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Lin Kaibin said, "I have no choice but to worry about you because you can..." "She's mine." Saying this, he couldn't help but look at Ru Huizhu, not knowing how to address her, saying that she was either his sister or his sister, but the two's clothes didn't match, although he hadn't washed his clothes for a long time, the material was not ordinary, it was made of top-grade silk, and Ru Huizhu's clothes were all made up of pieces of cloth, so she couldn't reveal her identity just by looking at them.

The woman saw that he was saying something and could not help but follow his gaze. She saw that there was a young girl sitting on the stairs. She was handsome and had an extraordinary temperament. However, she just sat there motionlessly. The woman turned around and looked at the young man. She suddenly thought of something and a look of fear appeared on her face as she said, "What are you trying to do?" There was a trace of fear in his voice, as if he was afraid of Lin Kaibin. He took a step back and waited for the door to close.

Lin Kaibin saw that the woman seemed friendly when she opened the door. He glanced at Ruo Ruo, and his expression suddenly changed. He quickly reached out his hand to block the door, "Sell us something to eat." We walked for several days in this forest, and only the bark and grass were enough to satisfy our hunger. I'm not worried, it was this young lady who was severely injured, I beg you to give us something to eat no matter what. "

The woman looked at Lin Kaibin with disdain. She saw that his tone was gentle and courteous, so she hardened her attitude. She pouted and said, "You have a lot of money, but at least you have a little conscience. Wait here." She turned around and suddenly turned around, saying, "Don't sneak in with me."

Lin Kaibin smiled helplessly and said, "No, I still understand."

The woman revealed a contemptuous expression and said, "You city people don't understand anything. If it wasn't for this girl, you should have been hungry, brat." He turned around and entered the house.

Lin Kaibin felt like he was being scolded. He didn't know what kind of people in the city had offended her, but instead, they had vented their anger on him. He sighed in his heart, "A person will suffer wherever they run out of luck."

Not long after, the woman took out two sweet potatoes and threw one of them to Lin Kaibin without even looking at him. It was as if she had great hatred towards him, and she personally threw the other one into Ru Huizhu's hands. "Girl, eat a sweet potato first to fill your stomach. You must be hungry all the way."

Huzhu didn't know why this woman was so good to her. She took the sweet potato and said, "Thank you so much."

The woman raised her head and looked at Ru Huizhu with the gaze of a benevolent mother looking at her own daughter. "Little girl, don't be afraid. Where are you from? How did you come to this mountain? Did he take you into the mountains? "

It was no wonder he hated Lin Kaibin so much. Thinking of this, Ru Huizhu couldn't help but smile, and said, "Aunt, you misunderstood, he didn't kidnap me here, on the contrary, I told him to take me and escape here."

Lin Kaibin saw that the woman was sitting there looking at a loss, he could not help but smile, thinking, "You also know that you've misunderstood me, right? Someone like the Sect Leader, who could possibly move him, isn't that a joke?"

The woman said, "Did you encounter something difficult? Why are you running towards this mountain? Do you not know if there are many people in this mountain? Why is the girl dressed like this, and this one dressed so well. Is it because his parents disagreed with you two, so you ran out secretly, right? "

Huzhu didn't expect to be misunderstood like this by the woman. She blushed and said, "No."

Lin Kaibin was also shocked. How could a fool like him be a Sect Leader? Wasn't this a blasphemy to the Sect Leader? She hurriedly said, "Auntie, don't misunderstand."

They were worried, but they were getting darker and darker in the woman's heart. She smiled and said, "I know, I am an experienced person. Young master, you really misunderstood me just now. I didn't expect you to be someone with feelings for me." This girl is not bad, you must treat her well in the future. It is already late. If you do not mind, come and stay at my house for the night. "

Lin Kaibin stood there, not knowing how to explain the relationship between the two of them. How could he dare to have such presumptuous thoughts, making him feel restless, like a pearl that was about to burst out of the water, he stood up and said, "Thank you for your kind intentions, this young master is my disciple." To prevent the woman from further misunderstanding, Lin Kaibin did not know what to say. At the moment, I am heavily injured, and it is hard to say if I can recover from my injuries. Young Master Lin has given his all to save me, and I can be considered a very considerate person, respectful and courteous to myself, like a elder. Giving my life's martial arts to him before I die is also a form of repayment for saving me with all my heart. I just don't know if she's willing or not.

