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When Hua Ruyan was close enough, Zhang Qingyun suddenly sprung up with his palms and rushed towards her.

Hua Ruyan was shocked. She knew that his palm strike was dangerous, so she quickly retreated. Although she was scared, her blood still boiled because of the fierce palm attack. "Kid, you've made progress in your martial arts again. After being hit by my scattered cartilage, your inner strength is actually still so strong. Truly a rare talent."

Zhang Qingyun said, "A small powder of cartilage is useless to me and you. I think your title of Poison King should be changed too. Change it to Mouse King and go sell rat poison on the streets." He had wanted to injure Hua Ruyan with his palm just now, forcing her to take out the antidote. He blamed himself for being too impatient and for missing the perfect opportunity. Now, with his last breath, he attacked with all his might, like a beautiful flower. His palm struck a wall of flesh. The man was covered in flesh. He weighed two-thirds of the entire corridor, which was at least more than four hundred pounds. Although this person was fat, he was forced two or three steps back by the powerful palm strike. The whole corridor shook.

Zhang Qingyun hurriedly lowered his body and dodged. With the loud sound above, he thought to himself, with this hug, if I get hit, if I don't die, I'll at least break my bones. Immediately, he turned his palm into a fist, and it landed on the fatty's knee. The fatty was in so much pain that he couldn't stand properly, and he fell to one knee. Three wooden planks in the corridor were crushed under his kneeling posture.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Don't be so polite." He dashed towards Lei Zhaoting in a flash, and the last glimmer of hope in his heart was to bring Tingting with him and quickly jump out of the window to escape.

However, before he could reach the door, he was blocked by a tall person. A pair of long and thin hands reached out and grabbed his shoulders. The two of them exchanged a few blows, and the more Zhang Qingyun fought, the more he felt weak. The strength of the palm wind also became increasingly weaker. In the end, it was raised to the height of a couple of acupoints, sitting on the corridor without being able to move at all.

Hua Ruyan laughed and said, "Big brother's actions are indeed extraordinary."

The tall and skinny guy laughed, "If it wasn't for third sister's poison, this kid would really be a hard nut to crack."

Another woman ran to the fatty's side and said, "Fourth brother, are you alright?"

The fatty stood up and said, "Thank you, Third Sis. Will this brat still hurt me?"

Hua Nu grabbed Zhang Qing Yun's cheeks and said, "Brat, do you still want me to change my name? Didn't you say that my Poison King's poison was useless against you? What is it now? "Get up."

Lei Qiuting asked, "Brother Yun, are you alright? It's all my fault." Her eyes reddened and tears began to fall.

Zhang Qingyun said, "It's fine, Tingting. We are in the hands of this lowly one, what else is there to say? "In my opinion, it's just an elder's ass, but he's using all sorts of underhanded methods."

Hua Ruyan said, "What? You brat, are you still not convinced? Do you want us to let you go and beat you up again?"

The tall man said, "Don't waste time with him. If you land in our hands, it doesn't matter whether they submit or not. Kid, hand over the Black Tortoise Divine Bead." As he spoke, he moved to grab Zhang Qingyun's body.

A loud shout was heard outside the door. "Let go of your dog paws." A long whip lashed out at the lanky man's arm.

The tall and thin man hastily retracted his hands and turned around. He saw an extremely beautiful young girl standing outside the door. "Yo, this girl is really beautiful. If we capture her, we can enjoy it for a few days."

Hua Ruyan said: "It's you again, little pump girl. You were lucky that day and got away. "I didn't expect it to come knocking again."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, why are you here? Didn't your master forbid you to come out?"

Lei Qiuting looked at Zhang Qingyun with a peculiar expression and said, "Fei'er, who is he? He's calling me so intimately."

Zhang Qingyun noticed that Lei Zhaoting's eyes seemed to be filled with murderous intent, so he quickly said, "She's my savior."

Lei Zhaoting said, "Is that so?" "Then why are you calling me so intimate?"

Hua Ruyan said, "Let me meet you, little pump." His hands hurriedly attacked Miao Rufei's body. The palm wind was sharp and cold. But halfway through the palm, a long whip came sweeping over like a snake.

Hua Ruyan was shocked and had no choice but to retreat as she said, "I didn't expect that you, the little pump girl, would still have some skills."

When the Second Sister saw that the opponent had pushed Hua Ruyan too close with a single move, she said, "I don't believe that you are so evil, you young talents of the martial arts world are all so vicious." With a swoosh, he drew out his sword. The sword flashed like a streak of cold light as it pierced through the air. The long whip appeared in the middle of the sword and came at an extremely slow speed.

This second young mistress was truly amazing. She didn't move her feet at all as she spun around on the ground. She dodged a whip strike and aimed the tip of her sword at Miao Rufei's throat.

Her left hand hastily slapped the blade of her longsword, causing it to tilt slightly to the left, avoiding the longsword. Her right arm pulled back, and the long whip shot out and wrapped itself around her waist. "Ah!" Second sister broke a stool. He touched the blood on the corner of his mouth and said, "You stinking bitch!" He raised his sword to attack again.

