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Chapter XIII: The Four Grand Elders

Savage said, "After you go out, you can't talk about the matter in the cave to anyone else. I have used twenty years of my power to open eight extraordinary meridians for you and after you go out you have to diligently practice. Don't have too many young girls to travel to the Immortal Crane Island and take the dragon and phoenix jade pendant to open the secret room."

Zhang Qingyun was in a daze, not knowing what Savage was saying. He only felt pain from the swelling of his entire body, but suddenly he flew up and landed on the platform outside the cave.

Miao Rufei carried a bundle of ropes and a sword. Just as she walked out of the crevice, she saw Zhang Qingyun flying out of the cave and landing on the stone floor. She quickly threw the sword onto the ground and ran to Zhang Qingyun's side. "Brother Qing Yun, you're finally out. I knew you'd be fine. I'm so worried."

Zhang Qingyun cried out as he rolled on the ground, "It feels so bad."

Miao Rufei asked, "Brother Qingyun, are you alright? Where are you feeling unwell?" Before he could finish, a few teardrops fell onto Zhang Qingyun's face, and he reached out to wipe the tear stains on his face.

Zhang Qingyun grabbed his hand and said, "I'm about to explode, as if something is about to rush out of my body.

Miao Rufei hugged Zhang Qingyun tightly and said, "It's all my fault. I hate myself." Her tears were like pearls with broken strings. She was filled with sorrow and regret.

Zhang Qingyun struggled out of his embrace and bounced up from the ground. With a bang, he crashed into the stone wall, breaking his head and bleeding profusely.

His palms were full of luck, as he poured his true qi into his palms from the palms of his hands. However, when the true qi entered his body, there was actually a huge internal force that rebounded back and sent Miao Rufei flying towards the stone wall, causing her blood and Qi to flow back into her body. With a loud cry, she spurted out a mouthful of blood and said, "What's going on? What should we do now? Teacher is not here." He sat down on the ground and started crying. He slowly crawled to Zhang Qingyun's side and said, "Big brother Qingyun, you'll definitely be fine." Gently lifting her up, she slowly pulled herself out of the crevice.

When Zhang Qingyun woke up, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. He once again returned to that fragrant bed. When he opened his eyes, he saw a concerned gaze staring at him.

Miao Rufei was like a little rabbit as she pounced on Zhang Qingyun's rationale and said, "Brother Yun, you're finally awake."

Zhang Qingyun flexed his limbs and found that there was nothing wrong. "Fei, it was you who saved me this time, right?"

Miao Rufei threw herself into Zhang Qingyun's embrace and started sobbing. "I don't have that kind of ability. You're the one who is slowly getting better."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, look at me. I'm fine. Don't cry."

Miao Rufei said, "Do you know how worried I am about you?" You've been asleep for two days and two nights. I didn't even wake up. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "Ah, I've slept for so long." He wondered how Tingting was doing, he must be worried.

Miao Rufei replied, "You're right. You're worried to death about me." This short sentence contained an unfathomable amount of love.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, you've been keeping watch here, haven't you gone to sleep?"

Miao Rufei said, "I want Brother Qing Yun to be able to see me when he wakes up. It's all my fault. Brother Qing Yun fell off."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Silly girl, there's nothing else. Let's go take a rest first."

Miao Rufei said, "No!" as she cried and fell into a deep sleep in Zhang Qingyun's embrace.

Zhang Qingyun muttered, "Fei, you're too tired." He gently turned around and got up. He was afraid that he would wake up Miao Rufei, so he didn't even bother to raise his head. He felt a splitting headache, and there was a big bag on the front door. He thought to himself, "What's going on? Why can't I remember?"

When Miao Rufei woke up, it was already near dusk. The setting sun outside was truly beautiful. He called out, "Brother Qing Yun." He called out a few times. There was no response. She gently got off the bed and found a small piece of paper on the table. She took it and read, "Fei'er, come and save me twice, Qingyun dare not say thank you." To save Tingting, we will have to thank you again, take care. " The following is named Zhang Qingyun

Miao Rufei wasn't angry. Instead, she slightly smiled, crumpled the paper into a ball, and threw it into a bamboo basket. "I'll go prepare a few side dishes first."

As the sun set, the moon climbed up with a few small stars in its wake. Miao Rufei sat at the dining table in the middle of the hall. He stared at the door.

After a long time. The door opened, and a beautiful young man walked in. Miao Rufei ran over and said, "Big brother Qing Yun, I knew you would come back. You must be hungry after a day of walking. I've already prepared a few dishes for you, so I'm waiting for you to come back." It was like a beautiful woman waiting for her husband to return from outside, leisurely walking to the door to welcome her.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei, how did you know I would come back?"