Lin Kaibin was overjoyed to hear Ru Huizhu say that he was her disciple. In his heart, he had always wanted to acknowledge Ru Huizhu as his master, but he was afraid that Ru Huizhu would not agree, so he didn't dare to say it out loud. When he heard this, Lin Kaibin immediately fell on his knees and said, "If the Sect Master is really willing to accept me as his disciple."

The woman could not understand Lin Kaibin's actions at all. She did not know what the two of them were up to, a young master bringing a girl all over the mountain, if they were not running away, then they were running away. Why would the young master kowtow to the young girl?

The young master of the Lin Family was willing to acknowledge the head of the beggars as his master. No one would believe it if word of this got out, but it wouldn't be good if Lin Kaibin didn't accept it, so he could only say, "Sir Lin, you get up first."

Master, please do not call me Sir Lin from now on, you can call me Kaibin. Today, we cannot hold a ceremony in this forest. When we walk out of here in the future, Kaibin will definitely hold a large meeting to acknowledge you as his Master.

The woman looked at the two of them with a strange gaze and said, "You two really have a master-disciple relationship."

Lin Kaibin laughed, "It wasn't just a moment ago, but it is now. Thank you for helping me. It's just that Kaibin doesn't have anything good with him. Otherwise, he would be grateful for the gift."

However, she still did not believe that Lin Kaibin would sincerely acknowledge her as his master. She immediately said, "Sir Lin, what you have said is not a joke. Your Lin Family is one of the Four Great Clans in Jiangnan."

Lin Kaibin bowed and said to Ru Zhu, "Being able to become Master's disciple is Kaibin's dream and thing. First of all, not to mention the destruction of the Jiangnan Lin Clan, even if it is still intact right now, Kaibin does not know you as a Sect Leader. However, as long as one day, Kaibin meets you as a Sect Leader, Kaibin will definitely acknowledge you as a Master." Huizhu did not know Lin Kaibin would say this, she could not help but say, "Why?"

Lin Kaibin said, "It is because Master's martial arts and character have impressed Kaibin, and Kaibin is impressed. To be able to obtain such a master, Kaibin has never learned it in his entire life."

Huzhu did not expect him to be so determined to take her as his master, she thought that this was good, it also solved the awkward relationship between the two. You are the sole successor of the Lin Clan, but the moment you join the gang, you have to follow the rules of the gang, and will not show mercy to others just because you are the young master of the Lin Clan. Furthermore, you are the disciple of the gang master, and are under the notice of all your brothers, so not only should you follow the rules of the gang, you should also serve as an example to your brothers. Can you bear this? "

Lin Kaibin said, "As long as Sect Master takes in Kaibin as his disciple, this little bit of suffering is nothing. Besides, Kaibin has a deep and bloody feud, so his responsibility is great. A little suffering is a form of training for Kaibin."

For example, Huizhu said, "Good, as long as you have made up your mind, for the sake of saving me, I will first accept you as my disciple, and then we will arrive at the main altar of the Beggar's Gang, and then we will begin the ceremony."

Lin Kaibin was overjoyed upon hearing that Huizhu agreed and said, "I will follow Master's wishes."

The woman's face was filled with shock as she said, "Lady, you are the gang leader of the Beggar Gang."

If Huizhu thought that she had heard all of Lin Kaibin's conversation just now, she wouldn't be able to hide it even if she wanted to. She might as well tell her the truth, "Yes, Auntie, because I was chased by my enemies and was lucky enough to be saved by this young hero. Since we've reached this point, I'm not hungry, so I came here to beg for food. Thank you for your sweet potato, Huizhu will always be grateful."

The woman suddenly knelt down and kowtowed to her. Tears rolled down her face, and this surprised Ru Huizhu, as she said, "Aunt, what are you doing? Please get up first." Due to her severe injuries, she was unable to help her up. She knelt on the ground and said, "Pear Blossom greets her benefactor."

Ru Huizhu was startled, and said, "Aunt, you must have recognized the wrong person." "You and I have never met, how could I possibly be your benefactor? Kaibin, quickly help auntie up."

Lin Kaibin hurriedly helped the woman to her feet, but she could not get up. The woman then said, "The young lady is the leader of the gang, Lady Zhu Hua."

Lin Kaibin saw that his master's fame was so great that even the woman in the mountains already knew about it. Seeing that the Beggar's Gang was well-received, he said, "That's right, Master is known as the Sect Leader of Lady Pearl Flower. I don't know what is the matter with my aunt, but my master has become your benefactor."