The tall and thin man moved in front of her and said, "Second sister, don't go head to head against her. Your opponent is too hard. Everyone use a sword to form a formation." The three longswords rapidly drew back as the four of them encircled Miao Rufei from four different directions.

The tall, skinny guy took up the position of the sun and attacked first.

Miao Rufei lifted her arm and snapped her long whip. Unexpectedly, the tall and thin man suddenly turned around and attacked her from mid-air.

Fatty and Second Sister took up Shaoyang, the two of them attacking Miao Rufei's arm at the same time.

Shocked, Miao Rufei took a step back and waved her arm. The long whip struck out at the two of them. How could he have known that both of them were feints? His body abruptly retreated.

Second sister occupied the position of the moon, which was also Miao Rufei's back. She quickly thrust her long sword toward her right shoulder.

When Miao Rufei heard this, there was a rumor spreading around. He quickly withdrew the whip and flew into the air to avoid the sword. Three other palms struck out at the same time. Miao Rufei was still in the air, unable to dodge. He was sent flying into the courtyard.

At the same time, Zhang Qingyun shouted loudly, "Fei'er, be careful!"

The four of them flew into the courtyard like shadows, occupying their own positions.

Miao Rufei pushed herself up from the ground.

At this moment, a voice came from an unknown place, "Fei'er, this sword formation is the Four Symbols Sword Formation. Breaking it is extremely easy."

The tall and thin man shouted, "What reckless person dares to boast so shamelessly here?"

The voice ignored him. Only, he said, "In your heart, you should concentrate and close your eyes. Don't be fooled by the sword moves in front of you. First to the east, angle, hyperactivity, room, heart, tail, panes, li. Seven positions. He executed seven moves in a row.

Miao Rufei closed her eyes and obeyed. As expected, the tall and thin man was forced into a state of panic. He retreated over and over. The other three had no choice but to follow and maintain their position.

The voice rang out again. The West, Kui, Lou, Stomach, Ang, Bian, Goo, Gin, Seven Directions. Crack.

Miao Rufei abruptly turned around and attacked seven more times. Hua Ruyan didn't manage to dodge in time, and was struck three times before falling to the ground.

Miao Rufei opened her eyes and grabbed her throat. "The antidote."

The tall and thin man looked around. There was not a single person around him. The four of them did not know where the voice came from, and could not help but feel scared in their hearts. "Third sister, give the antidote to her. There is an expert here, and we can't get anything good out of her. Return and report this to the sect leader."

Hua Ruyan felt helpless. He took out a small porcelain bottle and said, "Just let them smell it."

Miao Rufei caught a porcelain bottle, missing Zhang Qingyun dearly. She hurried upstairs and said, "Big Brother Qingyun, I've got the antidote." As he spoke, he opened the lid of the bottle and let Zhang Qingyun smell it.

Zhang Qingyun immediately felt that the stench was incomparable. He turned his head away and said, "What is this? Why is it so stinky?"

Miao Rufei said, "It's the antidote." When he smelled it on the tip of his nose, it was so bad that he could spit it out for dinner. "Good, that woman dares to lie to me." He stood up and walked out of the room.

After Zhang Qingyun smelled it, he started to feel that his hands and feet were more powerful. He stood up and said, "Don't go yet, this antidote is real. Bring it here and let me smell it again. "

Miao Rufei passed the porcelain bottle to Zhang Qingyun and said, "I thought that woman would dare to lie to me."

After Zhang Qingyun had caught a whiff of it, he brought it to Lei Yuting's nose. Lei Yuting shouted, "It smells so bad, I don't want to smell it." Shake your head.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, smell it, just for a bit. At first, it was very unpleasant, but after smelling it a few more times, it's much better. "

Lei Zhaoting pouted, "No!"

Zhang Qingyun said, "How can you cure yourself of the poison if you don't smell it?"

Miao Rufei grabbed the porcelain bottle. He said, "Forget it. Anyway, I'm here to treat Brother Qing Yun's poison. "

Lei Qiuting couldn't help but be so angry that her eyes were about to shoot fire. She glared fiercely at Miao Rufei.

Miao Rufei ignored his gaze, turned around, and walked out of the room.

Zhang Qingyun grabbed Miao Rufei and said, "Fei'er, don't mind me." "Give me the bottle."

Miao Rufei said, "If he doesn't want it, why should I give it to him?" He extended his hand and gave the bottle to Zhang Qingyun.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, come smell it."

Lei Qianni sniffed a few times and said, "I can't take it anymore. It's too smelly." Then he jumped up.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Look, what I said was true, right? Not now. "

Lei Zhaoting said, "Thank you, Brother Yun."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Don't thank me. It should be Xie Fei who brought the antidote. "

Miao Rufei covered her chest and sat down, her face pale. At this moment, the voice sounded out from outside. "Fei'er, you have to take care of yourself in the future."

Miao Rufei immediately stood up. "It's Master," he said, quickly going to the window and calling out to Master. Is that you?