Miao Rufei smiled and said, "Of course I know, because there is no one in this world who is capable of walking through the Nine Illusionary Array set up by my master." So I know that Brother Qing Yun will come back sooner or later. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "No wonder, so there are so many traps set up all around here, causing me to stay in the same place for an entire day."

Miao Rufei glared at him before clenching her fist and punching Zhang Qingyun in the chest. "Brother Yun, yours is too cruel. You left behind a piece of paper and left without saying a word."

Zhang Qingyun shouted, "My chest hurts!" The pain made him bend his waist. He placed one of his palms on the ground.

Miao Rufei exclaimed in shock. "I don't use much strength."

Zhang Qingyun said, "My injuries haven't fully healed yet. Now that I've been beaten up by you, I'm having a relapse." "Ah, it hurts."

Miao Rufei bent down and said, "Big brother Qingyun, you didn't do that, right? I'm sorry." As he spoke, his tears actually began to fall.

Zhang Qingyun suddenly laughed, "I'm fine, I'm still crying. "I lied to you." After a few jumps, he jumped into the hall.

Miao Rufei smiled through her tears, "Big brother Qingyun, you're so bad." "It hurt Fei'er so much that she became heartbroken." He leapt into the hall. Yu Huan Ping threw out a palm attack. It struck towards Zhang Qingyun.

Zhang Qingyun dodged and said, "You won't be able to hit me."

Miao Rufei said, "You still dare to dodge?" It didn't land on Zhang Qingyun, but rather on the opponent's body. The opponent's movements were unstable, as though he was an old man. Not only that, the opponent's body fell to the ground. There was a scream.

Zhang Qingyun quickly stepped to the side to catch Miao Rufei.

Miao Rufei suddenly turned around and pinched Zhang Qingyun's nose with her jade-like fingers, pulling him back heavily.

Zhang Qingyun shouted, "My nose!"

Miao Rufei smiled faintly and said, "Let's see if you still dare to bully me."

Zhang Qingyun said, "I really didn't listen to the teachings of the ancients. What they said is really true."

Miao Rufei asked, "What did the ancients say?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "The ancients said that men had three big stupid things to do with women. The first is to not joke with women, especially pretty ones."

Miao Rufei said, "Which ancient person said those words? If I had been there, I would have ?" Before she could finish her sentence.

Zhang Qingyun continued, "What else do you dare to do? Don't tell me that you dare to give the ancients a slap on the face?"

Miao Rufei smiled and said, "No, how would I dare to do that?" I mean I had to cook a few good dishes to serve him, because he was so right, "he said.

Zhang Qingyun sat on the chair and said, "It can't be."

Miao Rufei said, "Brother Yun, you've been walking on the white road all day. You must be hungry too. Let's eat first."

After Zhang Qingyun finished eating, he thought about Lei Zhaoting and wondered how she was doing. Worried, he asked, "Fei'er, can you take me out of this Nine Illusions Formation tomorrow?"

Miao Rufei said, "No, who told you to bully me."

Zhang Qingyun said, "It can't be. Still holding a grudge, my nose was crushed by you. "

Miao Rufei giggled and said, "I was only lying to you. Although I can't personally bring you out, I can tell you the way out."

Zhang Qingyun was so happy that he jumped up and left. He held Miao Rufei's hand and said, "That's great. Thank you, Fei'Er."

Miao Rufei's face was filled with worry as she gently pulled her hand back.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei, what's wrong?"

"Brother Qing Yun, you're leaving tomorrow. Will you be coming back?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "You can come with me."

Miao Rufei replied, "No, I can't not listen to Master."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Don't tell me your master forbids you from leaving?" What a strange master. "

Miao Rufei simply nodded. The tenderness in her eyes turned into bitterness.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Don't tell me you never went out once?"

Miao Rufei replied, "No, aside from the time I saved you, I said that I never went out again."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Why did you go out that time? It was to save me. How did you know I would be injured?"

Miao Rufei's eyes suddenly flickered. "It was my master who sent me out to do something. I just happened to bump into him on the way back."

Zhang Qingyun said, "So it's like that. "What happened to the monster at the foot of the fake mountain?"

Miao Rufei replied, "I'm not too sure about that. Remember that I followed Master here when I was six. He's already down there. Master ordered me to bring him some food every day."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Didn't you ask your master?"

Miao Rufei replied, "No."

Zhang Qingyun said, "So that's how it is, it's getting late. I've been on the road for an entire day. I'm so tired, so I'm going to rest now." As he spoke, he walked into the backyard.