The woman said, "The Bastard Gang's leader, the Jewelry Lady, never leaves her name behind in order to avenge our people, in this deep mountain, when the weather is cold outside, she comes first," before she finished her sentence, she pulled Ru Huzhu and touched Ru Huzhu's hand. Her expression was as if she had eaten a big egg, and she was shocked, "Ru Huaizhu, why is your hand so hot, is it sick?"

Lin Kaibin said, "My master is severely injured and in urgent need of treatment. Because he has been chased by mysterious people and has been unable to rest, he is getting more and more severely injured."

The woman said, "Then why aren't you coming in? It's even worse if you catch a cold." He carried Ru Huizhu into the house.

The three of them walked into a small courtyard. Ru Huizhu looked around and said, "Thank you, aunt. Do you live here alone?"

The woman felt very happy that the gang leader was able to stay in her house. "If it is the gang leader, how can I live in such a large house?"

Ru Huizhu suddenly stopped in her tracks, and said, "Then why is there only you in this house?" The woman was surprised, not knowing how Ru Huizhu knew that there was only one person in the house, she smiled and said, "If Sect Master is truly powerful, then he already knows how many people there are in the house before even entering the door. I won't hide it from him, because I am the only one living in this house, but my family has four people. "Father and son made more money in the city, and by the end of the year, they were preparing to take a wife for their son."

"Well, aren't you afraid of living alone in such a big house?" Huzhu said.

The woman smiled and said, "I'm not afraid, because my daughter is married in this neighborhood and will come back whenever she's free."

With that, the three of them walked into the room. Although the house was large, the furniture was old, and at this moment, Huizhu's heart was at ease, it was clear that it was an ordinary farmhouse, and she was severely injured, and could not endure any further suffering. As a result, she was extremely careful in every direction, and when he walked into the courtyard, he felt that it was surprisingly quiet inside, so quiet that he did not even have to breathe. He couldn't help but be suspicious of this woman.

The woman brought over two old stools and said with a smile, "If you are the Sect Leader, please take a seat."

Ru Huizhu said, "Thank you, Auntie."

The woman said, "If Sect Master still remembers, last summer, on the arched bridge, you saved a new bride."

Huizhu silently prayed for the Arch Flower Bridge, the new bride. Although she did not lose her memories, she could not recall such a scene. She helplessly shook her head.

The woman was not the least bit surprised, not wanting to think about how Ru Huzhu could not remember, but instead smiled and said, "For a heroic figure like Sect Master, what a good deed you have done in a year. I don't know how many of us will be unable to remember such a small thing, but it is within reason that our family has undergone such a huge change. That day, my daughter went out to make some clothes for her dowry. Who knew that she would be taken in by the other members of the forest staff in the city? He forcibly wanted my daughter to be his concubine, but even though my daughter was unwilling to die, he forcibly snatched her up onto the palanquin. Fortunately, it was like he was the Sect Leader who saved my daughter. Only then was my daughter able to escape from the fiery pit!

"It's me," Huzhu said in surprise. "Why can't I remember such a thing?"

The woman was also very surprised and said, "If you really can't remember, it was last summer. "My daughter came back crying and told me that Esteemed Lin wanted to rob her to be his daughter, but his daughter refused to comply. She forcefully pulled on the palanquin, and fortunately, Sect Leader was nearby when he intervened to prevent our family's tragedy from happening."

Ru Huizhu still had no impression of him, but thinking that it might be some disciple of the Beggar Gang, she smiled at the woman and said, "To be honest, what you said is not my doing. It might be that the disciple of the gang mentioned my name. This is extremely possible. "

Lin Kaibin also smiled and said, "That's good. Otherwise, how could Master not know that the Beggar Gang led by Master is made up of strong men who help each other when they see injustice. After doing a good deed, they left behind the title of Master." The first was to make a name for his master. The other was that he did not want to leave his name behind. They don't want you to pay them back, because they know that mountain people like you rarely see the gang leader. "

The woman still didn't know what Lin Kaibin was talking about, but she knew one thing. It was enough for her to know that the person who saved her daughter was a disciple of the Beggar Gang. She smiled at Ru Huizhu and said, "Although it wasn't that you personally saved my daughter, it was because of your leadership and kindness that you had such a good subordinate, unlike those tyrants who bully others."

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