The voice said, "If you don't listen to Master's orders and leave the valley on your own, then don't ever return to the valley again."

Miao Rufei fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. "Master, Fei'er knows she was wrong." Master doesn't want Fei anymore? "

The voice said, "You better take care of yourself in the future." A gust of wind blew past, and there was no sound from outside.

Miao Rufei spat out a mouthful of blood and mumbled, "Teacher, do you not want Fei'er anymore?"

Zhang Qingyun hurried over and helped Miao Rufei up. "Fei'er, what's wrong?"

Miao Rufei's eyes glazed over as she mumbled, "Master, you don't need Fei'er anymore?" He slowly fainted.

Zhang Qingyun carried her onto the bed and touched her wrist, feeling that her breathing was stable and chaotic.

Lei Qiuting asked, "Brother Yun, how is she?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "First, she was severely injured, and then she was greatly stimulated." He fainted. "I will guide the true energy within his body and force the blood from his body so that he will be fine." Immediately, he helped her sit up and slowly channeled his true qi into the acupoint on her back. In less than half an hour, Yu Xie had already been forced out of his body. He laid her flat on the bed.

Lei Qiuting said, "Are you alright?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Now let's see when she'll wake up." Just as he got up, Miao Rufei grabbed his hand and said, "Big brother Qingyun." Don't leave me, "when she turned around, she saw that her eyes were slightly closed and she was speaking in her sleep. "Fei, I won't leave you."

Lei Zhaoting pulled Zhang Qingyun up. "What is your relationship with her?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "What relationship? That day, I was poisoned. She was the one who saved me. That's all."

Lei Zhaoting narrowed his eyes and said, "Is that so?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "If that's not the case, then what is it?"

Lei Qiuting said, "For the time being, I believe in you."

At this moment, Miao Rufei who was lying on the bed said in her sleep, "Master, Fei'er knows she's wrong. You can take Fei'er with you." No master. I'm not going back. " He rolled over on the bed.

Zhang Qingyun sat on the bedside and asked, "Fei'er, what's wrong?"

Miao Rufei grabbed Zhang Qingyun again and said, "Qingyun gege, don't leave. You're gone. Fei'er is very unhappy." If Fei'er wants to go out and find you, no, Fei'er cannot go out without listening to Master's orders. But I can't do without Brother Qingyun. Brother Qingyun, you know what? The first time I had you, I fell in love with you. You don't want to go, okay? "

Lei Zhaoting listened from the side, his whole body feeling like it was about to spit fire. He grabbed Zhang Qingyun and said, "What else do you have to say?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, Fei is still conscious right now. It's just nonsense."

Lei Zhaoting's eyes filled with tears, "Alright, you're still lying to me even at this time." I'm locked in here by bad people, and you're out in the open. I was just foolishly worrying about you. "Think about how stupid I am."

Zhang Qingyun grabbed Lei Zhaoting's hand and said, "Tingting, it's not what you think. I'm really poisoned. As soon as the poison is cured, I'll immediately rush over. "

Miao Rufei who was on the bed called out again, "Big brother Qingyun, you're not leaving."

Lei Qiuting's heart had just begun to soften. Upon hearing Miao Rufei's shout, he couldn't help but grow even more cool. "Let go of me, you can control your Fei'er." As he spoke, he took Zhang Qingyun's hand. He headed for the door.

Zhang Qingyun moved in a flash to stand in front of Lei Zhaoting. He held her in his arms and said, "Tingting, don't be like this."

Lei Qiuting said, "Scram, scram." They cried as they struggled to escape from Zhang Qingyun's embrace. He walked out.

Zhang Qingyun caught up to him again. Lei Qiuting suddenly turned around and slapped Zhang Qingyun in the face, saying, "Don't follow me anymore, I don't want to see you again."

Zhang Qingyun touched his cheek, staring blankly as he left the inn.

At dusk, the golden sunlight shone down on the streets. People were walking in groups of two or three. The evening breeze was blowing gently, and the fragrance of flowers and trees was wafting in the air. Although the scenery outside was beautiful, Zhang Qingyun was not in the mood to appreciate it. His face was filled with worry. He mumbled, "Tingting, where are you?"

"Brother Qing Yun, what are you thinking about?" Miao Rufei suddenly appeared beside him.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, when did you wake up? Why didn't you wake me up?"

Miao Rufei replied, "I just woke up. How do you know I didn't call you? I can see you're lost in thought here, I didn't even respond to a few calls."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Really?" "How do you feel?"

Miao Rufei said, "Thank you, Big Brother Qing Yun. There's nothing else. Where's that Tingting girl?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "I don't know why he was so angry, but he ran out. "He hasn't come back yet."

Miao Rufei said, "It's Fei'er's fault, I've caused you trouble again."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, how can this be weird?"

Miao Rufei said, "Let's go and find her."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei, are your injuries alright?"

Miao Rufei said, "Alright, it's alright now. Let's go find Tingting." As he spoke, he pulled Zhang Qingyun's hand and walked out of the inn.

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