If you want to get out of the Nine Illusions Formation, you only need to remember to say the word, turn right for odd numbers, turn left for even numbers, and walk through the gate. When you reach the first tree, you turn right for odd numbers, and when you reach the first tree, you turn left, and when you reach the fifth tree, you will start walking again from the ninth. That way, we will be able to walk through this Nine Illusionary Array. "

Zhang Qingyun stood up and said, "Thank you, Fei."

Miao Rufei suddenly ran over to hug Zhang Qingyun. "Big Brother Qing Yun, will you be back?" Tears welled up in his eyes.

Zhang Qingyun also turned around and hugged her, "As long as I save Tingting, I will definitely come back to see you."

Miao Rufei answered, "I'll wait for you at home. I'll wait for you to come back."

Zhang Qingyun tested the tears on her face and said, "I will be back. Take care, Fei." He turned around and walked out.

Miao Rufei followed him to the door and watched his figure disappear into the forest. She didn't move for a long time.

Zhang Qingyun followed Miao Rufei's instructions, and sure enough, there was no more road ahead of them. It was not yet noon when he returned to the town.

As soon as he arrived at the town, he saw Qimei Tong, who was not far in front of him, looking around. Suddenly, he entered an alley. He thought to himself, "The heavens really have eyes. I ran into him here too, much less trouble for me." He followed quietly behind.

After entering the depths of the alleyway, he made a slight turn and found that he was looking at a woman hugging together. The woman's hair was scattered at her temples, and her breasts were half-exposed. Zhang Qingyun could not help but blush. She really didn't want to disturb his fun time, but since the situation was urgent, she couldn't bear to watch any longer. Gently patting him on the back, she said, "Qimei Tong, I see you are lucky to have this mouth, not in the face."

The woman was scared out of her wits and quickly ran into the house.

Qimei Tong was a bit more focused as she replied, "So it was you who ruined my plans. You want to die? I knew you wouldn't die so easily."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Cut the crap, where is Tingting locked up."

"Kid, who are you talking to?" Yu Mei said as she threw a palm towards Zhang Qingyun's chest.

Before the wind from the palm reached his chest, Zhang Qingyun raised his hand and grabbed his throat, "I won't say it." Slowly, she lifted him up.

She felt a great pain in her throat and could not breathe. He said slowly, "Put me down."

Zhang Qingyun pulled back his arm, and Qu Mei Tong fell to the ground, gasping for breath as he said, "In the Sky Room of the Pleasing Hostel." Before he could finish his sentence, Zhang Qing Yun's palm had already struck his head, and Qimu Tong spat out a mouthful of blood as she fell to the ground. "Why didn't you let me go when I said that?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Did I say that I would let you go if you said that?" You're so cute. "

"Don't be too proud of yourself, boy," said Shimei. The Four Great Elders of Ice are already there. I will not be able to save him. "

Zhang Qingyun kicked him three or four feet away and said, "What does it have to do with you?" He turned around. She didn't even look at him before she left. He thought about how scared the owner of the Elegant Lodge looked when he thought about the family that had just come to eat. He couldn't help but laugh in his heart.

Not long after, they arrived at the Elegant Luck Inn. Upon entering, the waiter welcomed them with a smile. However, before the waiter could open his mouth, Zhang Qingyun rushed over and said, "Where is the Sky Room?"

The waiter said, "Do you want to stay in the restaurant? There are already guests in the Sky Room. Why don't you get another room?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "No, I'm here to look for someone," the waiter said, "We'll go up the stairs from here, the corridor goes all the way to the end, and we'll take the first right turn."

By the time the waiter finished speaking, the person in front of him had already disappeared.

Zhang Qingyun had already reached the top floor and walked towards the waiter. The first room was indeed Sky No. 1 Room. As he opened the door, he saw Lei Fu sitting upright in front of a round table.

Zhang Qingyun said happily, "Tingting, you are here indeed."

Lei Qiuting shook her head fiercely and said, "Brother Yun, you have to leave quickly."

Zhang Qingyun suddenly smelled a strange fragrance and immediately covered his mouth and nose and left the room. They saw a man and a woman standing on each side. Hua Ruyan was among them.

Zhang Qingyun felt that it was extremely heavy as he pointed at Hua Ruyan and said, "It was you who poisoned her again."

Hua Ruyan laughed coquettishly, "You little rascal, you sure are lucky. You actually survived after being poisoned by my beautiful poison, you won't have that much luck this time. If I had known earlier that you had such a short memory, there would have been no need for the Four Great Elders to come personally. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "You are the four great elders of the Cold Ice Sect."

The four of them laughed but did not reply.

Zhang Qingyun wanted to use his palm power, but before he was even halfway out of luck, his body suddenly wobbled and he fell into the corridor.

Hua Ruyan walked over with a laugh. "I, the Poison King, am not someone who lives up to my name."

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