and get on the horse. Take Yun'er and leave first."

How could Chen Fang leave first? Her eyes were filled with affection as she said, "Brother Qi, why would I leave before you leave? Even if we die today, we will die together." The emotion and desolation in their eyes was not something that could be expressed in words.

Zhang Anqi felt warm inside, thinking that today's situation was extremely dangerous. Sister Fang was very close to him, so how could she leave first? He immediately embraced her delicate body and said, "Then let's go together." He and Chen Fang jumped onto the horse's back.

At this moment, Qong Jiexin pulled out three steel needles. Fortunately, the needles did not hit the vital parts of his body, instead, they only caused flesh wounds. "We can't let them escape," she said furiously.

Zhang Anqi and the other two jumped onto the back of the horse. They clapped their hands on the horse, causing it to scream in pain. Then, it dashed forward.

The strong men all mounted their horses and followed closely. Zhang Anqi jumped backwards, and used Windswept Leaf to descend, instantly reaching the peak. Some of the strong men didn't even get a chance to react before using the death sword to slow down their galloping horses, charging about thirty feet away.

Zhang Anqi landed on the ground. With a flash of sword light, a "White Sun Penetrating Rainbow" shot out like a meteor. Wherever the white light went, grass and sand were swept away. It was unknown how many horse feet were broken in an instant.

Suddenly, he heard someone behind him chuckle and said, "Truly, a hero comes from a young man. His skills are indeed outstanding."

It was unknown when Righteous and Tang Ju had arrived by his side. Seeing these two people, he couldn't help but be secretly shocked, thinking that his father was probably in a bad situation, a wave of grief and indignation rose up from his heart. His handsome face turned ashen, and he glared at the two of them with a pair of frosty eyes, fiercely glaring at them, "Where is my father? What did you two all do to my father?" Her voice was mournful and tears began to appear in her eyes.

Tang Jiu faintly smiled and said, "Young Hero Zhang, don't be too impatient. Your father has already made up his mind. As long as you hand over your things, we can discuss anything."

Zhengde looked around, but there was no sign of Chen Fang. There were more than a dozen horses lying on the ground, all with legs cut off, only two still alive. He turned to Quanmin, his eyes flashing as he urged him to organize the team to chase after Chen Fang.

As soon as Min saw the righteous look in Chen Fang's eyes, he took the hint and mounted his horse, following the horse in the direction Chen Fang had fled in.

"Young Hero Zhang, as the saying goes, if a gentleman doesn't take advantage of the situation, he should quickly hand it over." With these words, he waved the Soul Chaser Blade, giving off the impression that if you didn't hand it over quickly, I would immediately chop off your head.

Although Zhang Anqi's eyes were fixed on Tang Jiu and his wife, he was extremely attentive to the movements of the people around him. As soon as he saw Quang Xie mount the horse, he knew what he meant, and immediately ignored the two of them, moving his legs to propel himself forward, crossing the distance of five feet while thrusting the sword in his right hand towards Quang Ming at lightning speed.

Tang Jiu was surprised by this change. He immediately flew up and struck Zhang Anqi's back like a lightning bolt. It happened so fast that Zhang Anqi had to use his sword to save himself. He turned his sword and sealed the door. He was shocked and did not dare to be careless. He quickly moved six feet away from the door.

Zheng De gave a faint smile, seeing that Zhang Anqi was attacking towards Quang Ying Min, he knew that the thing was not on him, so he ignored the two and waited for the horse to catch up, but suddenly, Zhang Anqi seemed to pass through the clouds like a delicate woman, his sword carried by the wind, quickly reaching between his eyebrows, and with a cry of "You're courting death", he retreated, sliding six or seven feet on the grass like the wind, then leading his blade technique, tapping the tip of his feet on the ground, quickly attacking Zhang Anqi.

Tang Jiu also jumped up and attacked Zhang Anqi with his sword.

Zhang Anqi felt a chill run down his spine and his body flashed. He slightly moved his waist to get away from the tip of the sword.

Tang Jiu followed his moves closely, not giving Zhang Anqi a chance to breathe. A flash of cold light reflected the moonlight.

Zhang Anqi brandished his sword and closed the door tightly. Under the tight attacks of the two men, he was at a disadvantage. Slowly, his sword moves were restricted, and beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead. He began to pant heavily, showing signs of exhaustion.

Righteous Tang saw Tang Jiu's sword move, the silver blade dancing in the air, cold and gloomy in all directions. Knowing that Zhang Anqi would lose without a doubt, he immediately withdrew from the battle, jumped on the horse, and said, "Young Master Tang, I'll leave this brat to you. This old monk will go and chase that female benefactor first." He waved his arm and chased after them.

"Young hero Zhang, as long as you hand over the item now, I, Tang Xiu, will definitely spare your life."

Zhang Anqi was a man of strong character. Even if he lost his life, he would rather die than submit.

Zhang Anqi was forced to retreat step by step. Although he had experienced a lot of life and death situations, he still could not help but feel a chill in his heart, hoping that his wife would be able to escape from the clutches of the tiger.

Tang Jiu struck out with his palm and sword, the sword light was like a star, and the shadow of his palm was like the wind. Soon, Zhang Anqi was killed by Tang Jiu, and the shadow of his palm was like the wind, and soon, Zhang Anqi was killed by the sword.

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